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    Falcon Field Airport got it's start in 1941 to serve as a training field for British WWII Pilots. Falcon was to be named Thunderbird Field III and would train British pilots. However, the British said they would like the field to be named after one of their birds, and thus Falcon Field opened.

    Eventually it became a civil airport and is now owned and operated by the City of Mesa. Falcon Airport is home to the largest flight school in the world, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. Falcon is also home to one of the largest Commemorative Air Force units which operates a flying B-17G, and B25J "Maid in the Shade" among others.

    With Falcon Field for Microsoft Flight Simulator I have recreated the airport to a high level of detail and accuracy. With extremely detailed airport buildings, hangars, and an up-to-date ground layout. I have also added the brand-new hangar facilities to the north side of the field which in real life are currently still being constructed.

    In addition, the scenery comes with further details, such as animated hangar doors at the CAE Hangar, interior modelling of the Tower, Terminal Building, along with an animated advertizing board, functional windsocks, dynamic lighting and PBR-rendered materials.


    • Highly detailed Falcon Field Airport scenery
    • WWII photo wraps on the Control Tower, Hangars, Buildings, and even roadways which make this airport so unique.
    • WWII monument, newly consructed located at the enterance to Mesa Hanagr development.
    • Up-to-date ground layout of taxiways and aprons. Custom made fixed distance markers for runway 4R/22L which illuminate day & night.
    • Over 150 handcrafted 3D objects custom made exclusively for Falcon Field
    • 14 static aircraft varients including Piper Archer TX, B-17G, North American AT-6 Texan, Stearman, Super Stearman, Phantom F-4N, MIG-21, MIG-15, Douglas 26C Invader, Beech C-45, Beech T-34 Mentor, Nanchang CJ6, Schweizer  TG-3A, & YAK-52.
    • 7 static Helicopter varients including Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw, Sikorsky 64E Sky Crane, CH-47, MD-520N, AH-6, Apache, & V-22 Osprey.
    • Falcon Field ATC Chatter sounds when you enter the modelled Control Tower interior.
    • PBR Materials to build realistic surfaces for buildings and objects
    • Detailed ground markings and new taxiway layouts, including both of the recently added taxiway exits to the north of runway 4L/22R. Custom centreline & edge lining to correct colouring and width.
    • Custom made crack sealent textures on the aprons & runways
    • Extremely detailed Control Tower, Terminal Building, and 3 Hangar interiors
    • Detailed animated bi-folding hangar doors at the CAE Hangar facility (functions on a timer)
    • Functional windsocks which have been modified to accurately show the wind direction.
    • Animated Flags
    • Traffic lights, & stationary traffic have been added to the road intersections on final approach to runways 4R & 22L
    • Terraforming in the vicinity of the airport to correct the default scenery which had flooded road intersections, as this airport sits in a photogrammetry area.
    • Runway starting points have been amended to begin at the holding points, this helps to reduce the amount of spawning on the runways.
    • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
    • Falcon District bridge modelled with recently added photo wraps in real life. This bridge is rarely used but was built to connect Boeing Helicopter Co. to Falcon Field and spans over E. McDowell Road.


    Installation: Simply extract the file 'jeppeson2001-airport-kffz' into your community folder, then restart the sim.

    Note: I have omitted the taxiway paths for AI traffic due to the unrealistic way that vehicles such as ramp cars, fork lift trucks enter the runway and ruin the immersion. As soon as there is a reliable solution by the MSFS SDK I will add this in future updates.


    Dieses Produkt verfügt über unsere simInstaller Technologie und ist nach dem Kauf nur über unsere APP verfügbar.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
    OS: Windows 10 (Nov 2019 Update - 1909)
    DirectX: DirectX 11
    CPU: Intel i5-4460 or Ryzen 3 1200
    GPU: NVIDIA GTX 770 or Radeon RX 570
    VRAM: 2 GB
    RAM: 8 GB
    HDD: 3 GB
    Bandwidth: 5 Mbps


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    Updated review - my problem with FPS was a DX12 issue. Switching to DX11 and it's much better. I was able to visually taxi to a hangar where my brother keeps his Debonair, so it's pretty accurate! 5 stars.


    Looks great - framerate killer though. I wish there were some tips on making it a bit more FPS friendly, as it is I'm getting 16-18fps with a pretty new rig.


    I recently purchased your Falcon Field addon. And I just wanted to thank you and your team for the fantastic job that you have done in making this little historic airport as true to life as possible. I've been hoping that someone would bring this airport into the Sim. I'm very familiar with Falcon Field I volunteered at the Commemorative Air Force Museum for 10 years as a Docent. I was so pleased to see that you had modeled the museum hangers as well as several of the warbirds so accurately. It is Definitely one of my favorite airport's to fly out of in the sim. Keep up the good work! I highly recommend this addon for anyone who loves warbirds!


    I live in Mesa. KFFZ is my home field. This is a great job of portraying it. The attention to detail is wonderful. The inclusion of the Commemorative Air Force hanger, and the Warbirds hanger interiors is spot on.

    Don R

    It is worth noting since my first review the issue with ZINERTEK - ENHANCED AIRPORT GRAPHICS MSFS, experiencing CDT issues when used with KFFZ has been resolved by ZINERTEK after that this airport is just amazing and a great addon for the sim so I am changing my review to 5 stars
    Jeppeson2001's Falcon Field scenery is an amazing recreation of a beautiful airport. The scenery contains detailed textures, down to the parking spaces, gorgeous static aircraft models, and building interiors. From the museum to the steakhouse, and everything in between, you can lose hours here just exploring all the framerate-friendly details with your drone camera. Truly outstanding work.


    Amazing level of detail. Even the spot numbers for calling ground are there. I love flying out of this airport in the real world. Great job. Would love to see the other GA airport in the Phoenix area from you.

    Don R

    This is a nice Scenery package excellent detail overall however one thing it does conflict with the ZINERTEK - ENHANCED AIRPORT GRAPHICS MSFS, I experienced CDT issues when both were installed, KFFZ Will crash to the desktop when the zinertek product is installed at the same time but all was normal with the airport package when I uninstalled the zinertek product until this issue has a fix I give it 4 stars but I do believe the product to be an excellent addition to my sim


    Absolutely phenomenal scenery! First Casement Aerodrome Baldonnel, now Falcon field! The detail of not just the airport, but the little additions of static aircraft, restaurants, post office, hangars, moving hangar doors, it's all wonderful! A worthy addon for anyone's simulation experience.


    Fantastic and accurate representation of the airport. This level of detail is helping my immersion as I study for my PPL at this field in real life


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