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    Jeppeson2001 is proud to announce the release of Niagara Falls City Pack & Heliport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Niagara Falls spans the border between the province of Ontario, Canada and New York State in the USA.
    Formed by the Niagara River, which drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, the combined falls have the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America that has a vertical drop of more than 50 m (160 ft)

    The scenery area starts at the North Grand Island Bridge and ends further down the Niagara River at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.
    POI markers have been added throughout the area.


    • Niagara Falls - Animated with sounds, mist, and lighting effects. Includes Horseshoe Falls, American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls
    • Custom 3D modelled Hotels & Casino's of the Niagara Falls City Skyline.
    • Custom animated rapids, and rapid textures along the Niagara River.
    • Custom 3D modelled docks on both the USA and Canadian sides. I have included crowds of tourists queuing at the docks to represent how busy the area is. These have been modelled at a very low poly count which ensures that your FPS is not impacted - Please note they are not supposed to be seen at very close range. The people have been rendered in the correct poncho colours - Blue for USA (Maid Of the Mist), Red for Hornblower (Niagara City Cruises), and Yellow for Behind The Falls Tour.
    • Niagara Helicopters Heliport (CPQ3) has been included with a hand crafted Terminal and interior, along with Hangar, hangar interior, and animated doors.
    • 13 Helipads to choose from at the Heliport
    • Custom made Wind Socks
    • Custom made anemometer (weather station)
    • Custom made helipad lights and obstacle lighting systems
    • Animated freight train with sounds. The train crosses the Whirpool Rapids Bridge and passes by the Heliport

    Points of interest include:

    • Animated tourist boats - Maid Of the Mist, and Hornblower.
    • Animated Incline Railway, and City Cruises Funicular Railway
    • Animated Zipline
    • Animated Sky Screamer ride with sounds located at Marineworld, just south of the falls.
    • Animated Whirpool Aerocar which crosses the Niagara Whirlpool and which first opened in 1916.
    • Ontario Power Generation Station, and Niagara Power Vista Station.
    • Lewiston-Queenston Bridge
    • Whirpool Rapids Bridge
    • Michigan Central Bridge
    • Niagara River Parkway Bridge
    • North Grand Island Bridge
    • International Control Dam
    • 1918 Dumping Scow Barge shipwreck
    • Niagara SkyWheel

    Some notes on known issues/bugs:

    This has been a very challenging scenery to recreate as Niagara Falls sits right in-between two world updates (USA & Canada). This along with the fact that it is where two separate photogrammetry areas meet. Consequently this means that in some areas I have been unable to adjust the terrain with any of the current available SDK tools.

    - Horseshoe Falls has a terrain LOD bug at the base which clears as you get closer.
    - Terrain humps located adjacent to the Skylon Tower (Part of the Canada World Update) and on either side of the Rainbow International Bridge (USA Update II)
    - Animated train sinks slightly into the terrain at the curved section of the track.


    Both the USA updates I and II, along with the Canada World Update are mandatory for this scenery to display correctly.
    I have designed the scene in a way that it integrates with Photogrammetry, therefore photogrammetry must be 'ON' for the scenery to display correctly.


    Dieses Produkt verfügt über unsere simInstaller Technologie und ist nach dem Kauf nur über unsere APP verfügbar.


    USA World Updates I and II, along with the Canada World Update are mandatory for this scenery to display correctly.
    I have designed the scene in a way that it integrates with Photogrammetry, therefore photogrammetry must be 'ON' for the scenery to display correctly.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Microsoft Store or Steam Version) installed on PC
    At least 2 GB of available Disc Space


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    Beautiful, from the moving boats to the spray from the falls to the tourist areas on both the USA and Canadian sides. Wonderful and just like I remember it from my IRL trip years ago.
    Another outstanding, visually stunning package from Jeppeson2001. The models are well crafted, beautifully lit, and include engaging vignettes. Every time you return, you'll discover new details. Very highly recommended.


    Wunderschöne Landschaft der Niagarafälle! Sehr detailliert und präzise!


    Great addon. Huge improvement over the default scenery. The heliport does not seem to display correctly on the vfr map (symbol is missing).


    Absolutely a great addon. Tons of detail everywhere and this is the best version of the falls. Truly immersive.


    13 Helipads to choose from at the Heliport ?????? Unfortunately I only found 3 helipads ???? a plan a map an ICAO would be welcome.but still very good work


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