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The DHC Chipmunk was designed by engineers at the Canadian offices of the De Havilland Aircraft Company and became the RAF's military trainer of choice in the 1950s, replacing the rugged and reliable Tiger Moth.
The DHC-1 is an all-metal fuselage, low-wing, two-seat trainer, and although its roots are easily traceable to the Tiger, it's more powerful, more responsive and much stronger. The cockpits are a little more sophisticated than the Tiger’s but retain a simple layout for easy familiarisation.
The design has been the subject of continual upgrades, including turboprops, bubble canopies and other aerodynamic improvements, and has proven so adaptable and reliable that it continues today to be a most successful aero club trainer, aerobatic champion, crop-sprayer, glider tug and commuter transport!

•    Opening engine hatch which reveals a beautifully modelled Gypsy engine
•    Fully functional canopy with working release handles and emergency hatch release
•    Correctly working hinges and actuating levers on all flying surfaces
•    Special textures on wing surfaces for a realistic ‘stretched, doped linen’ appearance
•    Animated pilots (in civilian or military attire)
•    All gauges, switches and levers are animated when viewed from the exterior view
•    Nine military and civilian HD liveries
•    Fly from the front or rear cockpit
•    Every detail for all the switches, knobs and levers of the real aircraft is authentically reproduced
•    Optional navigation kit which is switchable and mounted in the rear cockpit, making basic VOR/LOC navigation possible
•    Demountable GPS unit and authentic P8 compass for basic flight planning
•    Flap control levers have the correct working cable and pulley system
•    Fully detailed throttle and mixture quadrant
•    2D cockpit panel and pop-ups
•    Authentic Gypsy engine sound set
•    Highly accurate flight dynamics
•    Comprehensive flying manual and cockpit guide


This model is an extremely accurate rendition of the real aircraft with lots of authentic detail, including an opening engine hatch which reveals a beautifully modelled Gypsy engine. Even the disc brakes have been accurately modelled, with individual brake pads in the calipers.
The canopy is fully functional, with working release handles, emergency hatch releases and an animated cable-catch mechanism.

All flying surfaces are fitted with correctly working hinges and actuating levers.

The wing surfaces use special texture materials which replicate the aircraft's fabric and metal construction. Where fabric is the covering material, these specially created materials render a realistic ‘stretched, doped linen’ appearance which changes with the ambient lighting.

Two lifelike, animated pilots (in civilian or military attire) occupy the cockpit and can be removed on the fly, allowing a better view of the cockpit detail.

All gauges, switches and levers are animated when viewed from the exterior view.

Military and civilian liveries depict real aircraft and are finished with superb high-definition textures with detailed bump mapping to enhance the rivet detail. Specially created specular maps produce the fabric and metal effects.

Numerous other features including chocks, tie-down, GPU and optional navigation instruments in the rear cockpit.


Fly from either the front or the rear cockpit. An enormous amount of effort has gone into the cockpits to replicate all the detailed fittings and functional equipment of the real aircraft.
'Cold and dark' starts are possible and utilise either ground power unit or battery systems

Every detail for all the switches, knobs and levers of the real aircraft is authentically reproduced and all work just like the real thing. It is possible to follow the real-world Pilot’s Notes when flying this simulation.

Although a primary flight trainer, this Chipmunk has an optional navigation kit which is switchable and mounted in the rear cockpit, making basic VOR/LOC navigation possible.

There is a demountable GPS unit and authentic P8 compass for basic flight planning.

Accuracy in the cockpit extends to the emergency in-flight canopy-opening function. This takes the form of a small panel mounted in the roof which opens to equalise the air pressure, making it possible to open the canopy during flight.

Flap control levers have the correct, working cable and pulley system. The fire extinguishers operate and the air vent controls, instrument caging and fully detailed throttle and mixture quadrant, levers and rods are all functional.

Detail extends to textured leather-covered crash-pads over the panels and full harness–style seatbelts with quick release.

2D cockpit panel and pop-ups are included.

Nine authentic liveries are included:
•    RAF 6 AEF 70s/80s scheme  (WP901)
•    RAF early scheme (WP912)
•    RAF Cambridge University Air Squadron (WB588)
•    RAF No.2 Flying Training Squadron, Church Fenton (WG316)
•    RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (WK518)
•    Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF 671)
•    Red and white (G-ALWB)
•    Blue, white and gold (G-JFDH)
•    Silver and green (G-AKON)

Other features
•    An authentic Gypsy engine sound set is included
•    Highly accurate flight dynamics with correct performance and typical flying characteristics
•    A comprehensive flying manual and cockpit guide is included
•    PSD paintkit is included for the creation of your own liveries

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An active internet connection is required for activation.
Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold or SP2 required) or Prepar3D v1-v4
2.0GHz or any Dual Core
512MB graphics card
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
755MB hard drive space
Customer Reviews
Mag. Johann
FSCGAA did a great job in creating the new Ulaan Baatar airport (ZMCK) for P3D V4/V5. The textures are high quality, and the performance (FPS) is great too. I can recommend this scenery to everyone, who wants to fly to the capital of Mongolia, with a beautiful asian countryside!
Handles good but the performance is not as good as in the real one. Cruise speed and climb rate seem pretty low.
Any work deserves respect, but I would give an average rating, maybe even lower. I'm sure the author could have done better if he'd put in more effort. The biggest drawback is the incorrect operation of the ILS on both runways. This is a glaring shortcoming and it is desirable to correct it.
Excellent work! Guys, if possible, please make a custom differents in thresholds for more realism
The airport features nice modelling for buildings in a good amount of detail and using crisp textures. What I do not like is the fact that the paved ground textures (apron and runway) are not at all life-like, too clean and perfect. Adding to that are the ground markings which are also too clean and sterile looking with a cartoonish looking contrast. So the quality of the ground textures does not match the good quality for the buildings. A-
nother drawback is the lack of aviation-relate-
d attention to detail: - Windsocks are missing - Localiser antenna is missing (visible as blurry part of the aerial imagery) - A generic model has been placed where the VOR station is located, however it is not the model of a VOR station - Wrong type of approach lighting - PAPI lights do not match the position of the lights visible on the aerial imagery So overall this is a good effort on the part of the buildings, but lacking in ground textures, markings and aviation related details.
Great plane! I love the look of the cockpit and it handles very good!
The overall quality of this airport is excellent. This was a much-needed addition to the United States available scenery. The only real complaint as others have mentioned is the lack of interior modeling. While this is not a deal breaker by any means, for a terminal of that size at the offered price point there should have been some basic interior design work done. This for me, would have taken the airport to the 5-star rating.
The guys giving this airport a 5-star rating need to put on glasses. This airport has the potential to be great but the blue edge taxi lights are all over the place (And far too many! Hand place these DEVS! Stop being lazy and relying on the SDK edge light tool!), disconnected taxi lines, default taxi signage (in questionable locations), ZERO defined taxi network information (ATC software can't give taxi instructions since no taxiways are defined and EFB software won't show which taxiway you are on for the same reason), poorly defined gate information, and default jetways. The modeling is nice on the buildings DT cared about. A lot of other buildings have much to be desired in their detail and texture quality. Ove-
rall this airport product is sloppy in its execution. With some care, this could become a three-star airport or even a four-star if more polish was put into it. It is clear to me this airport is a quickly rushed conversion from the X-Plane 11 version, dumped on the market, and left to rot. It's sad because Double T picks airports to model that no one else would touch which is great and I can see the potential in their abilities but the lazy execution of their airports plagues their ability to get to the next level time and time again. At the very least Double T, fix the blue edge lights being all over the place! They stick out onto taxiways and are littering the parking ramp of all terminals. If you can hand place your taxi edge lights that would be enough for me to bump my review to a three-star rating.
A very good rendition of Bergamo Airport. Nice details and also included the future terminal extension. A real joy for the eye! Unfortunately minus 2 stars as I get stutters on all various settings I tried which is reducing the joy flying into/out of here... Give it a performance update and it is 5 stars
This is by far the best Swiss airfield AG Sim has done so far. Nicely embedded into its surroundings with good modelling details and crisp textures, looking quite life-like overall. The ground markings are correct and the paved surface textures do not look sterile as they did in previous releases. The scenery doesn't feature many default assets either so this really is a lovely recreation of this gliding airfield. One thing that could be improved: The flood lighting during night time is overdone quite a bit The main building complex with the restaurant seems to get a large-area flood light from an unknown position, making it look way brighter than reality. Fortunately there's no night operations at Schänis so this is not taking away from the enjoyment too much, but should still be corrected. I-
n any case, gliding at this location is as lovely as it is in reality, well done.
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