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    The VLJ Business Jet is one of the first of a new generation of small personal VLJs - Very Light Jets - designed to be operated by a single pilot. The aim is to bring business jet ownership and travel into a more affordable arena.
    The crew at CLS brings you this aviation first, first! Designed to their normal very high standards, the quality inside and out is amazing, with quality animations featured throughout and an extensively modelled instrument panel, virtual cockpit and cabin. The VLJ Business Jet has a great set of cockpit systems, available in both 2D and 3D cockpit, so be one of the first to own your very own VLJ – Jump in and jet off!
    Just Flight's F-Lite range of aircraft is designed to provide top quality aircraft that are extremely high in detail but less demanding to fly than today's most complex procedural simulators. These aircraft are a significant step up from the default Flight Simulator aircraft in terms of modelling and cockpit systems, but won't require weeks of study before you can get airborne.


    • 3D model rich in details
    • Highly tuned flight dynamics
    • 13 realistic liveries
    • Full virtual cockpit/cabin
    • 3D pilots in exterior model which actually animate!
    • 3D passenger in exterior model
    • Opening passenger door
    • Pushback tractor
    • Fuelling truck
    • Custom effects
    • Authentic sound set
    • Operations manual with flight procedures and V-Speeds
    • Layered paint kit (requires Photoshop, a non-layered bmp version is also included).
    • Custom viewpoints in FSX
    • Nose wheel chocks display when aircraft is parked


    • Elevators and ailerons droop when Hydraulics are off
    • Opening passenger door
    • Opening engines (maintenance mode)
    • Opening wingtips (maintenance mode)
    • Engine covers for when engines are off
    • Animated wheels
    • Animated Gear
    • Flaps
    • Elevators
    • Ailerons
    • Rudder
    • Nose wheel steering
    • Rotating engine fans
    • Wheels show compression on the ground
    • Pilot heads turn when the aircraft banks
    • Pilot seats adjust to allow pilot seat position (VC only).
    • Joystick

    Superior textures

    • Dynamic shine
    • See-through windows
    • Realistic artwork with 13 liveries

    Special effects

    • Pilot Joystick
    • 3D buttons in VC
    • In the VC the Pilot seats can be adjusted fore and aft to allow cockpit seating to take place
    • Rain effect on the windows
    • Snow on the windows
    • Custom effects including smoke, burning tyre rubber, water splash.


    • CLS Authentic engine sound set


    • Operations manual with flight procedures and V speeds.

    Instrument panels


    • TCAS (Terminal Collision Avoidance System)
    • Customised Avidyne style glass cockpit. Functional in both 2D and Virtual Cockpit views.

    Primary Flight Display (PFD)

    • Brightness control and button illumination
    • Fully functional Attitude indicator with realistic rolling numbers, IAS, ALT and turn trend indicators and a host of other details
    • Timed buttons

    Multi-Function Display (MFD)

    • FlightMax EX5000, highly customised to suit this application and Flight Simulator
    • Contains Flight Plan Route information page. (Flightplan is built in the default Flight Simulator system)
    • Full radios page including ADF and transponder
    • Handy separate nearest airport and frequency (including ILS) page
    • Fully working TCAS with full correct symbology and colours as TAS600 Traffic Advisory System
    • Standby Attitude Indicator (miniature PFD)
    • Fully integrated G500 and customised to suit this panel type with complete moving map
    • Additional general information regarding aircraft systems, engine parameters, fuel usage and economy, gear, flaps, trim and more.

    Autopilot Panel

    • Comprehensive, fully functional and integrated into the FlightMax Entegra system
    • Lighting and general switching panel
    • Separate panels for engine/flap control, trims and parking brake.
    • Icon bar. Most gauges/panels easily enlarged as pop-up windows, including the PFD and MFD
    • Tail number integration plaque on the MFD


    • Flight Simulator FSX (FSX Acceleration/SP2 compatible) or 2004
    • Pentium IV 1.7 GHz PC (2.5GHz for FSX)
    • 512Mb RAM (1GHz for FSX)
    • 64Mb 3D graphics card (128Mb for FSX)
    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • 210Mb hard drive space


    • Flight Simulator FSX (FSX Acceleration/SP2 compatible) or 2004
    • Pentium IV 1.7 GHz PC (2.5GHz for FSX)
    • 512Mb RAM (1GHz for FSX)
    • 64Mb 3D graphics card (128Mb for FSX)
    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • 210Mb hard drive space

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