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    The gateway to The Gambia, Banjul airport sits at the heart of one of Africa’s popular sun and sea destinations and was named the most passenger friendly airport in Africa. In May 2018 the airport is due to serve the first flights to and from the island of St Helena, acting as an intermediate stop for the weekly Atlantic Airlines service to London.

    Grand Island sim’s Banjul re-creates this popular destination in flight sim, featuring

    • 50cm per pixel ground imagery
    • Native P3Dv4 ground polys
    • Choice of Dynamic or Static Lights.
    • Seasonal ground textures (Summer/Winter)
    • Optional ground textures to match Orbx Global Base

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    Nice scenery, but still has elevation issues - flying houses on the left side approaching runway 32, which cannot be fixed by ftx global vector tool, but can be disabled by switching off area dense buildings in scenery folder.


    Spontankauf. Sehr schöne Destination mit akzeptabler Fluglänge von Europa aus. Texturen knackig, Einbindung in die Umgebung (FTX Global) passt. Ein wenig mehr Details hätten sein können - Vorfeldfahrzeuge oder Objekte sind ein bisschen rar. Schön: Die ausrangierte Tupolev am Apron. Mir hat das Erstlingswerk gefallen und ich hoffe auf mehr!


    Words can't describe how much I was craving for a nice 'n' detailed airport somewhere in Africa, for years. Something less popular, something that has never been done before. And there we go, Grand Island Sim, a scenery studio I never heard of before, delivered it, and what an amazing product it is! Banjul's Yundum International Airport is probably the very first "hardcore" African scenery out there. Sure there are products covering certain Moroccan, Egyptian, Tunisian airports but I consider those kind of mainstream destinations without that true African feel. The Gambia, this tiny country surrounded by Senegal (and the Atlantic Ocean) is also a well known holiday destination but it lies beyond the "surface" unlike the previously mentioned places. Charter flights from Europe include departures out of Birmingham, London Gatwick, Manchester as well as Amsterdam and possibly others, alongside scheduled services from Brussels and Barcelona, just to name a few. The scenery is stunning. These guys did a fantastic job. We have all the goodies here including a choice of dynamic or static lights, ORBX Global compatibility, animated airside vehicles and whatnot. The textures are top notch, super crisp and clear at both day and night. The level of detail is unbelievable. Before checking out this scenery - by means of copying an actual real world flight from Barcelona (and back, after a 60 minutes turnaround), I watched numerous Youtube videos on landings and takeoffs to and from Banjul. Well, this product brings the exact same airport to you. Seriously. Even that rusty airliner I saw in the videos is modeled sitting in the apron. The night lighting is so freaking amazing! For me it's always a make or break thingy and I can tell you it's without doubt the first. Those 3D taxiway edge lights with their mysterious blue light, are brilliant, they faintly illuminate their immediate surrounding, contributing to the very realistic atmosphere. One of the few airport products that totally immersed me into the simulation. During my hour long turnaround I checked out every little corner of the airport and can't find anything to complain about. Using the most up to date Navigraph charts (at least at the time of writing this review), I found that the airport scenery actually has an even more accurate layout, it looks like Navigraph did not come with the most current charts for the airport - at least one of the taxiways that take you from the main apron to the runway is not shown on the charts. It is in fact a recent development at the airport that includes apron extension and new taxiways and these are all included so we have a very, very accurate airport layout. If you are into realism, you will adore this one! And finally let's talk about the features of the actual airport. Beyond the fact it's perfectly modeled, the main terminal building is gorgeous. I love it very much. And that wide open apron is just as cool. I am completely in love with this scenery. I did the complete outbound and return flight from Barcelona with an hour turnaround at the airport, without quitting the simulator, basically spending roughly 12 hours in game non stop, and it all went smooth. The airport is very FPS, not a single drop, excellent performance. Landed during dusk, departed during night time, the most demanding times of the day when it comes to performance - yet all is smooth, very smooth. What else should I say? I am already very much looking forward to whatever these guys release next! Will surely be a Day One purchase. Hoping that they will continue bringing us African stuff, such as Accra, Lagos, Abidjan, Yaounde, Conakry, Cotonou, Dakar or Addis Ababa, destinations currently not available for us simmers. Don't hesitate to buy this, strongly recommended!


    Great to see Africa getting some love. Keep 'em coming!


    Its nice to see an airport in this region. Considering this is the first airport for P3D V4 they have done an outstanding job! The texture quality is great the performance is very smooth. Looking forward to seeing what more they have for the future.


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