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    About this Scenery - Important to read before buying

    The scenario covers the area of ​​S60 to S90 degrees and W180 to East 180 degrees, however I recommend not to fly beyond 87 degrees south, due to the impossibility of the X-Plane simulation engine and other simulators not yet properly managing these areas, because, the simulators use the WGS84 flat geographic projection. Therefore, the southernmost runway in this scenario is the Thiel Mountains Station runways at latitude S85 degrees. Continental Antarctica area continued without interruption

    A hybrid scenario

    HSimulators really treats the scenario for those who like to fly. If the user thinks about seeing bar chairs, flower boxes, bicycles, furniture inside the houses, people in the waiting area of ​​an airport, this product is not for those who expect this type of tourist scenario. This scenario is for those who love to fly simply.

    What the scenario contains

    There are 51 research stations of different nationalities, with airstrips and heliport. Of the 51 locations, 35 are 3D scenarios and 16 2D scenarios that HSimulators will develop and update free of charge for those who buy version 1. 
    Throughout Scenario geospecific objects mixed with geotypics were used. As the proposal for the scenario is with the ice covering throughout Antarctica, only litle fragments of realistic textures were used, in two or three locations, even because the inputs are expensive and it is impossible to use large areas, as the price of these inputs would make the project impossible. Some totally isolated sites have only lost camp in the icy expanse of Antarctica.

    Product overview

    Mesh terrain of Antarctica's total area, completely covered by the ice cap, developed with the generation of DSFbuilder, HSimulators' mesh terrain management and creation program.

    Size and requirements

    Downloadable file has 6,2 GB GB and unpacked needs 29, 7 GB in HD. Now you can plan your flight across Antarctica. Due to the size of the scenery, it was impossible to fly him completely to check. If you find any mesh failure, which is practically impossible, just send an e-mail to hsimulators@x-plane.com.br and reset the coordinate.

    List of airports, research scientif stations, heliports, refuges

    Byrd Surface Skiway - USA
    Browning Pass - ITALY
    Concordia Skiway - FRANCE / ITALY
    D10 Dumont Station - FRANCE
    D85 Skiway - FRANCE
    Davis Plateau - AUSTRALIA
    Davis Sea Ice - AUSTRALIA
    Dome Fujji - JAPAN
    Druzhnaya  4 - RUSSIA
    Enigma Lake - ITALY
    Fossil  Buff - UNITED KINGDON
    Halley 6 Station - UNITED KINGDON
    Kohnen Station - GERMANY
    Kunlun - CHINA
    Marambio ARGENTINA
    Marble Point Station - USA
    Mario Zuccelli Station - ITALY
    Mawson Station - AUSTRALIA
    McMurdo Station Ice Runways - USA
    Mid Point - ITALY
    Molodezhnaya - RUSSIA
    Neumayer Station - GERMANY
    Novolazarevskaya - RUSSIA
    Odell Glacier Station - USA
    OHiggins Skiway - CHILE
    Ohiggins Station - HLPN UNITED KINGDON
    Palmer Station - USA
    Patriot Hills - USA
    Pegasus Airfield - NEW ZEALAND
    Phoenix Airfield - USA /NEW ZEALAND
    Plateau Station - USA
    Plough Island - AUSTRALIA
    Rothera Air Facility - UNITED KINGDON
    Siple Dome Station - USA
    Tn Rodolfo Marsh Martin - CHILE
    Willians Field - USA /NEW ZEALAND


    Troll Station - NORWAY
    Petrel Station - ARGENTINA
    Perseu Temporary - Airfield RUSSIA
    Progress Station - RUSSIA
    Vostok Station - RUSSIA
    Rumdoodle Station - AUSTRALIA
    S17 - JAPAN
    Showa Station - JAPAN
    Sitry Skiway Station - ITALY
    Thiel Mountains - USA
    Union Glacier Station - CHILE
    Wilkins Station - AUSTRALIA


    What do you need

    A computer with a game configuration performance.
    Windows 7 or 10
    X-Plane 11 licenced copy
    30 GB of free space in HD
    No need for external plugins or additional libraries

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