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    Active Sky FS is made for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator only (not for P3D /XP /FSX), for PC Windows only (not for X-box).

    Announcing the long-awaited Active Sky weather add-on for the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator:

    Active Sky FS (ASFS) brings direct MSFS 2020 integration. Brand new features and functionality are made specifically for MSFS and designed to improve your weather simulation experience.

    Focused on comprehensive weather realism simulation, ASFS includes high-fidelity weather data and synthesis, planning, briefing, mapping, live weather, optional historical weather with playback, custom weather, scenarios, API, multiple depiction options, active air effects, snow depth data control, voice features, Navigraph and SimBrief integration, and much, much more.


    Direct MSFS Integration
    Using a combination of techniques for weather lookup and control, ASFS integrates directly with MSFS 2020 (v1.35 and later).

    ASFS Preset weather and Passive weather depiction modes
    Using Preset weather depiction from ASFS or Passive weather depiction (from MSFS live weather), a variety of weather visuals and depiction methods, offering various levels of realism, control and visual quality are available depending on your needs. Transition control and configurable smoothing is also provided in ASFS Preset mode.

    Active Air Effects
    Customizable clear air turbulence, thermals, drafts and wake turbulence effects work in tandem with existing MSFS effects to provide and enhance realism. Air effects are provided in any depiction mode.

    Cloud Turbulence
    Cloud turbulence is now fully implemented and works in both preset and passive modes.

    Advanced Historical Weather
    In addition to including Live and Custom weather modes, we also offer Historical mode with comprehensive global weather data in hourly archives. Dynamic historical playback provides realistic changing weather as per the archived historical timeline. Optionally lock the historical time to your configured simulator time for easy date/time synchronization and control through MSFS.

    Enhanced Cloudscape and Thunderstorm Depiction
    Using ASFS Preset weather depiction, enhanced sky condition and thunderstorm handling works to increase the visual realism and overall experience of various weather conditions including thunderstorms.

    Active Sky Weather Engine
    24 years of active development of weather simulation for MSFS and other platforms culminates in a mature and refined weather engine system that natively includes advanced weather data analysis, lookup, mapping, planning, briefing and more.

    Advanced Data Collection, Synthesis, Modeling and Interpretation
    Active Sky constantly downloads and analyzes conditions, providing world-wide high-fidelity weather conditions and effects, utilizing surface airport conditions (METARs), Forecasts (TAFs), Upper air data (GRIB), Significant Weather information (Sigmets/Airmets), Tropical storm data and more. Weather data is offered in live real-time or historical modes, with a dynamic historical weather playback feature.

    Ground Snow Simulation
    Using actual global ground snow depth data, ground snow cover is controlled and smoothed at all times in AS Preset depiction mode.

    Comprehensive Custom Weather
    Easily create multiple custom weather areas using the map screen, customizing by METAR text or through our weather setting wizard. Custom weather is supplemented by the previously loaded weather, enabling precise, variable and realistic saved weather scenarios that can be recalled at any time.

    Fly different weather-based scenarios, or create your own.

    Voice Features
    Get Voice weather briefings and in-flight weather updates on your radio via our simulated ATIS/ASOS and Flight Watch simulation.

    3rd-Party Integration Features
    Navigraph data integration, SimBrief flight plan integration, PMDG wind data export and our universal common data export features provides integration with multiple popular 3rd-party add-ons.

    Active Sky API
    Advanced API features are available to everyone to integrate directly with AS features including weather lookup, effects, mode control and weather conditions control.


    ASFS Weather and Cloud Depiction Specifications

    ASFS Preset Weather Depiction Mode
    ASFS Preset weather depiction mode features advanced weather preset conditions control for the best accuracy within the preset depiction capabilities, and full use of the Active Sky weather data and synthesis system including historical and custom weather options. This is recommend for those desiring the highest levels of conditions realism and challenge, especially for IFR ceilings and visibility, as well as long distance route planning, wind and fuel calculations:

    • Available with LIVE weather, HISTORICAL weather, and custom weather
    • Wind, gusts and variability control (surface and aloft, up to 60,000ft)
    • Cloud layer control
    • Precipitation control
    • Ground snow cover control
    • Temperature and humidity control
    • Barometric pressure control with advanced temperature-adjusted pressure effects (appropriate corrections required for safe and/or expected IFR terminal procedures in colder or hotter temperatures)
    • Visibility simulation through advanced humidity control and fog layer generation and intelligent visibility graduation and smoothing
    • Smooth cloud and conditions transitions with configurable smoothing rate
    • Cloud scene scattering and variation control for variety within the preset depiction area
    • Weather-cell-based presentation with surface data prioritization based on flight plan
    • Transitions handling (updates conditions smartly depending on flight plan and flight stage)

    Passive Depiction Mode
    Passive mode is used with live weather and allows MSFS’s internal live weather depiction to take full control of weather depiction in the simulator, while Active Sky FS provides Active Air Effects and all other non-depiction features (mapping, planning, voice features, conditions report, web companion app, etc.) This can provide better regional variation and cloud variations outside of Preset control, recommended for LIVE WEATHER VFR and casual flights where visuals and effects are more important than weather conditions accuracy.

    Active Air Effects
    Provided in either depiction mode, Active Air Effects enhance your flight with turbulence, drafts and more:

    • Clear air turbulence
    • Internal MSFS turbulence compatibility (for combined ASFS-applied and internal MSFS-applied turbulence effects)
    • Updrafts
    • Downdrafts
    • Microbursts
    • Thunderstorm-based turbulence and draft effects
    • Gusts, wind variation and gust-related turbulence
    • New: Cloud turbulence with in-cloud detection


    Windows 10 or 11, 64 bit

    MSFS (2020) via Steam or Microsoft store, PC ONLY (X-Box not supported) v1.35 or later

    4GB RAM or greater

    2GHZ x64 processor or greater

    1GB+ free storage space

    Minimum processor and memory requirements per MSFS 2020 product information is recommended

    1024×768 minimum screen resolution

    Stable internet connection (broadband recommended)

    Online activation and login system requires online connection – this product cannot be used offline*

    *Active Sky FS is an online product that will require the creation of a new user account. You must be logged in to use the software. One login per user account is permitted. You can install the software on multiple machines and/or move the software to other machines, but may be logged in only once at a time. Using Active Sky FS, creating a user account, and logging into the system require the acceptance of the Privacy Policy at https://hifisimtech.com/privacy-policy.


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    Good weather depiction and interface. A little too aggressive with the turbulence. Like seriously not every approach is a battle.


    When HiFi first announced ASFS I was not really sure if I need this in MSFS because the default weather is already quiet good. On the other side there are a few things missing which ASFS has and I  really love the XPlane Version so I decided to give it a try. Now, approximately 2 months later I have to say the product is absolutely great! Yes there is the well known issue with the missing API in MSFS but Active Sky does everything they can to avoid this problem. The features they are delivering besides the weather injection are really awesome. Historical weather, the more realistic clouds and the various turbulence effects are the biggest plus points for me but there are many, many more. Also, the developer updates his product on very regular bases and listens to the community. Almost every change (there were many) they made since release, are based on community feedback. I think the 30 € are a really good investment and I am more than happy that HiFi has decided to bring there product to MSFS! 


    Habe Active Sky schon im FSX gehabt und war Begeistert.Aber jetzt im MSFS2020 bin ich Enttäuscht..Heute Real den ganzen Tag starker Dauerregen.Im FS (Reales Wetter eingestellt)Aufgelockerte Bewölkung und Trocken.Die letzten Flüge ,wo das Wetter einigermaßen gepasst hat war wohl Zufall.Reales MSFS Wetter hat dagegen akkurat übereingestimmt.Vielleicht wirds ja noch besser mit der Zeit


    Had a bit of tinkering around to get it to work but other than that brilliant. Thanks Active Sky.


    It's worth it even just for the Active Air Simulation. Much better than CAT 2.0. Until MSFS publishes weather API, the passive mode is the only option for best weather transitions, though not always same as METAR.


    I've been flying with Active Sky FS and it's hard not to admire how it's improved the weather experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Weather is no longer just a meaningless single layer of fluffy clouds; it's an essential part of my flight planning, especially with its seamless integration with SimBrief and my PMDG 737. This integration ensures that my flight plans are always in sync with the weather conditions, making for a more immersive experience. ASFS reintroduces the diversity of cloud formations at various altitudes, making flights visually stunning and dynamically challenging. The thunderstorms are a particular highlight, with towering clouds and realistic lightning effects that add a thrilling layer of realism to the simulation. It's not just about the looks—ASFS adds weather effects like turbulence, microburst, and wind variations that the default simulator simply doesn't offer, enhancing both the challenge and realism of each flight. While ASFS isn't the ultimate solution to all the weather simulation issues in MSFS 2020, with regular updates and new features it could be taking steps in the right direction to becoming the definitive weather mod for MSFS. It's important for users to adjust the weather update frequency and smoothing rates to find the right balance for a seamless transition between different weather conditions—include your SimBrief flight plan in ASFS to make weather transitions far less noticeable. In conclusion, even though ASFS might not have solved every weather simulation issue yet, it certainly enriches the flight simulation experience with features and effects that are absent in the default setup. For anyone looking to enhance their MSFS 2020 weather realism, Active Sky FS is definitely worth considering. Ultimately, these are just my personal thoughts and experiences. However, I do not believe it is just a “cash grab” or exactly the same as other weather mods out there. 
    I bought it and I can only say that I like what it delivers. You can't expect much when you have closed API from the sim itself. Though gives you the missing effects the sim is missing and in my humble opinion, a nice touch to the weather.


    It may not be exactly transformative for MSFS weather, but in my eyes, it depicts a greater and more realistic assortment of cloud formations, better winds, better turbulence effects and realistic thunderstorms. More importantly, for those critics who thought this was a 'cash grab', the developer has already pushed out a major update and has another lined up for imminent release. The support will continue, and this add-on will continue to improve. IMO, for the price, I have found it adds to my sim experience, and I'll fly with it all the time.


    Most Realistic Weather in MSFS 2020. Thunderstorms, lightning, great cloud varieties, not just Cumulous, realistic turbulence. Woorth every penny and then some. I love it.


    Bought this program from you because I had that version before with my old flight simulator 2004 which now this msfs 2020 but work without problems learned how it works. then I wonder will supercell clouds also even thunderstorm with tornados in or will more update of the program. but very nice program to run on


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