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    Zürich Airport ( see the Wikipedia article here ) is a scenery developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Flight Simulator 2004 ( FS9 ). It's has been created with great attention to visual quality and performance, using the latest available programming techniques, both in FSX and FS9.

    The product is sold as 2 Products in One. This means, by buying one version, you will automatically get the other for free, since activation and serial codes are shared between FSX/P3D and FS9.


    • NEW Update 2.5 - Includes the new Terminal B that entered in operation at the end of 2011!
    • NEW ParkMe™ feature: working A-VGDS docking system with automatic airplane recognition, with parking accuracy evaluation ( FSX only )
    • NEW YouControl™ feature: custom airport actions with easy on-screen menu to trigger animations, events,etc ( FSX only )
    • Fully customized ground and runways in high resolution, both in FSX and FS9.
    • Ground terrain seamlessly integrated with Flight Simulator, in all seasonal variations.
    • ParkMe system with working safegates with automatic airplane recognition.
    • Native animated inverse-kinematics based jetways in FSX.
    • Many animated custom ground vehicles.
    • Use of the advanced material properties in FSX, like bump and specular mapping.
    • Fully 3d taxiways lighting.
    • Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances.
    • Vegetation that reacts to seasonal changes, with customized snow-covered trees in winter.
    • De-icing system modeled in 3D, available at 6 parking stands.
    • High resolution building textures.
    • Interiors modeled for the most important buildings.



    The FS9 version is compatible with FS9 with the 9.1 upgrade installed.The FSX version is compatible with FSX+SP2 minimum, or FSX+Acceleration Pack or FSX:Steam Edition, or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D ( the latest version of every supported major release, for example 3.4 in P3D4 or 4.4 in P3D4 ). Windows 8.1 is the minimum supported OS. Prepar3d V5 and V6 are supported.


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    Je n ai lu nulle part lu qu'il fallait installer GSX (Gratuit). Comme je n'aime pas polluer mon simulateur avec des logiciels que je ne désire pas installer j'ai quand-même installé ''Pour voir'' ....... Puis désinstallé. La scène paraît sympa et fluide. 5 étoiles pour la scène 0 étoiles pour le processus d'installation et surtout le manque de mise en garde par rapport à l'installation de GSX.


    FSDT products are always the best espacially because of their low prices! The performence of their products is always phenomenal! They always make sure that they cover all the details even the minor ones. I've been using all their products for a very long time now and i have never been disappointed. I highly recommend all their products!


    Be aware that if this is your first FSDT product you are required to also download and install a free 3rd party software called GSX in order for your purchased FSDT scenery to work. This developer refuses to add this important requirement to its product description because “it’s free”. Yes it is free, but buggy and a very slow download. I have also had to reinstall several times because for unknown reasons it resets my paid and registered product to 5 minute Trial Mode at random. Reinstall GSX updates and it’s back to normal. Now I’m not a rookie here and have a couple hundred paid add ons and other than a couple minor install issues that were easily resolved, I’ve never had to repeatedly reinstall anything in order for something I bought to work again, not ever before this. To be clear, only the FSDT products I own have this “Trial Mode” problem. So it’s clearly unique to this product. People need to know what they are buying and what other software will be necessary. Will everybody have the same frustrating experience as I have? Probably not, but be aware that it is possible and you should look up GSX before you buy so you know what you’re getting into. That’s all I’m saying. That said the LSZH scenery is excellent. Loads of detail and carefully crafted on all sides. Truly remarkable. You can open and close main terminal blinds in quarterly increments. Call for deboarding or boarding buses and luggage carts of appropriate size for the aircraft being used. You can call catering and fuel and in some cases watch animated people might be visible as they come or go from the plane. This may depend on the aircraft you use. So far it’s been a real kick and adds a factor of realism that is missing largely from other add ons and especially the stock FSX. Night lighting is very nice as well. I’ve had no problem with progressive taxi working. There is. Nice warp feature you can select when changing parking spaces. 2 stars because of the omitted GSX download and buggy Trial Mode issue. The scenery itself is 5 stars.


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