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    Black Square’s Piston Duke brings you one of the most technically advanced aircraft simulations for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with an advanced reciprocating engine simulation, over 120 possible failures, 12 hot-swappable radio configurations and the most advanced turbocharger, pressurisation and cabin temperature simulations in MSFS.

    Black Square’s new tablet interface lets you configure all options, manage payload, control failures, and monitor engines, electrical schematics, and environmental control systems, all from within the simulator. The failure system allows for persistent wear, MTBF and scheduled failures for nearly every component in the aircraft. The Piston Duke’s electrical system is highly accurate, featuring a battery temperature monitor, over-voltage protection and AC inverters. The 3D gauges are modelled and coded to meticulously match their real-world counterparts. No piece of equipment appears in a Black Square aircraft without a real-world unit as reference.  

    Radio navigation systems are available from several eras of the Duke’s history, so users can fly without GPS via a Bendix KNS-81 RNAV system or with the convenience of a Garmin GTN 750 (PMS50 or TDS). Other radio equipment includes KX-155 NAV/COM radios, KLN-90B, GTN 650, KR 87 ADF, KDI 572 DME, GTX 327 Transponder, Century IV Autopilot and a Bendix RDR1150XL Weather Radar.

    A 160+ page manual provides instruction on all equipment and 50 in-game checklists with control/instrument highlighting are included for normal and emergency procedures. This product includes two versions of the 1974 B60 Duke: with and without the 'Grand Duke' performance package (winglets, vortex generators, strakes, extra fuel, increased speeds and increased MGTOW).

    Four distinctive interiors and seven paint schemes are included from four decades of flying.

    Primarily analogue instrumentation augmented with modern radio navigation equipment is still the most common aircraft panel configuration in the world. Challenge your piloting skills by flying IFR to minimums with a fully analogue panel and no GPS. You’ll be amazed at the level of skill and proficiency you can achieve to conquer such adversity and how it will translate to all your other flying. You may also find the analogue instrumentation much easier to read with the limited number of pixels available on a computer monitor, and even more so in VR.

    For more information on the aircraft's capabilities and a list of all included avionics and equipment, see the Detailed Description below and the extensive PDF Operating Manual.

    If you'd like to know the differences between the Piston Duke and the Turbine Duke models, this summary lists all the main features.


    Black Square’s best aircraft yet will challenge you with unapologetically realistic systems such as:

    160-page manual with your complete guide to flying the Black Square Dukes, including systems guide, tutorials, operating limitations, performance tables and electrical schematics.
    NEW TABLET INTERFACE! for configuring options, payload settings, failure management and real-time visualisers for engines, electrical schematics and environmental systems.
    12 hot-swappable radio configurations, configurable via tablet interface. Inc. PMS & TDS.
    130+ random, scheduled or performance-triggered failures, settable via the tablet interface, including engine damage, compatible with third party UIs and instructor stations.
    Fully simulated environmental control and pressurisation system for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and ram air cooling. Cool things off by opening a door or watch the aircraft heat up in the sun. Monitor via the new tablet interface.
    NEW engine preheating required for cold starts, with heater and ground power cart.
    NEW voltage-based light dimming, an immediately recognisable effect to night-time pilots.
    NEW gyroscope physics simulation for electric and pneumatic gyroscopes with precession and partial failures, based on a coupled quadrature oscillator.
    NEW KLN-90B vintage GPS. Download from https://github.com/falcon71/kln90b/releases
    NEW strobe light system causes realistic distracting flashes in clouds.
    NEW St. Elmo’s Fire and static discharge on static wicks and windshields in severe weather.
    NEW KNS-81 RNAV now supports autopilot with No-GPS configuration.
    Mathematically accurate VOR and ADF signal attenuation and noise degradation.
    Physics-based instrument needles bounce and respond to aerodynamic forces.
    Improper engine management will slowly damage engines to failure.
    Completely simulated electrical system, with 100+ circuit breakers and failures
    Functional exterior elements: chocks, pitot covers, engine covers, propane preheater and external power cart. Pitot cover flags blow in the wind.
    Carbon Monoxide leaks are possible, and can be detected with the CO detector.
    State saving for fuel, radio selection, radio frequency memory, cabin aesthetics etc.
    Crew/Passenger oxygen depletes according to pressure altitude, passenger occupancy.
    Ultra-custom dynamic registration number system for livery creators.


    Two aircraft in one: the factory B60 Duke, and the 'Grand Duke' performance package.
    NEW physics-based engine simulation with compression, magneto impulse couplings, blade angle, oil temperature and pressure, cylinder head temperatures and preheating.
    NEW propeller hub and unfeathering accumulator, with feather locking pins.
    NEW physics-based sound system. Sounds such as engine starting are not mere recordings, but are instead many layered sounds, constructed based on the underlying simulation.
    NEW instrument needle stiction and friction. Analogue instruments can become sticky without engines running. Tap the glass to free the needles and get a more accurate reading!
    The most advanced turbocharger simulation in MSFS. Turbocharger sounds reflect the simulated turbine RPM and pressurisation is dependent on turbocharger performance.
    Fuel injected engine simulation with fouling, vapour lock, flooding and backfires. Even the magneto impulse couplings are simulated (clicking when the propeller rotates).
    JPI EDM-760 Engine Monitor with engine leaning optimization 'Lean Find'.


    Over 500 checklist items are provided for 50 Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures in textual form in the manual, and in-game, using the MSFS native checklist system with control and instrument highlighting. If it’s in the checklist, it’s settable in the aircraft!


    Black Square’s Duke features a custom sound set created by Boris Audio Works with care to the unique operating aspects of this classic aircraft. High quality engine and cockpit sounds will immerse you in the simulation. Sounds such as engine starting are not mere recordings, but are instead many layered sounds, constructed based on the underlying simulation.


    The Turbine Duke features a flight model with performance to match the real-world aircraft based on real Duke owner feedback and in-flight data. Engine and aerodynamic performance should be within 2% of POH values, though no two engines are ever the same. The flight model uses the most up-to-date features available in MSFS, such as CFD propeller and stall physics, and SU15 improved ground handling and flexible tyre physics. Engine damage and fouling produce a rough-running engine and decreased performance.


    Main Panel

    Annunciator Panel
    True Airspeed Indicator
    Century 1U367 Steering Attitude Indicator
    Century NSD-360 Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
    Bendix/King KEA-346 Encoding Altimeter
    Collins RMI-30 Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)
    Vertical Speed Indicator
    Bendix/King KI 206 Localizer
    Mid-Continent Turn Coordinator
    Bendix/King KRA-10 Radar Altimeter
    Engine Instrumentation
    Fuel Quantity Indicators
    BTI-600 Battery Temperature Monitor
    Duplicate Co-pilot Instrumentation


    Integrated Audio Panel
    Garmin GTN 750/650 (COM1/COM2)
    Bendix/King KLN-90B
    Mid-Continent MD41-328 GPS Annunciator Control Unit
    Bendix/King KX-155B (COM1/COM2)
    Bendix/King KNS-81 RNAV Navigation System
    Bendix/King KR 87 ADF
    Bendix/King KDI 572R DME
    Century IV Autopilot
    Collins PRE-80C Altitude Preselector
    JPI EDM-760 Engine Monitor
    Bendix RDR 1150XL Colour Weather Radar
    Garmin GTX 327 Transponder


    70+ Circuit Breakers
    Voltmeter and Ammeters
    Instrument Air Indicator
    De-icing Boot Pressure Indicator
    Oxygen Pressure Gauge
    Yoke-Mounted Digital Chronometers
    Tach Timers
    Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Cabin Pressurisation Controller
    Cabin Environmental Control System
    Low Thrust Detector

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