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    The F-111 is one of the greatest aircrafts ever designed. It is mostly known for its swing-wings and “dump & burn” fire show. First drafted in the early 1960s by General Dynamics, the F-111 Aardvark, despite its weird animal choice for a name, was a widely used strategic bomber at its time. The aircraft took its first flight on December 21, 1964 and was brought into the in July 1967. The early F-111’s had some design imperfections, but once the F-111E came to the surface (on 20 August 1969), all of the previous conflicts were fixed, and the Aardvark became a highly useful aircraft for many years.



    • Big, powerful, fast, extremely high-altitude & hedgehopping, all-weather, multi-purpose F-111 was designed to be the best.
    • Fly high and fast: above 50,000 feet and 2.4 Мach
    • Try full power of two Pratt & Whitney TF30 engines with realistic controls and monitoring systems.
    • Flight model is based on actual performance characteristics at diverse altitudes and speeds taking into account wing swing angle and overall configuration of aircraft.
    • detailed checklist and performance that precisely matches that of the real aircraft, with procedures and performance figures taken directly from the actual flight manual

    Cockpit Systems and Gauges are made with ultimate realism according to the original F111 Pilot’s Manual:

    • Fuel Supply System
    • Electrical Power Supply System
    • Landing Gear, Tail Bumper, Nose Wheel Steering and Arresting Hook Systems
    • The full functional Autopilot with more than 24 different modes of flight.
    • Maximum Safe Mach Assembly
    • Warning, Caution and Indicator Lamps
    • Lighting System.
    • Communication Equipment
    • Navigation system
    • Lead Computing Optical Sight
    • Fire Extinguishing System

    Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed, with full 3D gauges and many animated parts:

    • Stunning realistic texturing with highly detailed weathering
    • Wing Flex animation taking into account loading and sweep angle
    • Realistic Flaps, Slats, Spoilers and Wing Sweep animations with interdependency and payload limitations
    • Refuel Receptacle, Arresting Hook, Gear, Weapons Bay Doors
    • Naturally animated pilots
    • Different variants of payloads
    • End many more…

    Custom FX for the ultimate in realism are taken far beyond what is available by default:

    • Advanced Afterburner effect
    • High angle of attack and stall vortex effects
    • Sonic boom effect
    • Dump & Burn effect
    • And much more…


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    First note this review is based of used with FSX Steam. Win 10 i7 3.3ghz 16gb ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU. Even though it doesn’t say so this product IS compatible with FSX Steam. It downloaded and once I changed the directory to install in FSX Steam I was up and flying in no time. I have the Virtavia F111 and this one is far better. Way more realistic and better looking all around. The flight model really makes this feel like the real thing. Not too mushy and not too nimble. The F111 was a real underrated Vietnam and Cold War era long range bomber with intercepted capabilities. Built for high altitude and high Mach speeds with great weaponry. It also did an amazing job buzzing tree tops at high speed thanks in large part to its terrain following auto pilot features. Most people think about the F4 Phantom and forget about the aardvark when the subject of speed comes up. The aardvark could go further at similar high speeds than the F4 when appropriately loaded with fuel tanks. Anyway, it’s just a blast to fly. Love the afterburner and sonic “boom” effects. The addition of wing flex is also very cool. The pilots have a lot more animations than expected. The seem alive and even reach up to pull down their canopy to lock. They remove their oxygen masks and helmet visors when parked. My only gripe is I cannot locate a pilot flight manual for this? It would help with setting the auto pilot to the appropriate type of flight or mission. Fantastic plane.


    This is an update of an earlier review. GKS provided a new soundpack which addresses my previous complaints. Gone is the overwhelming turbine whine and loud slamming sounds when wings fold forward and back. In its place is just a nice jet rumble, with distinct afterburner and a very subtle thud to provide feedback of wing fold status. This is so much better and now one can focus on flying and enjoying the plane without distracting and over-powering sound-effects. And talk about enjoying the plane, it has several unique features such as the bending wingtips when extended forward, to convey the sense of weight. The flight model is very believable and one can literally feel the weight, momentum and incredible speed of this aircraft. The cockpit is really well done, with an authentic and weathered look, just like the real thing. And going through the sound barrier is an absolute hoot in this plane; there is a vapor cloud and sonic boom - a real sense of occasion! With fantastic response by the developers and the sound sorted out, I have no problem in recommending it and giving it five stars. For the price, it can't be beat.


    The F-111 is an iconic aircraft and GKS has done a decent job of simulating it. It looks beautiful inside and out and the fly-by views at high speed are breathtaking. However, there are one or two rather annoying things and the first is sound. I know this aircraft has a noticeable turbine whine, epecially on the ground when it taxies for example. However, in real-life flight and flybys you only hear the typical jet engine roar - watch any YouTube video. Sadly, GKS has gone overboard in simulating the turbine whine and this aircraft whines everywhere, all the time. And i'm not talking a subtle undertone, i am talking loud, like a siren whine. The whine in the cockpit is softer, but it is still annoyingly there. That whine just completely spoils this simulation for me and i actually can't stand to fly it for too long because of that. I tried to contact the company's support for a fix, but had no response - definitely one star less for that! There are also other sounds which just feel out of place such as the wing sweep, which is way too loud and the thud whent it reaches the limits is like someone slamming a door behind you - is that real? My other issue with the GKS model is that none of the radar scopes work, not the attack radar, radar warning receiver, or the terrain-following radar, which is one of the F-111's signiture features. GKS could have given us something, even if it was fake. Then there are one or two minor things like the cockpit animation showing the doors open from the outside but closed from the inside etc. In the end, it is really the sound that spoils this simulation for me and perhaps in time i will learn how to fix that myself and enjoy it more. I was going to give it two stars, but i got it cheap and i think there are ways to overcome the annoyances and if technical support was a bit more forthcoming it may even have received four stars at a stretch.


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