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    Experience one of the world’s most modern high-speed trains - the Austrian Railjet. This powerful train is pulled by the world’s fastest electric locomotive and operates across Europe.

    Railworks Austria has teamed up with Just Trains to bring you this exciting train with an astounding level of detail. The package includes seven different Railjet trains, a fully functional and highly accurate model of the Taurus 1116 and 1016 series locomotive in many colourful authentic billboard liveries, with fully working driving vehicle and many different cabs depicting different versions of the loco and the driving vehicle.

    The Railjet was created with the help of the Austrian Federal Railways (OEBB) and developers were given full access to all areas.

    On-board systems like PZB, LZB, ZUB and functional DDI (Diagnostic Driver Interface) have all been replicated. To make the product as accessible as possible there is also a Quick Start option and even a working fuse box, where the driver can pull the necessary fuses to de-activate safety features.

    Take a look at the RWA Railjet Advanced video playlist for tutorial and FAQ videos, and if you'd like to take a look at the PDF manual, you can download it here - English manual / German manual


    • Realistic start-up procedure
    • Realistic power output based on the real-world software (power limited on AFB)
    • Functional DDI (Diagnostic Driver Interface)
    • PZB safety system
    • Fully functioning LZB and ZUB safety systems
    • Realistic control via AFB ('Autospeed')
    • SIFA 'dead man's switch'
    • Realistic sounds recorded from the real train
    • Simulation of four independent electric motors
    • Foldable steps under doors
    • Highly realistic simulation of driving controls including switch-over to country-specific software
    • Functioning main battery switch
    • Train weight messaging
    • Movable cab chair
    • High or low view cab camera available
    • Fully functional driving trailer
    • Optional Quick Start
    • Automatic recognition of double units and slaving of second locomotive
    • Photorealistic high resolution textures
    • Simulation of different brake modes - R, P and G (can be selected by the driver)
    • Passenger view
    • Five scenarios for the Three Country Corner Route, Munich-Augsburg and Munich-Rosenheim routes (not supplied)
    • Realistic emergency stopping procedures
    • Many different cabs (1016, 1116, cabs for Switzerland, MRCE)
    • Working fuse box – to de-activate safety features
    • Working sunshades
    • Realistic in-cab lighting
    • Mode selector for external lighting
    • Individual horn tunes
    • Working 'road runner' – train length indicator
    • Working screen wipers with different speed settings
    • Full-colour English and German PDF manuals



    • ÖBB Railjet
    • ÖBB Railjet SBB
    • ÖBB Railjet Ski Austria
    • ÖBB Railjet 175 Jahre Eisenbahn
    • ÖBB Railjet Red Bulletin
    • ÖFB Railjet
    • ORF Railjet


    • ÖBB 1116 Bleich
    • ÖBB 1116 260 Lokfuehrerschein
    • ÖBB 1116 250 Polizei
    • ÖBB 1116 170 Euro Vision Contest
    • ÖBB 1116 168 Vega
    • ÖBB 1116 153 OEAMTC
    • ÖBB 1116 143 Montan
    • ÖBB 1116 141 Siemens
    • ÖBB 1116 138 Heeressport
    • ÖBB 1116 130 Frontrunner
    • ÖBB 1116 130 E-Card
    • ÖBB 1116 126 Licht ins Dunkel
    • ÖBB 1116 077 Galileo
    • ÖBB 1116 016 RCA
    • ÖBB 1116 003 RCA
    • ÖBB 1116
    • ÖBB 1016
    • ÖBB 1016 048 Feuerwehr
    • ÖBB 1016 023 Greenpoints
    • MRCE ES64U2 067 ETCS Trainguard


    Please note also that the following routes are not included in Train Simulator by default and are not supplied with this RWA Railjet add-on. You can purchase them either from here or from the STEAM store.

    Three Country Corner Route

    JT – Railjet: Rorschach – Feldkirch

    Difficulty: Medium
    Length: 45 minutes

    The line between Feldkirch and Switzerland is closed due to maintenance and all trains are routed via Rorschach (this has happened in the past). Take over the Railjet train to Vienna and drive it to Feldkirch. Remember that you will have to set the Swiss software for driving in Switzerland.

    JT – Railjet: Feldkirch – Lindau

    Difficulty: Medium
    Length: 45 minutes

    The Railjet from Vienna has just arrived. Take it on its last stretch to Lindau. This is a double unit that has to be uncoupled in Bregenz. Only the front unit can proceed to Lindau.

    JT – Railjet: Bludenz – St. Anton

    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: 40 minutes

    Take over this double unit and drive it up the pass. It is raining heavily so be careful!

    DTG Semmeringbahn

    JT – Railjet: Muerzzuschlag – Gloggnitz

    Difficulty: Medium
    Length: 45 minutes

    It’s a cold winter’s day and your job is to drive a Railjet across the pass.

    JT – Railjet: Gloggnitz – Muerzzuschlag

    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: 45 minutes

    Your job is to drive a Railjet across the pass. This train stops at Semmering.

    Munich – Rosenheim Route Add-On

    JT – Railjet: Rosenheim – Munich

    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: 30 minutes

    Take over the Railjet from Vienna to Munich and drive it to Munich. Please note that real-world Railjet trains drive non-stop from Salzburg (Austria) to Munich. Because this route is not long enough you will be following an Intercity schedule.          


    Train Simulator 2017
    3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
    512MB RAM (1GB for Vista)
    256MB graphics card
    Windows 10 / 8 /7 / XP / Vista
    Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
    3GB hard drive space

    Note: The included scenarios require additional payware add-on routes, as described in the scenario descriptions above.

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