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    GMapHD for Windows gives you a great moving map for your desktop flight simulator!

    This is a versatile app, designed to run on Microsoft Windows (7 or later) but supports the most widely-used desktop simulators on the market (MSFS, P3D, FSX, FS2004, X-Plane or Aerofly FS 2) on multiple platforms.

    It comes pre-packed with a huge collection of bonus Aero Charts and Nav Data (usable within GMapHD only) giving you a large map display to aid navigation, especially on VFR flights.

    The map also features several weather data overlays including US Nexrad, world-wide Metar/TAF stations, cloud, rain, pressure and wind.

    Local and network connectivity is provided via the free FSWidgets Network Pack utility.

    This app can be used in the following configurations:

    • Connect locally and remotely to MSFS (Windows)
    • Connect locally and remotely to P3D (Windows)
    • Connect locally and remotely to FSX (Windows)
    • Connect locally and remotely to FS2004 (Windows)
    • Connect locally and remotely to X-Plane (Windows)
    • Connect remotely to X-Plane (macOS)
    • Connect locally to Aerofly FS 2 (Windows)
    • Connect locally and remotely to Aerofly FS 2 (Windows & macOS)
    • Connect remotely to Aerofly FS 2 / FS 2020 (Android & iOS)


    • Designed to run on Windows (7 or later)
    • Supports MSFS, P3D, FSX, FS2004, X-Plane or Aerofly FS 2
    • Flight Plan Display - supports native FSX, FS2004 & X-Plane flight plan files
    • Flight plan waypoints can be clicked to reveal the related data (lat, lon, ident)
    • Free FSWidgets Network Pack to connect to the sim
    • Powered by Leaflet map rendering API (OpenStreetMap data)
    • Connect & disconnect from the flight simulator as required
    • When disconnected can be used as a chart viewer
    • Option to save previously used map type, zoom and position
    • Helicopter icon option for moving map (i.e. instead of fixed wing icon)
    • Many Aero Charts (details below)
    • Nav Data icon display (details below)
    • World-wide Metar & TAF Station display option
    • World-wide Clouds, Rain, Pressure and Wind data overlays

    Included Cloud Based Aero Chart & Nav Data:

    • US SEC (Sectional Chart)
    • US WAC (World Aeronautical Chart)
    • US TAC (Terminal Area Charts)
    • US Enroute High
    • US Enroute Low
    • US VFR Wall Planner
    • US IFR Planning Chart
    • US Heli Route (9 Major cities).
    • Alaska SEC
    • Alaska WAC
    • Alaska Enroute Low
    • Alaska Enroute High
    • Cuba and Puerto Rico WAC
    • South America ONC (Operational Navigation Chart)
    • Canada ONC
    • Europe ONC
    • Europe TPC (Tactical Pilotage Charts)
    • Australia ONC
    • New Zealand Aero Chart
    • New Zealand TPC
    • Spain Enroute Low
    • Belgium Aero OFM (open flightmaps)
    • Netherlands Aero OFM
    • Denmark Aero OFM
    • Sweden Aero OFM
    • Germany Aero OFM
    • Switzerland Aero OFM
    • Austria Aero OFM
    • Poland Aero OFM
    • Czech Republic Aero OFM
    • Hungary Aero OFM
    • Slovenia Aero OFM
    • Croatia Aero OFM
    • Romania Aero OFM
    • Bulgaria Aero OFM
    • World-wide Nav Data (airports, seaplane facilities, VOR's, NDB's and Fixes)

    Download Free Demo:

    Free Demo (KSFO) - Download

    Note: The registration key unclocks the demo (limited to the KSFO, Francisco area).


    Online Help File - View


    Desktop PC or laptop running Windows (7 or later)

    Internet Explorer 10 or later

    Supported Simulators: MSFS, P3D, FSX, FS2004, X-Plane or Aerofly FS 2 (Windows & macOS)

    For MSFS, FSX & P3D: SimConnect must be installed on the Windows system

    Free FSWidgets Network Pack must be installed to connect to simulator (both locally or remotely)

    For remote connections, network required. Other machine must be on same local network as simulator

    Internet access required to access the online mapping engine


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