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    Gees: Landing Analysis Addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    How was my last landing?

    MSFS 2020 is awesome, but it still cannot kick you in the butt and push you to the side upon landing to describe how your landing was. Gees tries to fill in that gap, providing all the details about your landing skills.

    Landing Analysis:

    Here's what you'll get:

    • Landing Rate: Did you get a "fifty, twenty, ten... five... come on ..." or a "one hundred, fiftytwentytenthump... uh... can you check in the back, if the wings are still attached to the plane?"
    • G-Force: Are the passengers still unsure if you've landed, or looking around nervously, wondering "is this how it ends"?
    • Landing Speed: Similar to landing rate, but in a forward direction.
    • Wind Speed and Direction: Did you just land at an untowered airport with a 15kt tailwind?
    • Sideslip and Bank: How are your crosswind landings? Did you manage to keep that poor Cessna straight?
    • Bounces: How many times did you actually land?
    • Landing Location: Did you hit the sweet spot, or end up in the nearby parking lot?

    Instant Replay:

    Finally, once you've nailed a greaser, right in the middle of the touchdown zone, you forgot to switch on the instant replay recording to see it.

    If you enable it, Gees starts and stops the recording for each landing, so you can marvel at your capabilities as a sim pilot.


    This is an in-game MSFS addon. It does not require the 20th exe file you start before MSFS to access the simple panel.

    Installation is done by copying the files into the Community folder, or by simply using the provided Simmarket installer.

    All the dialogs, settings, and displays are in-game and can be started, stopped, enabled, or disabled from the sim itself.


    • The app needs to run to record the landing. There's no close button, so you won't close it by accident. Minimize it, and it will move away from view. Starting and stopping is done by clicking the icon in the top menu bar.
    • You can control how "intrusive" the app will be. It can stay visible all the time, or hide and wait for you to open it.
    • Landing location is tricky to obtain from the game, as the sim needs to know where you intended to land. As of now, this can only be done using the in-game ATC. Alternatively, you can look back at the instant replay to see the landing location.
    • MSFS' replay has its own quirks. There are quite a few of them, and it is what it is. If you've used the in-game one (still noted as experimental), you'll understand. Polishing all these quirks is a big task, and it would shift the focus of this app from landings to replays, so we have to live with them for now.
    • History is limited to 100 landings. Storing a lot of data within the sim is a concern. One of the future updates might address exporting this data if there's a demand for it.

    Although developed by the same author, this is a completely separate app from the original, free, and open-source Gees app (https://github.com/scelts/gees). It's much more streamlined, in-game app, and comes with more features. When reporting bugs and requests, please specify which app you are referring to.


    Dieses Produkt verfügt über unsere simInstaller Technologie und ist nach dem Kauf nur über unsere APP verfügbar.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


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    I like the initiative, though the summary of the landing metrics is short, I thought more information would be triggered. The video replay could be easier too.


    Use this, volanta and a career mode app that captures landing rate. Volanta and that one are always very similar and this is way off. The replay feature is nice though.


    This small add-on is accurate, very easy to use and VR-friendly with absolutely no FPS impact. Highly recommended. Remember you need SimMarket app to install it though!


    Firstly, the install package does not provide instructions on how to integrate Gees into MSFS. Secondly, bouncy touchdown was recorded as two touchdowns 2 seconds apart!


    Sehr schönes Tool zum Überwachen der eigenen Landungen! Sehr gutes Preis Leistungsverhältnis


    I used Gees 1.x (github version) and this is definitely an upgrade. First off I love the integration instead of running a separate program. Lot's of additional information, I especially like how it shows the exact placement and yaw during touchdown, and very easy to navigate and use. As for the EXPERIMENTAL replay it works perfectly fine enabling the replay however it's the built in MSFS replay tool and it's not very good, if you have problems with this feature it's not Gee's fault, it's just the poor built in replay tool, use something else like flight recorder. Highly recommended.


    Everything works completely fine, even the replay mode. Do not listen to the other review because I'm pretty sure that person does not understand how MSFS replay works. Its nice not having to go turn on replay mode in the settings every time I land. This takes a lot of that away as you can just simply watch your landing once you land


    Great add-on for landing stats easily integrated in MSFS UI, with lot of settings to customize the features. Really like the fact this is coupled to auto replay below certain AGL altitude to review your landings. Nevertheless, don't try to use it when performing touch and go, and also if you turn off your plane's battery you'll lose your replay. I experienced a bit slower fps as well especially when landing on Google earth cities (mods). Still things to be improved but really like it to improve my landings!!


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