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    Nantes Atlantique (LFRS/NTE) is an important French international airport serving the city of Nantes, in the “Pays de la Loire” region. The airport handled more than 7.2 million passengers in 2019.

    Scenery features:

    - Scenery configurator for selecting any level of detail
    - Highly detailled buildings with HD textures and interior terminal modelling
    - 3D people inside terminal (optional)
    - Animated SODE jetways
    - Dynamic lights (P3D V4 and V5 only)
    - Native P3D ground with HD textures and sun glow/wet effects
    - Volumetric grass
    - Detailed airport objects and vehicles
    - Animated airport and landside vehicles
    - 3D taxiway lights with halos / Ramp lights with halos
    - Extended custom autogen
    - Night environment
    - Seasonal textures
    - Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures
    - Custom runway and taxiway lights
    - Optional Static aircraft
    - GSX compatible
    - FTX GLobal and Vector photoreal area blending
    - And much more!

    All objects and models are native P3D, compiled using the proper SDK for each version of P3D.

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    A superb version of LFRS which works beautifully with P3D v4.4. Lovely detailing and textures. Good frame rates. Like my other JetStream products, the runway and taxiways are all immuminated with proper dynamic lighting (even during dayligfht hours) which just adds to the realism. In my experience, that is a rarity with other P3D add-on airport products.


    Very Nice scenery of Nantes Airport and Vicinity. A Must have for both details and FPS friendliness. Good job JetStream !


    My second Jetstream Designs product - my second instant five star rating for the developer. Exceptional content and quality here, at virtually no performance cost whatsoever. Stunning 3D models, crisp textures, awesome lighting and realistic animations. With a plethora of very smartly placed objects, from vehicles to other airport bits and bobs, the whole place comes to life here. I picked up the airport only to have a "base" for my virtual Volotea operations but now I am certain it's not only Volotea that I am going to fly in and out of Nantes. This airport scenery is a digital heaven for the quality conscious simmer, it is so good that it generates its own traffic: once you try it, you will come back flying to and from the airport even if you never even heard of Nantes before. Should I mention the nowadays standard goodies such as dynamic lights, volumteric grass, SODE jetways? They are certainly all part of the deal among many other fantastic stuff and I am yet to discover a single bug in this masterpiece. I don't think I could ask for more except for more and even more airports developed by Jetstream. Can't wait for their upcoming Toulouse and I guess I also need to check out their Paris Orly product which I am confident will blow my mind too! As is kind of the case with my Jetstream stuff, initially I have not much reason to buy it, why would I actually need ORY when I have CDG... and then once I buy it, I can never even imagine a future without it, due to the exceptional care and attention, level of detail and professionalism that went into the thing. No matter what "the Jetstream brings along" it is surely pure perfection! Now it's time for me to go, it's boarding call, Nantes is waiting!


    Very nice airport and area to fly to. Jetstream Designs did an outstanding job with this airport as they have with previous sceneries. It’s well detailed and works well with ORBX addons. Highly recommend this airport.


    Excellent scenery, fairly priced, with great customer support. Highly recommended!


    Amazing scenery! Amazing performance! Absolutely nothing to complain about!


    Great scenery! Small french Airport, not a daily Approach .. Highly recommended! :)


    Une scène à recommander; très bon produit qui ne dégrade pas du tout les fps. A must-have!


    Fantastic scenery and I'm happy to see a great quality airport for France. With this work Jetstream Designs has placed itself firmly amongst the very best of scenery developers out there, FlyTampa, FlightBeam, 29Palms and SimWings. The modelling and texturing is of highest standards, the blending into the surroundings (FTX Global and OpenLC EU) very well done. Night lighting is very well done too, something that is often overlooked by developers. The taxiway signs night lighting for example is simply stunning. Also features SODE jetways and an extensive configurator tool to adjust it to your liking. All this is provided being very good on performance. So this product gives you all a modern scenery should have, for an airport that is quite interesting to fly to as it features many possibilities regarding approach types. Oh and while this is not a very big airport, the runway is plenty long for long haul flights and provides parking space even for a B777-300ER.


    Super Scène, juste ce qu'il faut. Jetstream Designs, nouvelle référence dans la simulation.


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