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    Called the 'Fork Tailed Devil' in the Far East, the P38 Lightning was a sight to strike fear into an enemy's heart. First flown in 1938, the design focus was on speed and agility and the type went on to perform in many theatres in WWII; it was used in fighter, attack and even high-altitude PR (Photo Reconnaissance) roles.

    The warbird experts at Aeroplane Heaven have spent countless hours developing this iconic aircraft for use in Flight Simulator. With a superb user-friendly Virtual Cockpit, it was decided not to model the 'traditional' 2D instrument panel. The aircraft is packed with detail, from the gun and camera bays to the authentic 17 liveries included in the package.

    Two famous PR aircraft are included in this package - the planes of Adrian Warburton and Antoine de St Exupery, both of which were lost in mysterious circumstances. Also featured is 'Glacier Girl', which force-landed on Greenland ice 60 years ago and has recently been recovered and restored to flying condition from under 260 feet of ice!

    Detailed features

    • Highly detailed and fully functional virtual cockpit.
    • This aeroplane can be started and flown correctly by the numbers from a cold cockpit start.
    • The cockpit features unique Liqui-Drive (TM) smooth gauges set in authentic housings.
    • Many unique animations.
    • Drop tanks can be jettisoned from the controls in the VC
    • Highly detailed gun and camera bays.
    • Removable gunsight for improved cockpit vision
    • Working guns and cannon.
    • All major and minor controls are operated by the mouse and virtually every lever, switch and wheel is reproduced.

    Featured models

    • P38 F
    • P38 J
    • Glacier Girl


    PDF manual - includes the aircraft specifications and flying hints and tips.

    Sound Features

    High quality sound set included.

    Liveries and models

    • Highly detailed artwork
    • 17 authentic liveries included
    • Paint Kit included to allow you to create your own liveries (PhotoShop or compatible software required).

    P38F Lightning “Glacier Girl” as restored by the Lost Squadron Museum

    P38F Standard fighter/bomber trim and textures
    'Bat out of Hell' 94th Squadron Sardinia 1943
    'Beautiful Lass' 9th Squadron, 49th Fighter Group
    'Tangerine' Mediterranean theatre

    P38F-4 Photo-reconnaissance machine
    56th Squadron RAAF, ex “44” USAAF

    P38J Fighter/Bomber
    'Marge' Top scoring ace Richard Bong’s aircraft
    Joseph Myers’ 'Journey’s End'
    'Curly Six' typical ground strafer of the late war.
    'Gung Ho'
    'Porky II' of the 80th Fighter Squadron
    'Lazy Lady' flown by Lt. Glen C. Holder of the 36th FS, 8th FG, Pacific theatre

    P38J - 15-LO Late model 'J”'with dive recovery flaps
    Typical machine based at Kingscliffe in 1944
    Robert Anderson’s 'Virginia Marie' 5th AF Biak Island 1944

    P38J-F5 Photo-reconnaissance includes Antoine de St Exupery's machine
    'Sweet Dream'
    Standard Photo-reconnaissance scheme
    Antoine de St. Exupery’s machine in which he disappeared in 1944
    Machine flown by W/Cdr Adrian Warburton


    2GHz (3GHz for FSX)
    512Mb RAM (1Gb for FSX)
    128Mb 3D graphics card
    Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
    850Mb hard drive space


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    Review based on use with Win 10 3.2ghz i7 16GB RAM integrated Intel UHD 630 Graphics. FSX SE. I wanted a nice P38 for years but because I have the FSX Steam Ed. version and I couldn’t find one (under $50) that really felt like it was worth purchasing. I tried the Demo first and was very happy to see it runs perfectly with FSX SE despite not being officially supported. Just selected the FSX install and redirected to the drive I keep the sim on. Easy as pie! So I paid up for the full pack and am so glad I did. This is a very nicely modeled and represented classic plane! Even though a few years older than I’d have preferred, it still looks and flies amazingly. The gauges are spot on and gorgeously done. Still can’t find any reason for the extra compass sticking out and blocking the altimeter almost completely from view? I mean it’s literally less than an inch away from the panel installed compass doing absolutely nothing differently. There’s also no additional cockpit or external cam views (except chase follow) so I really can’t ever see what my altitude exactly is. Lots of guessing based of what small portion of the altimeter that remains in view under the redundant and annoying compass. For these reasons I knock a star off. By the way no, it cannot be removed period. The engines audio is amazing and you can feel the rumble of the machines as well as that slight whining super charge-like sound at higher power outputs. These forked tail devils seem to behave just as one might expect (having never actually flown one) in the air. Very satisfying all around with the wide variety of liveries available. This is one of my top 3 U.S, WW2 military aircraft favorites among the B17 and P51D that no collection should be without. So happy with this!

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