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     The total VSTOL experience with stunning liveries and the most accurate and detailed model ever.

    Background :

    The first Harrier took to the air in October 1961.

    The unique vectored thrust engine and nozzle arrangement remained basically unchanged throughout the life of the type right through to the final versions.

    The first production types were designated GR1 and were delivered to RAF squadrons as attack fighter-bombers in mid-1967. The Royal Navy was also interested in the Harrier and ordered a special sea-going version called the Sea-Harrier FRS1 or more commonly, “SHAR”. Basically a GR1/3, the FRS1 differed in that it had a conventional pointed nose with concealed radar and as such is a cleaner design in that area.

    The GR3 is the first of the type to see combat action and flew with the RAF partnering Royal Navy FRS1s during the Falklands conflict of 1982.

    The Harrier went on to be adopted by the US Marines and was continually upgraded with very sophisticated avionics and weapons systems and designated AV8-A. Two-seat trainers were also built and later models were bought by the Spanish Navy.

    Recently retired from active service in the UK, the Harrier must surely take its place in aviation history as one of the great aircraft advances of the modern age.



    • Fully detailed, accurate exteriors depicting the famous GR3 (RAF) and FRS1 (RN) from the Falklands War period.
    • Many detailed animations including retracting eyelids over the glass radar nose (GR3), jet nozzles, flaps and all flight control surfaces and landing gear.
    • Engine vents and central fan rotor are also animated correctly.
    • Animated windshield wiper is controlled from cockpit and interacts with real time weather conditions.
    • Selectable loadouts for weapons and external tankage.
    • Selectable refuelling probes (for visuals).
    • Animated pilot in fully detailed ejection seat.
    • Full ground set including chocks, flight flags and engine intake covers.
    • Fully modelled, switchable ground power unit trailer
    • Accurate weathered texture sets depicting various frontline and training units of the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and US Marines, low and high vis schemes used in the Falklands War.


    • Fully detailed accurate Harrier cockpit includes working nozzle control.
    • Fully featured Virtual Cockpit with illuminated HUD and 3D gauges including engine set and tank selectors, navigation gauges, radios and weapons loadouts. Fuel dump function is also included.
    • Stunning night lighting effects in the cockpit with realistic instrument and switch back-lighting.
    • Fully functional Head Up Display : airspeed, barometric altitude, magnetic heading, flight path vector, radio-altitude, navigation information, target designation box, alert messages, G load factor, Mach number, bank angle.
    • Advanced radar showing AI traffic and other player aircrafts (if used in a multi-player session). It features three scanning modes and target information. The locked target can be displayed on the HUD.
    • Many detailed animations and a full set of functional switches and knobs. Just about everything in the Harrier cockpit is switchable and all controls are accurately reproduced for an immersive experience!

    Flight Model

    • A unique flight model has been developed for this aircraft which allows highly realistic simulation of the vertical takeoff and landing VTOL characteristics of the Harrier. Even the famous “airshow bow” can be replicated!
    • Like the real Harrier, an "autoSTOL" lever has been added. It presets the nozzles to a predetermined angle for an automatic selection of different settings : VTOL, VSTOL STOL and conventional takeoff and landing. No longer do the pilots have to select a setting for the nozzles (although they can if they wish). This brings an incredible manoeuvrability, just like the real thing!
    • VTOL,STOL and conventional flights can be carried out with complete authenticity thanks to brand new programming technology replicating the exact auto nozzle/flap settings. No other simulation technique can replicate this as accurately!
    • The flight dynamics are true to type and require skill to master. This Harrier simulation is demanding yet very rewarding!
    • An authentic sound set is included.
    • Special effects include exhaust smoke which changes with nozzle position and ground effect effects to make the visuals highly realistic.
    • Cannon gun effect, firable from the cockpit, for the ADEN cannon pods.


    Four liveries BAe Harrier GR3 :

    1) 1 Squadron RAF as operated in the South Atlantic during the Falklands War 1982
    2) 4 Squadron RAF as operated in Gutersloh Germany, 1992
    3) 3 Squadron RAF Wittering
    4) Dirty' wartime version with no markings

    Three liveries FRS1 Sea Harrier :

    1) 899 NAS Royal Navy 1982 Falklands conflict
    2) Indian Navy SHAR FRS51
    3) 801 NAS Royal Navy Blue/White scheme

    A full paint kit is also provided.


    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X - FSX SP1 & FSX SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) or Prepar3d 4
    • Windows XP 32, Vista 32, Seven 32-64
    • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2x 2666Mhz) or equivalent (Core 2 Quad CPU recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM
    • DX9 Graphic Card with at least 256 MB (512 MB strongly recommended)
    • 190Mb Hard disk space
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X / Flight Simulator 2004 (Windows XP)
  • Windows XP/Vista 32 bits/Windows 7 32/64bits
  • Pentium IV 1.4 GHz
  • 256MB RAM
  • 32Mb Graphics
  • 160MB disk space
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    For David. There is a HUD but to get it to work you will need to find the file and place it in the correct folder. Sorry I can't be more specific because I don't have the Harrier currently activated but I am speaking from past experience. The plane works fine in FSX:SE


    After checking the Wilco website and locating their compatibility page and confirming that this particular product is indeed compatible with FSX SE and Win 10 32bit I bought the plane. Only one problem exists that bothers me. There is NO HUD! Shift- 1 doesn’t do anything, and nether does the instrument drop down HUD option. I’ve clicked carefully on everything including the HUD Brightness and Thickness dials with no change. I checked the XML.DML as per Wilcos troubleshooting recommendations. No HUD period! If there were a functioning HUD I’d have given 5 stars. The modeling of this 1st gen Harrier is nicely done. It’s a challenge to fly and takes some practice as well as instruction manual reading! STOL flight can only be done when the aircraft overall weight is less than 21000 lbs. That is easily adjusted by simply reducing the fuel load to somewhere around 50% in each tank. The nozzles are adjustable manually by using the propeller pitch key controls. I mapped this already so despite it sounding absurd it does the trick. With the correct weight and nozzle angle set taking off or landing vertically is easy and fun! Static hover can be done with some practice. The overall aircraft performance is excellent for a sub sonic jet plane. The interior is also pretty nice! Night lighting is just right. Not too bright or too dim. So overall and considering there is no HUD (Wilco has not answered me still) I give this 4 stars. Based on use with FSX SE Win10 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU.


    This is a wonderful airplane but it will fly VTO/STOL only if you have installed FSUIPC 4 and it takes a lot of practise to get the knack of it but it's worth " sweating it out ".


    Optisch tadellos umgesetzt. Flugverhalten ist auch sehr gut, senkrecht starten und landen möglich, wenn man die Anleitung berücksichtigt (ohne ist es zugegeben etwas schwer). Seltsam das Rückwärtsrollen am Boden im VTOL modus, dass in Vorwärts umkehrt, nachdem man bremste. Da ich keinen zweiten Regler habe, habe ich die Düsenstellung auf zwei Joystickbuttons programmiert. Damit lässt sich auch gut schweben. Interessant ist der Vergleich zum UKMil Harrier (Freeware). Dieser ist anders braucht den Vergleich zum Wilco Harrier nicht zu scheuen. Es sind aber grossteils verschiedene Harrierversionen, so kann man sich auch an beiden erfreuen.


    Gut umgesetzter Harrier! Das Benutzerhandbuch ist sehr hilfreich wenn man Probleme mit dem Senkrechtstart hat, dort findet man alles wissenswerte was man dazu braucht, naja und etwas Geduld zum üben braucht man natürlich auch, ist aber halb so wild ;) Optisch macht dieser Harrier innen wie aussen eine recht gute Figur, einige Texturen im VC könnten aber besser sein finde ich. Der Sound ist nicht schlecht, habe ihn aber am Ende doch ausgetauscht weil er mir in der VC-Ansicht nicht so recht zusagte. Was das Flugverhalten betrifft ist der Vogel eine echte Fun Machine die aber natürlich etwas Übung und auch ein bischen Geduld verlangt.


    Der Harrier ist echt toll! Super Außenmodell + VC! Auch der Sound ist echt authentisch und ist auch anders wenn man um das Flugzeug schwenkt. Desweiteren gefallen mir die verschiedenen Bemalungen und die Bewaffnungs möglichkeit. Was mir NICHT geflällt ist, das man mit dem Harrier nicht senkrecht starten bzw landen kann. Man steht auf der Runway, Parkbremse aktiviert (weil er sonst los rollt...? weiß auch nicht warum. Wenn man dann Gas gibt löst sich die Parkbremse automatisch und der Harrier schießt einfach nach vorne. TOTALER MIST! Der Support ist auch zum in die Tonne werfen! Wer darauf aus ist wirklich senkrecht zu starten...? FINGER WEG!


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