146-200/300 JETLINER

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146-200/300 JETLINER


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    Short haul – high density! With its high T-tail, stubby undercarriage, drooping anhedral wing, four engines and highly distinctive butterfly-style air brakes, you can't mistake the 146-200/300!

    The 146 design was originally started by Hawker-Siddeley in the UK in 1973 and production started in 1983. Now Just Flight brings you the superb 146-200 and 146-300 for FSX featuring a highly detailed external model, 21 authentic airline liveries from around the globe, an extremely accurate virtual cockpit (VC) and even a cabin view.

    A custom sound set uses sounds recorded from the real aircraft to reproduce perfectly the distinctive sounds of those four quiet engines that allow the real aircraft into noise-sensitive airports around the world.
    With a great flight model and the powerful and unique speed brakes it’s time to practise your short runway landings!

    Features overview

    • Designed exclusively for Flight Simulator X
    • Highly detailed exterior model
    • High-quality interactive 3D virtual cockpit
    • 2D panel with custom gauges
    • 21 detailed liveries
    • Wings and engines visible from the interior view (wing view)
    • Virtual Cabin
    • Front and rear stairs
    • Detailed flight deck when seen from the exterior
    • Animations include passenger doors, cargo doors, flaps, rudder, elevators, undercarriage, engine fans, speed brake and spoilers
    • High quality cone-style sound set
    • Model configuration utility to adjust airstairs and window configurations to reflect real aircraft load-outs
    • Accurate flight dynamics, based on real-world data
    • Comprehensive manual included, featuring a detailed flight tutorial


    • Highly detailed 146-200 and 146-300 models
    • Operating passenger doors
    • Operating cargo doors
    • Air stairs
    • Wings and engines visible from the interior view (wing view)
    • Photorealistic virtual cockpit
    • Virtual cabin
    • Custom airbrake/spoilers


    • Custom external lights, landing lights, runway turn-off lights, beacons and strobes cast light on ground
    • Custom internal lighting, with several different panel, virtual cockpit and cabin lighting modes
    • Animations: belly cargo doors, passenger doors, rotating engine fans, nose and main gears with suspension
    • Fully animated control surfaces: flaps, rudder, elevators, undercarriage, wing spoilers, distinctive butterfly-style tail mounted speed brakes

    Simulated systems

    • APU and GPU
    • Electrical systems
    • Hydraulic system
    • Air supply and air conditioning
    • Simulated cabin pressure and pressurisation unit
    • Ice protection

    Panel and VC features

    • High quality 2D instrument panel.
    • Virtual cockpit with mouse-clickable operations
    • Full analogue Pilot's and Co-pilot's panels
    • Overhead, Throttle Quadrant and Radio Stack panels
    • Special panel for widescreen monitors available
    • Custom panel and VC lighting modes
    • Custom communication and radio units
    • Custom Sperry AD310 ADI (Attitude Direction Indicator)
    • Custom Collins 331A-8K HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator)
    • Custom airspeed indicator with selectable speed bugs for V1, VR, V2, VFTO and speed
    • Custom radio altimeter with selectable decision height
    • Custom TCAS gauge (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
    • Custom GPWS system including audible warnings and altitude call-outs (Ground proximity Warning System)
    • Working MWS (Master Warning System)
    • Option to add third party weather radar to virtual cockpit
    • Correct operation of fuel cut-off on throttle levers
    • Engine start procedure according to the real aircraft. Also includes an AUTO start mode for easy operation
    • Brake pressure, temperature and brake fans

    Smiths SEP 10 Autopilot

    Fully simulated Smiths SEP 10 autopilot with every available mode simulated: GSL, ALT, ALT ARM, VS, MACH, IAS, V/L, B LOC, TURB, SYNC, HDG and LNAV modes. LNAV following FSX GPS flight plan.

    Flight planning

    • Uses the default Flight Simulator payload and fuel editor for ease of use and reliability
    • Uses the default Flight Simulator flight planner and Navigation Log for accurate flight/fuel planning

    Special effects

    • Engine start smoke
    • Touch-down tyre smoke effects
    • Fire/sparks from the rear underbelly when you over-rotate
    • Burning rubber effects
    • Inspection lights
    • Custom interior and exterior lighting

    Texture artwork

    • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates
    • FSX DX10 preview compatible
    • Bump mapping
    • Specular maps
    •  Night maps
    • Layered paint kit included so you can create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required).

    Flight Dynamics

    Highly tuned 146 FDE based on detailed documentation and flight-tested based on FAA simulation requirements with improvements to 146 performance based on additional pilot input and performance charts. All fuel and weight stations based on actual 146 documentation


    146-200 liveries (16)

    • BAe 146 Demonstrator
    • Blue1
    • British Airways
    • Brussels Airlines
    • Crossair
    • Eurowings
    • Lufthansa Regional CityLine
    • Swiss - Star Alliance
    • American Airlines
    • Air Nova
    • Continental Express
    • NWA Airlink (newer livery)
    • United Express
    • US Air (Older livery)
    • Air Brasil
    • Qantaslink
    • (White livery)

    146-300 liveries (5)

    • British Airways (Landor)
    • Eurowings
    • Flybe
    • China Eastern
    • Astra Airlines

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    • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, SP2 and Direct X 10 preview compatible)
    • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
    • 2.0GB RAM
    • 256MB 3D graphics card
    • Windows 7, Vista or XP
    • 1.6GB hard drive space


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    Even though I already have the Quality Wings version package I thought I’d try this as well. The main selling point for me was that airstairs can be enabled with all liveries not just a few. Also the passenger views with full cabin was a big point as well. The aircraft config tool lets you choose what planes have airstairs and if you want them in the front or back, neither or both. That proved to be just what I wanted. Plus the model is really nice. Great textures and the the cockpit looks fantastic except for a few minor low rez textures near the side window frames. Kind of nit picky but it stands out a little bit.  The flight modeling is pretty good also and seems more realistic than the QW version. The sound is better too.  Only real issue I have is that there is no panel for opening and closing doors or stairs. The only option is a very touchy shift E 1,2 etc. on all my other planes I hit shift E  once then each digit one at a time requiring only a little timing between each number. This one forces a shift E  together then 1 (and so on) one at a time and hitting the digit must be just right. I mean it requires absolute perfection or the corresponding door won’t open or close. Really annoying. Makes getting doors, stairs etc where I want them very frustrating and takes a while sometimes because I can’t always get the timing perfect. Shift E together then in a split second hit the digit right after. None of my other planes do this. Weird little quirk with this.  Other than that I am happy with the purchase. 


    Fantastic prize for an amazing airplane. Nothing more to say. After some troubles when beginning to learn how to fly this plane I like it now very much. A lot of fun. 7€ for this beauty (especially outside view and the cabin view) is breathtakeing. I suggest to buy expansion pack also. Get it!!!


    Very friendly price. I paid only EUR 6 to get a HD aircraft. I just want to say that I really need to CLS production: British Aerospace BAe 146-100 British Aerospace Avro RJ70 British Aerospace Avro RJ85 British Aerospace Avro RJ100 These expansion packs can be made! I strongly support you. And : 146-300QT QUIET TRADER JETLINER expansion pack 146-200/300 JETLINER LIVERY & FMC EXPANSION PACK i would buy! Thanks Just Flight and CLS! I'm sorry for my poor English!


    wow! not bad at all for under $10 on sale this week. Beautiful graphics, amazing sound, etc. Love it!
    Has anyone else experienced the following issues with the 146? 1. On occasion, despite everything being set correctly, including trim and flaps the aircraft goes into a series of uncontrollable loops immediately after take off and end up ploughing into the ground. On other occasions (again with everything set correctly) the aircraft just fails to become unstuck from the ground even though the speed has gone well above rotate speed of about 140 kts. 2. At the end of a flight I go through the full shut down list including shutting the fuel cocks to shut down the engines. All switches are also turned off and the flight is saved through FSX. On returning at a later time and going through the flight checks the engines should be shut down, but they are already turning and burning. I have been in touch with Just Flight about this and have been advised that a fix will be forthcoming.
    Some reason, my first review didn't go through. However, totally agree with Daniel Vary, the 146 is a great aircraft to fly and Just Flight have done a good job. I fly on FSX with 3 screens and use the 3D cockpit all the time, so also find it frustrating not to be able to access the panels through this. The way I get around it is to bring up the panels while on 2D view on the centre screen and then drag the panels onto the 2 side screens that are still on 3D. I then put the centre screen back to 3D and move the panel into strategic position around the cockpit. Most of the time I have most of the panels 9/10ths off screen and just drag it into view when I need it. This works well, but might take a bit of a hit on Frame Rates.
    Oh Yes one other niggle - Although Nav 1 is tuned to a legitimate ILS frequency, the LOC & GS flags remain in place - again Just Flight have been advised and should be correcting the problem - still waiting though!
    All I can say is WOW! a must have for your collection!
    The 2D panel is very grainy. Unfortunately I had problems with the vertical autopilot-modes. Justflight should fix these problems soon.


    Overall this is great addon, it has really good looking virtual cockpit and 2D panel with decent amount of system simulated, exterior looks good too and it also includes awesome virtual cabin views that remind me very well from my real world flights as a passenger of Avro RJ85 which is basically never version from BAE146. Sounds are good too. Only thing I don't like by default are flight dynamics. Plane seems to bank a bit too slowly even with full left / right yoke, and also rudder inputs seem to have no effect at all. However all this was easily fixed, all I had to do was going to aircraft.cfg and changing aileron_effectiveness from 2.0 to 4.0 and rudder_effectiveness from 1.0 to 3.0. After that plane flew really like I expected it to do and I think with this tweak it is really awesome addon.


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