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    This is the updated v3.0 version of the Romantic Wings Legendary Aircraft Pack 1 (9 March 2022).

    This Romantic Wings Legendary Aircraft Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator includes the Mitsubishi A6M5 'Zero' or 'Zeke' fighter plane in nine liveries, the A6M5 'Zero' in a Kamikaze version (pilot with headband) with two liveries and the A6M-N 'Rufe' seaplane in six liveries.

    All the included aircraft were built to represent their real-world counterparts which were used in World War II as closely as possible.

    Also included in this pack is the Suwanose Jima (RJX8) airfield on a volcanic island in Japan. (This airfield has existed in MSFS since the Japan World Update; if you haven't downloaded it yet, you should download it from your Profile > Content Manager.)

    Ships and other objects

    Two aircraft carriiers are included: the 'AKAGI' with it's typical slanted deck and the flat-deck 'KAGA'

    The decks are hardened and you can land on them with some practice. There are no functional wire traps to catch the tail hook of the 'Zero' - just use your brakes and don't come in too fast!

    The 'Kamikawa Maru' seaplane tender, is available near the island to create an interesting landing spot for your 'Rufe' seaplane.

    Among the other included ships are merchant freighters and more.

    Trucks and AAA guns are also included.


    Please copy the included folder beekay-aircraft-a6m5-zero to the Microsoft MSFS 2020 ' Community' folder. There is only one folder with all aircraft and scenery included.

    Before installing this fresh version, please delete all previous folders from your 'Community' folder to avoid conflicts.

    Then copy the new beekay-aircraft-a6m5-zero folder to your 'Community' folder

    • Start the Simulator
    • Select one aircraft (A6M5 Zero, or A6M5 Zero Kamikaze, or A6M5 Zero Rufe, or B5N2 Kate, or Aichi D3a Val)
    • Start from RJX8 and select a runway or parking area. (Runway 18 and 36 only for floatplanes in water)

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    • Microsoft Flight Simulator (i.e. the 2020 Standard, Deluxe or Premium Deluxe PC/Steam edition - NOT FSX or any previous edition)
    • CPU: Intel i7-4460 or better
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • GPU: nVidia GTX 770 or better
    • OS: Windows 10
    • DirectX: DirectX 11
    • VRAM: 8GB
    • Hard drive space: 5GB


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    What can I say this is as basic as it gets. And worse yet, two of the planes are so broken they don't fly I bought this for the sole fact that its the only place to get a Zero in MSFS as far as i'm aware. This unfortunately for me is sub par and should really be freeware. We will start with the good. THE GOOD: -Each of the 4 aircraft have their out custom functional cockpit. -The exterior models are very well done in terms of modeling. -Most all control surfaces are animated except for the tail wheel stays straight when you turn on the ground. -The aircraft carriers are a nice touch. You can't spawn on them but you can land and take off after your already in the air. THE BAD: -While each plane has its own cockpit. They are very lacking in detail. Good start but lacking many, many, things in the real cockpits -The Val and Kate are the worst offenders here as those cockpits feel the least polished. -The flight model for the Zero is flyable but leaves a bad taste. The top speed and acceleration feels to slow compared to the specs it should have and the roll rate is abysmal. -The Val in all liveries has two to three black dots about 5 feet above the cockpit in the aircraft model and is easily visible in external views. -RJX8 additions and alterations are nice but so far i noticed in you get close to the water there are huge waves as if the water is painted onto rolling hills near the shore heading to the carriers. Looks very bad as were talking like 20 to 30 meter elevation changes on what should be flat water. THE BROKEN: The Val and the Kate.... Are completely unflyable. If you take off from the ground you can get to about 100 knots and you are maxed. If you try to pull up in the slightest you will stall and fall. You will never acquire enough airspeed to actually fly this plane with one exception. I have tried multiple things to correct this, at first i thought they were just overweight for some reason as that's exactly what they fly like. Way over weight, this did not fix the problem. Flaps up, flaps down, full fuel, low fuel. No change. Just unflyable and broken. The only way i have found around this is to start your flight already in the air. This seems to fix whatever the issue is. They still have a sub par flight model, but they at lease fly. Useless to me as I want to start on a ramp. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not purchase this unless you like me are in love with old world war two birds, only other saving grace is the carriers. This could be a great package for 20 dollars. You can tell it started off with love that ran out and just turned into a cash grab. Current state this should be freeware. Maybe they will update but that remains to be seen.


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