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    Together in one great value package – the iconic Class 60 heavy hauler and the Cargowaggon IWB and YGB Seacow cargo wagons. With top quality modelling and exacting attention to detail throughout, this is heavy haulage heaven!
    The Class 60 was the last mainline diesel locomotive built in the UK, and Class 60s are still giving sterling service hauling heavy freight.
    It's accompanied here by the Cargowaggon IWB, a true workhorse of the railways, and the YGB Seacow ballast hopper, indispensable in its role of transporting track bed gravel around the rail network.
    This great compilation of Just Trains add-ons can be used in any RailWorks or Rail Simulator route, and this add-on also includes a new set of scenarios - 16 for Rail Simulator and 15 for RailWorks.
    CLASS 60
    The Class 60 is supplied in 10 authentic liveries and is modelled with exacting attention to detail, all the way down to small features such as grilles and vents. The realistic cab features accurately modelled and correctly placed controls, and you can even use the windscreen wipers and move the individual window sunblinds up and down to aid visibility when the sun is low in the sky.
    The distinctive sounds of the Class 60 were recorded from the real locomotive and include the unique engine start-up sounds and horn.
    • British Steel
    • Coal
    • Construction
    • Corus
    • FWS
    • GWR
    • Loadhaul
    • Mainline
    • Petroleum
    • Transrail

    The YGB Seacow ballast hopper is used throughout the rail system to transport and dispense track bed gravel. It comes in eight liveries, all finely painted and authentically weathered for realism.
    The wagons are modelled in great detail, and there's even an animated operator on the back of the wagons
    • Black/orange
    • Blue
    • Grey/yellow
    • Maroon
    • Olive
    • Red stripe
    • Rusty
    • White stripe
    • High quality 3D modelling
    • Animated operator figure
    • Authentic looking ballast load
    • Can be used loaded or unloaded
    • Custom physics
    Custom animations
    • Wheels
    • Couplings
    • Ballast load
    The popular Cargowaggon freight wagon - a true workhorse of the railways - has been widely used throughout Europe for the past couple of decades. The Cargowaggon IWB is supplied here in eight distinctive and striking liveries, all with authentic weathering.
    Modelled in very high quality and with exacting attention to detail, the IWB set lets you create colourful and realistic rakes of wagons to haul around your RailWorks/Rail Simulator world.
    • Blue, no logo
    • Blue Circle Cement logo
    • Cargowaggon logo
    • Cargowaggon logo, heavily weathered
    • Grey, no logo
    • Paqueexpress logo
    • Perrier logo
    • Tiphook Ferry wagon logo
    • High quality 3D modelling
    • Custom physics
    Custom Animations
    • Bogies
    • Wheels
    • Couplings
    The following scenarios will give you the perfect opportunity to put this collection through its paces. All scenarios are for both RailWorks and Rail Simulator unless specified otherwise.
    Oxford - Paddington route
    • Class 60 - Rail tour
      You are driving a Class 60 on a special Rail Tour service from the West Country, and are on approach to Paddington. You have just dropped off passengers at Hayes & Harlington and need to complete the final leg of the Rail Tour journey into the busy Paddington station. Avoid fines by ensuring you don't delay the scheduled services.
    • YGB Seacow - Reading to Acton wagon move
      Haul some empty Seacows from Reading to Acton in preparation for some weekend engineering work in London.
    • Cargowaggon IWB  - West Country Goods
      You are driving a Class 47 with a rake of Cargowaggons from the West Country, and are held at a red signal just to the west of Didcot.
    • Class 60 and YGB Seacows  - Hinksey Ballast
      Drive a Westbury - Hinksey ballast train from Reading to Oxford.
    • Class 60 and Cargowaggon IWBs - Hanwell with care 
      Your train is approaching Hanwell Yard where you will need to drop off some Cargowaggons; then take another set back to Reading yard.
    • Class 60 and YGB Seacows  - Maidenhead Icy 'cow and Icicles 
      You are driving a Class 60 with a rake of loaded Seacows, which are on approach to Maidenhead where some track renewal work has been taking place over the Christmas and New Year break.
    • Class 60 & Cargowaggon IWBs - Southall Shunt
      A rake of Cargowaggons has been dropped off in the West Yard. The Blue Circle wagons need to be split out of the consist for onward transfer to the cement plant at Westbury.
    • Class 60 - Free Roam
    • YGB Seacow – Free Roam
    • Cargowaggon IWB  - Free Roam 
    Newcastle - York route
    • YGB Seacow - Monday Move
      It's 1981 and the last of the Class 55 Deltic's years in service. The new HSTs (High Speed Trains have all but taken over their former workings so they have been relegated to freight operations before they are scrapped. Today you must drive 5505 from Ferryhill to Thirsk, conveying some Seacow wagons.
    • Cargowaggon IWB  - Christmas Eve Freight (Rail Simulator only)
      A cold Christmas Eve morning and some important freight needs collecting from York yard.
    • Class 60 - Free Roam
    Bath Green Park to Templecombe route
    • YGB Seacow - Milford Engineers
      Haul some Seacows with a 7F from Evercreech Junction to Milford and pick up some more Seacows at Shepton Mallet.
    Hedborough North route (RailWorks only)
    • Class 60, Cargowaggon IWB and YGB Seacows  - Hed' Shunter
      Position and shunt your freight wagons around the Headborough North route.
    • Class 60 - Free Roam
    Hagen to Siegen route (Rail Simulator only)
    • YGB Seacow - Letmathe to Lennestadt-Meggen
      Transport ballast to Lennestadt-Meggen using a DB BR 294.
    • Cargowaggon IWB  - Photo Shoot
      The launch of a new freight service between Germany and England has caused a great amount of interest, and to celebrate a photo-call has been organised at the Ha-Kabel Chalk plant in Germany.
    • RailWorks or Rail Simulator
    • 3.0GHz PC or any dual core 
    • 512Mb RAM, 1Gb for Vista/Windows 7
    • 256Mb 3D graphics card
    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • 2.0Gb hard drive space

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    • RailWorks or Rail Simulator
    • 3.0GHz PC or any dual core 
    • 512Mb RAM, 1Gb for Vista/Windows 7
    • 256Mb 3D graphics card
    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • 2.0Gb hard drive space


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