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    ATG Javelin Mk-20 from Javier Rollón for X-Plane 9.21

    ATG Javelin Mk-20 is one of the first new generation planes for X-Plane v.9.21 or above, with high detail Polygons, Full moving parts, and Full moving pilot outside view.

    Full Function 3D Cockpit in pilot and copilot seats. Custom dataref, and instruments. Easy click buttons. 10 Liveries of 2048 pixels each, with night and day textures.
    Real HUD (one of the first planes to have this) Dynamic Strobe Light (see the lightning of the strobe flash on your plane)(one of the first planes to have this)
    Custom Sounds. Inn and Out. 46 PDF Page manual with tutorial of navigation. Maps and airport charts included. The only plane that have PSD (photoshop) paint kit templates to paint in 3D (photoshop CS4 full required. Also normal PSDs) Config files for PilotView plugin with predefined views, and XFCS (flybyWire) plugin.

    More Features:

    • Obj plane based, with 3D obj cockpit textures of 2048 pixel resolution. Full moving parts (alerons, slats, airbrake, landing gear, cockpit...)
    • Full animated pilot, visible from outside.
    • Real HUD – For the first time ever, a complete working HUD. Exclusive!!
    • Real dynamic strobe light. You can see your strobe flash on the fuselage. This is the first X-Plane airplane with this feature. Exclusive!!
    • 10 liveries. UK, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany.. plus other paints. (just the png paints.. no more than the necessary to make them work).
    • 46 pages manualand a flight tutorial (English only, PDF).
    • Custom sounds, in and out.
    • Livery templates and something never seen before: a 3D CS4 Photoshop PSD for painting in 3D included!!! (also normal ones)
    • Config files made for PilotView, to a correct views inside the cockpit (limitations for the TrackIR not letting your head go outside the cockpit) and also close instruments view for better clickable switches. You need that plugin if you want to use that feature. Instructions inside the manual. 


    X-Plane 9.21 or higher


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