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    Compatible with Virtual Reality.

    Eurofighter Typhoon is the world’s most advanced swing-role combat aircraft providing simultaneously deployable Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface capabilities.The Eurofighter Typhoon is a European twin-engine, canard delta wing, multirole fighter. The Typhoon was designed originally as an air superiority fighter and is manufactured by a consortium of Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo that conducts the majority of the project through a joint holding company, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH. NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency manages the project and is the prime customer.

    Please set MODERN flight model inside MSFS setting before use the aircraft!

    MSFS > esc > settings > flight model > set MODERN

    This version for Microsoft Flight Simulator features:

    Version 1.6

    -Now 13 liveries are available:

    5 Original: Opaque, Bright, Spain, Britain and Luftwaffe remake by Benedikt Fröhlich.

    8 Licenced by Jiannis Camel: U.S. Navy, Acdc , Camouflage Red, Ghost Tiger, Iron Maiden, Tiger Bronze, Withe Tiger, Greece.

    -Pdf manual version 1.0 by Philippe Grégoire

    -Top speed >1.400 Knot/GS ~ Mach 2.1 ~ 2.500 Km/H | also to low pass

    -15500 HP - full throttle

    -GPS mouse interactive Panel

    -FMC Panel

    -HUD Panel

    -2 MFD Panels with Wheater, Terrain, Engine, System, Fuel, Plan

    -PFD Panel

    -Speed Backup Panel

    -Radio Panel

    -Full working Autopilot

    -Reverse throttle

    -Engine start from apron

    -Pushback , Fuel truck , ground power



    Download  bredok3d-typhoonV1.1.zip

    Installation: Extract the setup file and Copy the entire folder " bredok3d-typhoonEF " inside  " MSFS/COMMUNITY "  Enjoy - * feel free to contact us for installation help

    Be sure to copy "bredok3d-typhoonEF" and not " bredok3d-typhoonV1.1/bredok3d-typhoonEF" folder (NO SUBFOLDER)

    Make sure you are using the MODERN flight model in the simulator settings. This product is not compatible with the old "legacy" flight model

    VR - Virtual Reality

    Eurofighter Typhoon is fully compatible with the newly updated virtual reality VR system from Microsoft Those who have the chance to try it will see something fantastic! Settings for VR: in the graphics settings, we recommend that you set all the parameters to a minimum, and then increase them based on the potential of your PC.

    *Small problem with the mouse visualization



    19/08/2021 Version 1.3

    -Solved general issue for latest MSFS version ( improved flight model, fixed lights)

    24/01/2021 Version 1.10
    -Added 8 new Liveries |U.S. Navy|Acdc|Camouflage Red|Ghost Tiger|Iron Maiden|Tiger Bronze|Withe Tiger|Greece|
    -Luftwaffe anniversary renewd thans to the contribution of Benedikt Fröhlich
    -Fixed duplicated names (EF)
    -Fixed starting from customize position

    -Fixed autopilot issue - flight plan/custom setting work
    -Improved decals
    -General fixes
    -Added A/P Disconnection button - RESET

    -Added AFTERBURN (beta)
    -Added 3 liveries (luftwaffe anniversary - french anniversary - spain color)
    -Autopilot rebuilt (the ALT button has two functions now hold/selector)
    -Audio remake with many new effects (normalized volume)
    -Implemented some decals
    -Added barometer button
    -Elevator without scalars as in the original flight model
    -Enhanced ground brakes
    -VR mouse partially fixed
    -Fixed autopilot routes NAV/VNAV (the routes lines are not visible but only the points)
    -*All lights is working

    23/12/2020 Version 0.98
    - Fix the Autopilot with new MSFS version
    - Add the A/T (automated throttle) function for AP
    - Fix the throttle animation
    - Edit the AirBrake lever

    18/12/2020 Version 0.97
    - Flight model improved to achieve mach 2.1 - 2500 Km/h
    - HUD in absolute position
    - Optimize the shadows of the external model as in reality
    - Added Mach 1 and 2 function in HUD and PFD center panel
    - Ground brakes with more power
    - PFD fonts much visible
    - Edit detail in the cockpit
    - New working radio panel
    - New hangar visualization
    - Small change to the gravity center

    12/12/2020 Version 0.96

    - Added cockpit glass, now it receive the rain
    - New paint for cockpit's main panels - 4k PBR
    - Make the pilot a bit bigger , not yet animated
    - Fixed a minor bug that display external elements

    06/12/2020 Version 0.95
    - Added military pilot, visible from the outside
    - New windshield, which displays drops of water from the outside
    - Bomb and missles deleted





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    Very poor. Graphics are childlike and handling is terrible.


    Love the included Liveries with this Jet, 3 stars, as if you use to much power on take-off, you will crash. 7/10 as once in the Air this jet is a dream! #Snoopy


    Very low quality for the price. Feels like a free user mod.


    Schade, ich hab für das Flugzeug damals bezahlt. Für ein Modell, das äußerlich zwar schön modelliert ist, intern jedoch gerade mal das Niveau eines Freeware Modells hat. Dazu kommt, dass mit jedem Update die Fehler zunehmen und sehr offensichtliche Fehler, die angesprochen werden, einfach nicht korrigiert werden. So funktioniert seit Monaten das linke MFD nicht. Das letzte Update korrigiert den Fehler nicht. Verbesserungen bei der Avionik sucht man auch vergeblich. Das Flugzeug, das zwischenzeitlich mal recht ordentlich funktionierte, wurde systematisch verschlimmbessert. Bei mir seit dem letzten endtäuschenden Update nicht mehr im Hangar. Wer ein Überschall Jagdflugzeug möchte sollte sich mal den Freeware F22 ansehen. Der ist zwar äußerlich nicht so schön, funktioniert aber einwandfrei und hat für ein freies Flugzeug ein erstaunlich gutes Innenleben.
    Was working great till the msfs SU5 broke it. Contacted msfs support they said 3'd party needs to be supported by the vendor. Little confused as the ver on here is 1.1 and the ver on the msfs marketplace is 1.2.1 so not sure what to do next. Issue i: Microsoft plane installed Eurofighter "Typhoon Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GMBH by Bredok3d version 1.2.1 up to date." Controls fine while taking off and then after starting to climb and level off it is like the controls don't work anymore. You can level off but then it wants on it's own to climb or decent and becomes unresponsive after takeoff and in the air can't maintain control. It was working before SU5 and other planes don't have this issue when flying. tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the content manager


    pretty basic, exterior model is really good, interior is really bad, not many buttons work, something you would expect from a free addon, not many updates either for the plane. owned since January and its had one update that didn't change much.


    Not bad as aircraft, I always use it for flying. But there are some elements that need to be fixed to reach a 5-star rating. First of all, the taxiing and landing lights are NOT placed under the nose, but on the rear landing gears. Then you should improve the texturing inside the cockpit and make the afterburners much more realistic than they're now. One last thing, at low speeds, the sound doesn't seem to be the original Eurofighter sound. However it's fun to fly and I haven't encountered any particular issues, other than model imperfections.


    No more updates on this ???!!! That's a nice aircraft, actually. It would be nice to improve the cockpit, etc


    I'm really disappointed by this plane; it looks very low-poly, the interior textures are horrible, the sounds are all messed up and the flight model feels very unrealistic. Better save your money.


    Ich schließe mich mal meinen Vorschreiber an: für 0EUR erstanden Gott sei Dank! Einen größeren Mumpitz als diese Simulation habe ich noch nicht gesehen (komme im übrigen aus dem Militärtechnischen Flugbereich). Das Cockpit, die Bedienelemente und deren zugewiesene Funktionen dieses LFZ haben so gut wie nix mit der Realität des Typhoon gemein. Der Arme (virtuelle) Pilot muss sich hier mit den Beinen die Ohren zu halten, da die Sitzfläche direkt am Boden festgemacht wurde (ohne Rakpack für den Schleudersitz). Da Flugverhalten ist ein Witz - aber dafür ist der SIM-Typhoon extrem Sparsam im verbrauch - auf 800NM mit knapp Mach 2 im NB-Bereich nur knapp 1 Tonne Spritverbrauch. Ein Tipp für die Entwickler - Mal ein Blick in die POH, techn. Handbücher und ins reale Cockpit werfen. So ist es maximal für XBox-Gamer zu gebrauchen und dafür auf jeden Fall zu Teuer!


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