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    Stuttgart Airport (German: Flughafen Stuttgart, formerly Flughafen Stuttgart-Echterdingen) (IATA: STR, ICAO: EDDS) is the international airport of Stuttgart, the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is christened in honor of Stuttgart's former mayor, Manfred Rommel, and is the sixth busiest airport in Germany with 11.832.634 passengers having passed through its doors in 2018. The airport is an important hub for Eurowings and features flights to several European cities and leisure destinations, as well as a long-haul service to Atlanta.

    The airport is located approximately 13 km  (10 km in a straight line) south of Stuttgart and lies on the boundary between the nearby town of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Filderstadt and Stuttgart itself. In 2007, the Stuttgart Trade Fair – the ninth biggest exhibition centre in Germany – moved to grounds directly next to the airport. Additionally, the global headquarters for car parking company APCOA Parking are located here.


    • Fully compatible with FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector by ORBX
    • Fully compatible with FTX Germany South by ORBX (special phototerrain version for FTX openLC Europe as bonus) – see a manual for scenery after installation!
    • Fully compatible with PILOT'S FSG - FS GLOBAL 2018 FTX and default mesh
    • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
    • Ground polygons made with the requirements of the SDK Prepad3D-PBR materials used.
    • Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) (12BPILOT or GSX Ground Service versions) – see a manual for scenery after installation!
    • Animated SODE Jetways  
    • Custom GSX Ground Service settings for scenery (parking’s specifications, vehicles, pushback and boarding services) – see a manual for scenery after installation!
    • Dynamic lighting of the apron 
    • 3D models now use PBR materials (SDK 4.4)
    • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
    • High resolution building textures
    • Many animated custom ground vehicles.
    • Surrounding area with custom autogen
    • Fully AI traffic compatible with accurat AFCAD file
    • Excellent night effects
    • 3D birds
    • 3D grass
    • Optimized for excellent performance
    • Fully 3d taxiways lighting
    • Automatic season change for vegatation, high resolution phototerrain
    • Realistic reflections on glass 
    • Inclusion of manual in PDF format


    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.4+
    Windows 7 / 8/ 10
    Dual Core Processor with 3 Ghz or faster
    Min. 4096 MB RAM
    3D graphics card 4Gb


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    AWESOME !!!!! I give it 5 stars for value of cost and the quality received.


    I would have loved to give this add-on a five star rating. Beautiful terminal modelling, nicely embedded into the ORBX FTX Germany surroundings, good performance, including all SODE stuff like windsocks, jetways and VDGS, and even beautiful ground textures with a clear Digital Design signature. However, two noticeable errors are present, and would not be that bad IF they had been corrected with the update: - 2 stands have VDGS modelled, which clearly block the doors of both hangar bays. However the charts clearly document that those stands do not have VDGS on the real airport, for the exact reason as to not block the hangars. - Touch down zone lighting is present on one runway end, but has been forgotten for the other runway end. 3 stars only, for the fact that I had alerted Justsim to those two very visible errors before the update was brought out. However my message was ignored. One more issue that is a bit less noticeable but still needs to be mentioned: The modelling and texturing of the Military Apron and and its buildings is a bit crude and lifeless unfortunately. Much less care has been given to recreate that part of the airport compared to the northern side.


    Great scenery, high quality! As always on top! Thanks to a group of Digital Design.


    Nothing less than Amazing!!!!!!!!! Need to say nothing more.


    Super work, SODE jetways are now working and the scenery is gorgeous, thanks!


    Tolle Scenery. Digital Design hat hier einen guten Job gemacht. Die Scenery ist nett anzusehen und definitiv performant. Einziger Wehmutstropfen: die SODE Jetways benehmen sich komisch und lassen sich nicht docken. JustSim scheint hier aber nicht auf entsprechende Nutzermeldungen zu reagieren; zumindest nicht in deren Social-Media-Kanälen. Wäre das behoben, gäbe es 5 Sterne.


    Um Welten besser als die ältere Professional-Version der Konkurrenz. Alles wirkt zeitgemäßer und eines Prepar3D V4 angemessen. Natürlich kann man Justsim nicht unbedingt mit den Top-Entwicklern gleichstellen, aber Stuttgart ist einer der besten, wenn nicht der beste Airport der Firma. Ich kann daher den Kauf wirklich empfehlen.


    A classical JustSim airport. Nothing special but not too bad either. If you own any airport of this developer you know what to expect. Nothing more and nothing less. The groundpoly by Digital Design is probably the best to mention here, it's quite a step up from earlier selfmade groundpolys by JustSim. However nothing 'new' compared to the last couple of JS airports.


    Amazing work! Special thanks for the elaboration of the terminal, it is nice to just walk around the airport. Guys, thank you for your work!


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