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    Flight Simulator enthusiasts prepare to be surprised by Sim Physics X .

    After months of development Flight Simulator Platform Solutions brings you an FS addon that will change the way you fly for good.

    Sim Physics X/P3D is a multi-function application which includes numerous functions in one product, some of them first time applied ! It brings missing functionality to FS, gives extra gadgets to your old add-on aircraft – advance it to Next Generation status, expands your takeoff and landing experience, brings you sound and visual effects.

    Four or more products into one great package!

    List of features:

    FSPS – Sim Physics X

    • Implements to FS ice accumulation on your aircraft. Using complex theoretic models adds or remove ice to your aircraft in relation to the weather conditions. No more a single “ICE DETECTED” in your display. You will have to handle it.
    • Ice accumulation can produce drag, extra weight on the aircraft, and even alters the pilot's inputs in the control surfaces to simulate the controls deficiency.
    • Implements to FS corrected Brakes behaviour under the new developed Brakes System. Your brakes now get hotter if you use them – related to your aircraft mass , the brake's disc surface and speed while braking - , this affects their performance – the hotter , the least brake performance, locking up your wheels will result now in less friction as in reality, brakes can get cooler if you leave your wheels hanging out for a bit while airborne. All combined with enhanced sound effects for normal braking and wheels lock – up, sounds that will play in volume related to the aircraft speed.
    • Implements to FS corrections to aircraft performance for Accelerating into the runway for takeoff and for deceleration when landing (or aborting takeoff). It now takes into account brake's temperature, runway surface type, and runway condition in terms of water-snow or ice contamination. Friction changes as any of the above factors change and this makes every takeoff and landing a unique experience!
    • Runway contamination and the changed friction on the runway is now directly related to the precipitation rate. Until now all kinds of raining or snowing – no matter how much – was the same in FS.
    • Implementation of Anti – Skid feature for all aircrafts. No more jealous to expensive aircraft add-ons that emulates this.
    • Integration of previously released Runway Bumping Effect, with perfected logic and expanded the simulation of producing sound and visual effects when passing over the runway centreline lights, by putting ,not only the nose wheel but all 3 set of wheels. Not just an effect on rolling down the runway with a plain sound played in bigger volume as you accelerate. Calculation in centimetre precision of centreline , lights, and each wheels position, measuring the distance covered, will give you a perfectly simulated effect passing over each light on the runway.
    • Integration of 3D Cockpit Effects – previously released by FSPS – with expanded characteristics. In 3D cockpit view mode you can now enjoy:
    • Head movement for spoilers/flaps/gear expansion when airborne dependant on Airspeed and never the same, head movement for cloud and air turbulence, head movement during rolling in the runway, during main gear touchdown, and nose wheel touchdown depending on how soft or hard the landing was. Head movement on every passing a centreline runway light.
      Not compatible ,yet, with 3rd party head-moving software as we use the same technology and conflicts may occur. However you can set our 3D effects to off if you want to enjoy it via another program.
    • Expanded sound effects: For braking, locking up the wheels (the squealing sound) , for rolling, for flaps/spoilers/gear extensions in air, for passing over every runway light. The effect's volume, pitch and frequency is dependent or aircraft's speed and in braking category by brake's temperature also, so it is not just a silly sound played when an event is triggered.
    • Real – Time Charts that monitor crucial aircraft systems.
    • Airport Information screen that represents numerous airport and runway data, plus a detailed weather data screen.
    • Aircraft Information screen that represents all crucial and integrated in Sim Physics X system feedback.
    • Easy, step-by-step, Sim Physics X configurator.
    • Next Generation button click, browser like, Application menu. You can never get lost in such a friendly environment.
    • Multi unit display (Hybrid-Europe, US, Metric systems that you can choose from)
    • All Sim Physics X subsystems can be turned on and off, fully customizable settings menu.
    • Application's auto update possibility.
    • License Transfer automation. No need to contact support anymore if you want to install the program in a second (or the same updated) computer.
    • 70+ pages Highly Detailed PDF Manual.

    Pilots, welcome to the future! Welcome to Sim Physics X !


    One installation at only one PC at any given time. (Checked via online validation after every installation.)
    Sim Physics X is compatible with 3rd party 3D cockpit headmovement family software with some limitations. (Version and later)
    This software uses the FSUIPCClient.dll by Paul Henty to communicate with FSUIPC & FS .

    Предложения по апгрейду
    • Если вы ранее приобретали FSPS - 3D REAL COCKPIT EFFECT FSX P3D или FSPS - RUNWAY BUMPING EFFECT simMarket предоставлет право на бесплатный апгрейд. Приобретите этот продукт по нулевой ставке. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!

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    Windows: XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7/Win 8 – 32 or 64 bit
    2 Core Processor with 2GHz per core speed.
    1GB RAM
    Flight Simulator X – Service pack 2 or Acceleration pack or FSX Steam Edition
    Microsoft's NET Framework 3.5 and above
    Latest Version of FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. (Registered or unregistered)
    A joystick, yoke etc kind for control inputs
    Up and running internet connection for activation of the product.
    PDF viewer application for reading the manual.
    This software uses the FSUIPCClient.dll by Paul Henty to communicate with FSUIPC & FS .


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    Does what it says well enough but at the cost of consuming your frame-rates. If you've got a decent setup then it's worth getting as brake overheating, bogging down on grass and icing (although never saw this) etc definitely adds a new dimension to the sim.

    Alexandre Gabriel Gomes

    O Efeito de movimento da cabine não está nada bom, o Add-on que voces lançaram há Anos, 3D real cockpit está 10 vezes melhor e mais real. Arrumem isso.


    when you are using sim physycs you feel as you are in a reall airplane, if the runway is wet the braking action is not as easy as it is in a dry runway, with the default fsx is the same if it is dry or wet. the ice acumulation is another new thing with sim physics. I am really happy with this program.


    I'm not a real pilot as yet, however I have flown a Cessna 172 before and physics made me feel the same way I felt when flying. The configuration tool was a bit touchy but I downloaded the update and it seemed to work. The cockpit moves, and shakes as you taxi, climb and land. Even when using airbrakes. The tires squeal when you brake hard, brakes heat up and become less responsive. Haven't seen ice as yet, still looking. Overall, great product.


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