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    This product is for Prepar3D v4 and v5.
    Not compatible to FSX and P3Dv1/v2/v3

    This is highly detailed BOEING 777 for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 and v5 AI traffic.
    (Product version : Stage5.1)

    Included B777 variants

    • Boeing 777-200/200ER
    • Boeing 777-300
    • Boeing 777-200LR/F
    • Boeing 777-300ER

    This product is for P3Dv4/v5 AI traffic use only and not flyable. It contains NO panels, gauges (including FMC), custom sound sets nor anything what is needed to behave as UI aircraft (user flyable model).  

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    FSX(Sp2/Acceleration/Steam Edition) and Prepar3D(V1/V2/V3/V4)


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    Probably one of my fav FSPX models to date, in regards to the review below with 1 star....If your not an AI traffic enthusiast which i can tell you probably arent then yes its basically a model that comes with house colour textures and a paintkit for making textures HOWEVER if you do some very basic homework you'll find that Missi is very much part of the AIG AI traffic community and virtually every 777 livery you would want for current day airlines are posted on various AIG painters websites for free download....So your review might want to re-review? Missi; thankyou for such a great model!


    With so many freeware AI 777s around, I was skeptical about paying money for another AI model, but I really needed some repaints that were only available for the FSP model. I needn't have worried as the quality of these models is absolutely superb. Even close up when taxiing, it's hard to believe that they're AI models, they look as good as a flyable a/c. I should note that I reduce the texture sizes down to 2028 x 1024 and even as this lower resolution, they look awesome. The A330 package will be next...


    Another excellent model by FSP. Great detail without being too much for AI aircraft, good animations and high resolution textures. Excellent value for money. And most importantly, this is an FSX/P3D native model, so no shortcomings because of old FS9 stuff being used. There's already a great number of repaints available on the typical AI resource websites. This model is a must for everyone wanting some good quality traffic around their own aircraft, be it through AI flightplans or on VATSIM. I only wish that the developer would improve on flaps animations, so that take-off flaps would deploy at the start of taxi already. And the night lighting textures should be done in a more sophisticated way, so that less individual texture files are needed, as it is done on FAIB models.


    At this point this is not much more than a paint kit for AI. They do not include painted aircraft you have to go and find them on outside websites or paint them yourself. They are very few out there right now . My guess is that the one other review is done by someone affiliated with the team. Instructions on getting them installed after you have the paints is non existent. Don't waste your money!


    If you're a AI Aircraft enthusiast like me and looking for highly realistic AI models for your sim, I would highly recommend FSPXAI. This set includes all versions of the 777 (LR\200ER\300ER\300). They come with great animations and fantastic night lighting. Models are good on frames, flight dynamics are way better than freeware AI models. I mostly fly on Vatsim with custom AI for model matching reasons. Seeing these new models in action is worth every penny. You can find repaints for these models on various websites.Take a look at their A330 Product as well. They have multiple aircraft available (Some freeware: 787, MD-11) and makes the flying experience so much better! I look forward to future releases from FSPXAI.


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