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    This product is for Prepar3D v4 and v5.
    Not compatible to FSX and P3Dv1/v2/v3

    This is highly detailed FSPXAI EMBRAER E-JET for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 and v5 AI traffic.
    (Product version : Stage2.0  Release date : 27/Apr/2021)

    Included models

    1. E170
    2. E175
    3. E190
    4. E195

    This product is Prepar3D v4 and v5 AI traffic use only and not flyable. It contains NO panels, gauges (including FMC), custom sound sets nor anything what is needed to behave as UI aircraft (user flyable model).  

    --Customers are required to comprehend User Agreement--
    Before adding this product to your shopping cart, please read carefully below User Agreement and comprehend all of terms and conditions. 



    User Agreement

    -1- I know what AI aircraft is.
    FSPXAI models are for AI traffic use only. The customer should understand that it is unable to fly this aircraft by yourself because it contains NO panels, gauges (including FMC), custom sound sets nor anything whats are needed to behave as UI aircraft (user flyable model).

    -2- I know how to setup AI traffic system.
    The customer should already know appropriate folders to put the AI traffic models and AFD(Airport Facility Data) files to functional. Also, should be familiar with the typical tools to create required files for AI traffics.

    -3- I know where to find needed livery textures.
    The customer should search and find textures from major AI community site, typically listed as below.

    Flying Carpet 75 : https://www.flyingcarpet75.com /
    JCAI.dk : https://jcai.dk/
    Juergen's Paint Hangar : https://www.juergenbaumbusch.de/
    Repaints by Daniel El Meddeb & Georgios Cigritis: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1489861271298123/
    ATOCO Repaints : https://atco-repaints.com/
    KYLE'S AI WORKS : https://kyles-ai-works.com/
    Japan FS AI : https://japan-fsai.com/
    FSAI Repaints : https://fsai-repaints.com/
    Ranmori AI Works https://ranmori.mixh.jp/wp/
    avsim.com : https://www.avsim.com/
    flightsim.com : https://www.flightsim.com/


    -4- I know how to install livery textures.
    The customer should already know the procedure to add fltsim entries into aircraft.cfg and copy needed textures properly.

    -5- I can endure & enjoy deficiencies.
    First, the author (FSPXAI) is not responsible for updating additional livery textures. The customer should be patient enough to wait until the release of those livery textures needed on the websites mentioned above.Or, cope with deficiency by simply accepting it or challenging to create what you need by painting it by yourself.

    -6- I can investigate and shoot most of troubles on my own.
    The customer should have broad general knowledge and skill sets in P3Dv4 to construct, maintain and fix most of the issues on its AI system without official support.

    -7- I do not require full range of support.
    The customer should accept the policy that the author(FSPXAI) will, of course, provide support caused by / related with the product only at (https://www.facebook.com/FSPXAI/) or E-mail to (support@fspxai.com). However in other cases, typically listed below are UNABLE to support.

    a. To request livery texture repaint that are not included in the released package.
    b. To request fictional / paper-planned variants.
    c. To require tutorials setting up AI traffic in general.
    d. To require support issues those are even not related with AI traffic.

    -8- I do not require indefinite time free update for future flightsim platform.
    Free update is not guaranteed toward major update of Prepar3D v6 v7.. and newer platform. Because FSPXAI developer/modeler has not been informed about what types of new features or techniques will be implemented to new flighsim platform from any flightsim developer company.


    Prepar3D V4 and V5


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    Once again Missi delivers a fabulous AI model worthy of might praise. The 170/175 series to follow...Its great to have a new model to replace the old but very well loved AIA models. Thanks FSPX!!!


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