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    Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (253 km west of Cayenne) is located just behind the mouth of the Maroni, Suriname facing the city of Albina. northeast of the South American continent. Its history is closely linked to the bad old days of hard labor.

    The prison of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (or Saint-Laurent-sur-Maroni) was a prison in French Guiana, which no longer exists. This prison was the central prison in French Guiana. Part of the site is being restored.

    Saint Laurent was around long before the time of the existence, the origin of Indian populations. St Laurent du Maroni is the starting point for municipalities called "the river" as Apatou which before 2009 was only accessible by boat,  Grand-Santi, etc ...

    On the Maroni, Opposite St Laurent, is still a wreck of the boat failed "the Edith Cavel." In fact due to an error of maneuver, the ship ran aground in 1920. Since the vegetation gives this unique aspect. It is indeed a boat and not an island.

    The airfield

    As a good majority of Guyanese airport, the Saint Laurent requires the use of bush plane. The landing and takeoff are performed in VFR in both directions QFU: 041 and 221 °. The altitude field is 17ft (1hPa).
    The airstrip is grass and is 1km long and 45m wide.

    A small airport structure is scheduled for commercial flights. Air Guyane Express operates since 2010 through the destination DHC-6 or LET410 of 19 seats.




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