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    Grand Central Airport (IATA: GCJ, ICAO: FAGC) is a small privately owned airfield which is open to public air traffic. It is located in Midrand, halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa. Prior permission to land at Grand Central is not required for light aircraft pilots; a radio call is sufficient.

    The airfield was started in the 1930s by a group of motor racing enthusiasts who were also interested in flying. Their old race track, although no longer in use, can be seen from the air on the north west side of the airfield.

    Grand Central is a fully equipped airfield and is open 24 hours a day. The complex incorporates a modern terminal building (although it lacks Customs facilities). It is also the base of numerous flying schools for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. There are 2 or 3 fixed-base operators on the airfield which provides maintenance and repair facilities for light aircraft.

    This is a small airfield that is restricted to light aircraft only.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    This scenery will run on most machines if you can run MSFS on Low End Settings, Medium High or to the MAX.

    Windows 10/11 Compatible

    No other additional software or libraries are required.

    NB: Please note this scenery does not include the Static Helicopters, Childrens Play area and 3d People - if you would like the freeware addon please visit my website.



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    Finally, someone did Grand Central. I used to fly a lot out of Grand Central in real life and GOFS has done a decent job. It is so nice to see the right kind of buildings at the right place, instead of the few random “blobs” of default MSFS scenery, so it is definitely a huge upgrade from default and worth the modest asking price. The runway itself is exceptionally well done and the undulating slope looks and feels just right. The centre-line and surface also look so much better than the blurry default, especially in VR. Now when one takes off and lands, everything looks correct in front and in one’s peripheral vision. However, all is not perfect, hence only four stars. I hope that GOFS will be doing an update in the future and I would like to see the following addressed: 1. Improved texturing of buildings. They look rather generic and bland. Look at photos or aerial images and add more character and distinctive features to the roofs and walls of hangars and buildings. 2. More realistic water tower. That water tower is an iconic landmark of FAGC and at the moment it looks very white and “plasticky”. A more realistic concrete texturing would go a long way 3. Remove the aircraft images on ground layer. It is quite immersion breaking to see those white aircraft-outline-blotches in the aircraft parking areas. 4. Add more aircraft and helicopter models in the parking areas and on the apron. It feels very empty now. 5. People. The airport feels quite dead with no people anywhere. Add some people, especially at the iconic Harvard Café. 6. Taxiways and Parking area. There is something not quite right here, as my aircraft really struggles to move, almost like the surface is grey grass and not concrete. 7. More detail in car parking area. This is not crucial, but it would be nice to see the little security hut and more definition in the car parking area and more car models perhaps. 8. Landmarks. Would be nice to have some landmarks in the surrounding area, which pilots use for reference when they do circuits, such as the Altron building, the Gautrain station and the mosque etc. But now I’m nit-picking and these additional features will probably elevate the scenery into a higher price-class. Perhaps an idea for version 2.0 of the scenery.


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