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    7,781 examples of the Mosquito were produced in a total of 43 variants. The most popular variant was the Mk VI fighter bomber (FB) featured in this add-on, which was armed with four 20mm Hispano cannons and four .303 Browning machine guns in the nose section. A total of 2,292 examples of this version were built.

    We proudly present the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI for FSX and P3D. This highly detailed model features a fully functioning virtual cockpit, six authentic colour schemes and numerous animations including removable exhaust and engine covers, nose gun panels, belly gun panels and door, and bomb bay doors.

    Exterior model
    •    de Havilland Mosquito Mk VI variant built over the most accurate plans available, including original factory plans and drawings
    •    Removable exhaust covers, nose gun panels, bomb bay doors, belly gun panels and door
    •    Removable engine covers which reveal highly detailed Merlin engines
    •    Highly detailed model with intricate separately modelled panels and rivets etc.
    •    Bump and specular mapping used to produce a truly 3D feel

    •    Truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to the cables and piping - instruments fully constructed in 3D with smooth animations
    •    Cockpit textures feature realistic wear and tear
    •    Authentic systems, including electrical, hydraulic and fuel systems
    •    Directional indicator, P8 compass, VOR and ADF gauge included for easy navigation
    •    Opening front quarter windows for both seats
    •    Numerous animations including functioning variable-speed windscreen wipers and signal flares
    •    Easy-to-use Collins-based radio stack (concealed within period radio set) and simple autopilot (altitude/heading hold)
    •    Floodlighting and UV gauge lighting for night operations

    Six authentic colour schemes
    •    CY-H of 613 'City of Manchester', 138 Wing, 2nd TAF, RAF. As flown by Flg Officers Rene Puyt and Jaques Muray, August 1944
    •    OB_J of 45 Squadron RCAF, flown by Flg Officers Frank Scholfield and Reg 'Taffy' F Russell based at Jaori, June 1945
    •    HR405/NE-A of No 143 Sqn, Banff Strike Wing, flown by Flg Officers A.V.Randell and R.R Rawlins
    •    LR373 YH-A 21 Sqn John Randall Daniel 'Bob' Braham DSO
    •    HR402/OB-C of No 45 Sqn, flown by Flt Lt C R Goodwin and Flt Off S Potts, Kumbhirgram, 15 January 1945
    •    464 Sqn SB-V as flown during Operation Jericho by F/LT T McPhee, RNZAF and F/Lt G W Atkins

    •    Layered PSD paint kit
    •    Realistic flight dynamics
    •    Authentic sound set
    •    Droppable bomb animation and gun firing effects
    •    Custom landing light effects
    •    2D configuration panel (includes eyepoint adjustment tool and crew configuration)

    Additional aircraft information

    The pressures of supply and demand in a wartime environment can give birth to some extraordinary thinking. This was certainly the case with the design and development of the de Havilland Mosquito.

    At a time when the metal producing resources of Great Britain were stretched to their limits, the designers at the de Havilland Aircraft Company came up with the idea of building the majority of an airframe from multi-layered plywood skins. Using the resources of an under-utilised furniture industry, the components could be constructed relatively easily with raw materials in plentiful supply.

    So it was that the de Havilland Mosquito was designed around a cold-moulded plywood fuselage. The bulk of the construction, including the one-piece wings, employed the laminated ply and hardwood components – with metal only being used for the critical joints and engine mounts, brackets and screws.

    Another benefit of using balsa wood and Canadian birch laminated plywood in the construction was a significant reduction in the weight of the finished airframe. This weight reduction, in combination with the aircraft’s two mighty Rolls-Royce Merlin 25 engines, resulted in excellent performance. Because of its speed, the Mossie was used on countless covert operations. Notable actions include the raid on the prison at Amiens dubbed 'Operation Jericho' and the infamous raid on the Gestapo headquarters in Denmark in 1945.

    Auch verfügbar


    Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold, Steam Edition or SP2 required) or Prepar3D v1-v4
    3.0GHz or any Dual Core
    2GB RAM
    512MB graphics card
    Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
    600MB hard drive space


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    Even if you’re not a WW2 aviation nut like me you should still consider this interesting aircraft. They did an amazing job with developing the Mosquito and paid great attention to detail.  Every little thing is noticed and given much love. The crisp but well used cockpit, the weaponry, the wood detailing in the one unpainted livery etc. All is very vividly detailed.  The engines sound great too! So glad they paid attention to so many details, this is really something. All with zero loss of frames. Based on use with FSX SE win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB RAM Intel UHD630 integrated GPU
    Given the high quality of recent JustFlight British classic warbird products, especially their Hawker Hunter, I expected this to be an excellent addon. But "excellent" almost isn't enough praise. It is astonishingly good. The realism and clarity of the VC has to be seen to be believed. The external model is just as good and flight characteristics seem right. It is sweet to handle and this fits with what I have read about the Mosquito - it was much loved by its crews. There are plenty of special effects for those who like that kind of thing - one thing that pretty much amazed me is that you can click on the WWII compass repeater and it instantly turns into a 60's era RMI. And as detailed as the VC is, the hit on FPS is negligible - in fact I saw no loss of performance at all on my system. The sounds are fantastic and really does immerse you in a cockpit with a Merlin engine on each side of you. About the only thing I don't like is that even with the gun-sight removed - a click of the mouse - the ASI is still partially hidden and difficult to read. But this is a minor thing and if you don't have your controls configured so you can adjust your viewpoint, just press shift-1 and a panel comes up that allows you to do so. The Mosquito was known as the "Wooden Wonder" in WWII and this product is also a "Wonder." I recommend it highly as probably the most authentic WWII aircraft available for FSX and FSX-SE (which is what I run)... Even if you're not a WWII fan or not into British classics, you should still consider this addon. It will give you an experience of flying the fastest operational twin-engine aircraft of WWII and one of the three fastest ever built. Cheers Ian

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