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    CockpitStatus is a Multifunction Cockpit Instruments Control and Approach System for any Rwy.
    Version 1.5.3 - 08/2014 is a special Edition for 2014.

    Version 1.5.3 including 2 programs is belonging to the CockpitStatus-Series of Intrasystem. YOU NEVER GET LOST!

    Including the advanced Radar ATIasHold Approach System.

    CockpitStatus the basic program showing all data on one single view that can be resized.
    CockpitStatus is featuring 3 indipendent Radar Systems - Automatic Aproach + Zooming.

    Main Features

    • Precision Approach System for any Runway - not using Frequencies.
    • A Virtual Waypoint is created for any Runway at a distance of 20nm aligned with any Runway.
    • Create a Virtual Runway with just one Click. On Air, Water, Carrier, wherever you like.
    • The Approach System is leading you back to any Virtual Runway on Ground-Level.
    • The unique AT-IasHold for any aircraft from 1 Prop to 4 Jets using only Engine-Pressure.
    • Precision Approach System for any Runway - not using Frequencies.
    • Complete HSI showing Pitch/Deviation/Bank
    • Radar Destination view, at any distance, with Vor, Adf, Wpt in a range of 100 nm around Dest. Rwy.
    • Radar range from actual Apl position upto 280nm.
    • Radar showing all airports in a range of 280nm.
    • Automatic Apt, Vor, Adf selection with the Flight Panel + Radar.
    • Avionic, AP, Lights, Fuel, Radio. If you don't find a switch just click on.
    • Airport Search + Filter feature with 4 different search criteria + distance.
    • CockpitStatus + ATIasHold can create own Direct-TO FlightPlan.
    • Copy your own Flight Plans into GPS.
    • Wind-Drift correction.
    • All Instruments are shown as Graphic 'Progress-Bars' like Ils, Adf, Vor, Dme.
    • CockpitStatus + ATIasHld can be used with your Joystick.
    • New CockpitStatus.pdf Manual 08/2014 you can also download from the Intrasystem Home-Page.
    • New ATIasHld.pdf Manual 08/2014 you can also download from the Intrasystem Home-Page.

    Compared with Cockpit-Instruments you will notice that this Approach System is more accurate with a quicker response.
    CockpitStatus + ATIasHold using FSUIPC only and can be connected on a Network using WideFS.


    Update Offer
    • If you previously purchased INTRASYSTEM - COCKPITSTATUS or INTRASYSTEM - SIMCON at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 10.00 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

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    For Flight Simulator FSX-Version. Previous versions not tested.
    You should have installed: Net Framework 3.5 or ++
    You should update your FSUIPC version.(not registered)
    Network connection x 2 PC's via WideFS.


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