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    This GWR Manor Class add-on has been upgraded (10.7.14) and now includes:

    • Highly authentic steam effects and particles.
    • Optional GWR-style steam chest with non-functional jockey/jigger valve operation, and legacy simple regulator control retained.
    • Realistic brake operation, requiring the use of the ejector or vacuum pump (when in motion only) to create a vacuum.
    • Synchronised regulator, reverser and cylinder cock operation between two or more GWR Manors and/or Just Trains 4MT Advanced locomotives in a single train.

    The ‘Manor’ or 7800 Class locomotives were designed and built by GWR and 20 were produced in the late 1930s, just in time to aid the British war effort. The design incorporated GWR’s almost customary 4-6-0 wheel arrangement and the class was considered so good that BR built a further ten machines at Swindon in 1950. All the loco's in this pack apart from Erlestoke Manor belong to this second batch.

    All the locomotives were, as you might expect, named after manor houses in the British countryside, mostly those on or near the Great Western Railway network.

    The locomotives were designed to be a lighter version of the Grange Class, mainly to allow them to work on lines such as the Cambrian and other weight-restricted routes. This didn’t mean, however, that they only worked on secondary lines – they could occasionally be seen hauling prestige expresses when more powerful locomotives were not available.

    This GWR Manor class is pack is British Railways and preservation themed and all the models have the later style of un-lipped chimney.

    This GWR Manor Class expansion provides the following loco's in three liveries:

    • 7812 Erlestoke Manor
    • 7821 Ditcheat Manor
    • 7823 Hook Norton Manor
    • 7827 Lydham Manor
    • 7828 Odney Manor
    Ten custom scenarios, a set of Just Trains Mk.1 coaches, and tenders with both the early and the late style emblems complete the package.

    The locomotives were designed to be a lighter version of the Grange Class, mainly to allow them to work on lines such as the Cambrian and other weight-restricted routes. This didn’t mean, however, that they only worked on secondary lines – they could occasionally be seen hauling prestige expresses when more powerful locomotives were not available.

    Manor Class locomotives were a perfect mixed-traffic design and were as happy hauling a coal train as they were a seven-coach stopping train. Although not a hugely powerful design, the locomotives were well liked and indeed 29 of the 30 built made it to 1964/5 (virtually the end of UK steam operations) which undoubtedly helped nine members of the class make it into preservation.

    In their early years the 7800 Class loco’s could be found across much of the GWR system, but by the end of the 1950s virtually all operations were concentrated in South or Mid Wales, where steam power hung on for a little longer than on the main lines.

    By the time the Manors came into service the beautiful fully lined GWR livery was no more, but Lydham Manor carried this non-authentic livery in preservation and is presented in this pack in that form.

    Initially the Manors were not great steamers but over time modifications produced an exceedingly good design, one of those modifications was the chimney style that is included on the models in this pack

    The GWR Manor locomotive is supplied here in three liveries:

    • BR Lined Green
    • BR Lined Black 
    • GWR Lined Green (7827)

    This expansion also includes tenders with both the early and the late style emblems.

    • 7812 Erlestoke Manor, BR Lined Green, 3,500 gallon late emblem tender
    • 7821 Ditcheat Manor, BR Lined Black, 3,500 gallon early emblem tende
    • 7823 Hook Norton Manor, BR Lined Green, 3,500 gallon early emblem tender
    • 7827 Lydham Manor, GWR Fully Lined Green, 3,500 gallon tender
    • 7828 Odney Manor, BR Lined Green, compatible with 7812 and 7823 tenders


    Just Trains Mk1 coaches complete with passenger view in the following liveries:

    • Brown and Cream - British Railways
    • Brown and Cream - Great Western Railway
    • Crimson and Cream “Blood and Custard” – British Railways

    Includes ‘Cornish Riviera’ destination boards.

    Finely detailed external models
    • Front and rear working lights
    • Fully animated running gear
    • Cylinder cock piping
    • Sanders piping
    • Buffers
    • Couplings
    • Boiler side hand grab rails
    • Name plates
    • Pressure relief valves
    • Core plugs
    • Steps
    • Rivets
    • Cab access grab handles
    • Steam whistle
    • Tender rear steps
    • Tender water filling point
    • Animated coal level 
    Cab features
    • Roof vents
    • Pipe work
    • Gauges
    • Levers and controls
    • Driver and Fireman seats 
    Animated controls
    • Sanding lever
    • Cylinder cock lever
    • Blower lever
    • Live injector Steam
    • Exhaust injector Steam
    • Reverser
    • Regulator
    • Whistle operating chain
    • Brake operating lever
    • Small Ejector
    Operating gauges
    • Brake vacuum
    • Boiler pressure gauge
    • Steam heating gauge
    • Reverser position indicator
    Physics and effects
    • Custom Physics
    • Smoke and steam effects
    Authentic sounds
    • Recorded from a real locomotive
    • Includes Blower Ejector effects

    Please note that the scenarios included with this Manor Class add-on will only work on the assigned routes, some of which are not supplied with Train Simulator 2013 and will need to be purchased.

    Somerset Joint Railway - Somerset and Dorset route

    JT Manor – Bad Manors
    A Manor has failed in the platform at Templecombe Lower whilst hauling a rail tour to Bristol. The train is heading for Highbridge and is very heavy. You are to collect it from Templecombe Lower and take it to Evercreech.

    JT Manor – Burnham Goods
    Drive a GWR Manor on an early morning goods pick-up heading from Highbridge and Burnham to Templecombe. You take over at Evercreech Junction.

    JT Manor – Out and back
    Drive 7812 Erlestoke Manor on a morning service from Evercreech Junction down to Templecombe before returning as far as Evercreech with a train bound for Highbridge and Burnham.

    JT Manor – Sunday ballast
    Drive a GWR Manor on a ballast train from Radstock up to Midford before returning to take another rake down to Bath. There is a great deal of engineering work taking place tonight and we need to get these wagons into position complete with their heavy ballast.

    JT Manor – Free Roam
    Click on a train and take it for a drive from the Templecombe MPD.

    Bristol & Avonmouth route

    (Download and Boxed editions of the Bristol & Avonmouth route are available to purchase from the Just Trains website.)

    JT Manor – The Bristol and Avon Explorer
    Drive 7828 Odney Manor on a charter from Bristol Temple Meads to Severn Tunnel Junction via Avonmouth.

    Great Western Mainline - Oxford to Paddington route

    JT Manor – Loco movement
    Drive 7828 Odney Manor on a loco and support coach move from Didcot to Southall ready for its inaugural rail tour from Paddington the following day.

    JT Manor – The Cider Express
    Drive 7828 Odney Manor on a rail tour from London Paddington to Minehead as far as Reading. The loco is returning to the West Somerset Railway just in time for its steam gala and this is its first run after a major overhaul. Good luck, driver! You have booked stops at Slough and Reading.

    London to Brighton route

    JT Manor – Evening Test Run
    Drive 7821 Ditcheat Manor on a Sunday evening trip out to Selhurst and East Croydon. This is the loco's return to traffic and is also a loaded test run.

    Isle of Wight route

    JT Manor – Early Morning Special
    Drive a GWR Manor on an early morning train from Ryde Pierhead right through to Wootton, stopping at most stations en route.

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    Train Simulator 2016
    3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
    512Mb RAM (1.0GB for Windows Vista / 7)
    256MB graphics card
    Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
    Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
    160MB hard drive space

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