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    The Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200 is a short-range, single-aisle commuter jet and with 1021 built units the most popular regional jet today. The JRollon CRJ-200 brings this famous airliner to the simulator known for its accurate flight dynamics. As a first-ever in X-Plane history, this product features not only stunning visual effects programmend for X-Plane 10, but also various simulated systems like an FMS. The CRJ-200 utilizes Navigraph`s FMS Data Update Service to run the advanced flight management computer so you can follow real world, up to date routes. With this addition the CRJ effectively starts a new era for X-Plane and is the first aircraft in the X-Plane flight simulator to integrate Navigraph`s real world data into the systems. The visual effects include simulated rain, ice, vapour condensation, working windshield wipers, global lighting, self-shadowing cockpit and various independant light sources for an ultimate night-flight experience.

    Main features:

    • Custom programmed gauges integrated into the 3D-cockpit, fully operational in both 3D-mode and as 2D-popups
    • FMS updateable by Navigraph, free initial data included
    • Simulated Electric, Hydraulic, Fuel and Aircon systems
    • Fully interactive 3D-cockpit, exterior model and cabin interior
    • Simulated ice, rain and condensation
    • Wingflex effects based on actual wing load - impressive when flying in turbulent air
    • Immersive lighting effects, using features unique of X-Plane 10
    • Sounds from Turbine Sound Studios, the renowned supplier of FSX sounds
    • Compatible with X-Plane 9.65 or later on Windows, Intel Mac 10.6, Linux (Some special effects require X-Plane 10)
    • HD texture, 11 liveries included, more available for free download, free paintkit supplied
      • Air Dolomiti
      • Air Nostrum
      • Air Volga
      • Belavia
      • Bombardier House Livery
      • Air France Brit Air
      • British Airways
      • Delta Connection
      • Jazz Air Canada
      • Lufthansa
      • United Express


    Windows: 7, 8.1 or 10, 64bit
    Mac OS: 10.10 or later (Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra)
    Linux: Ubuntu 14.04LTS, 16.04LTS and Arch Linux tested. Others should work but are not guaranteed.


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    I am a real world CRJ pilot and purchased this to help with training. Visually this aircraft is amazing, but systems wise it falls short. For instance the 14th stage bleeds are never closed in real life except once during first flight tests to check valve operation, and in this sim they are always closed. Without those valves open you would not have ice protection or reverse thrust. There is a laundry list of examples that I have that I wish they would fix. If you don't care about system simulation then this plane is fine. If you want an advanced sim then do not buy this. I give it 2 stars only because the visuals are very well done


    Quite simply this CRJ 200 is currently the finest regional jet on any platform FSX or XP. It's a little heavy on frames but I've got enough horsepower to run it at 30+ most of the time. It will dip down in the 20's in heavy weather around a detailed airport (Aerosoft) but is still very manageable and I could turn down some rendering options if I wanted to. Great graphics and sounds, awesome 3d cockpit with Track IR. It keeps me flying Xplane.


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