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    The S-Bahn Rhein-Main commuter railway is made up of nine local lines that traverse Frankfurt. This simulation covers two of the most important ones connecting the Taunus with Frankfurt - the S5 and S6. The system belongs to the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) and is operated by DB Regio AG, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. Both routes are operated with BR423 Multiple Units. The two lines cover 29 stations in total, including the five big underground stations in the heart of Frankfurt where commuters can connect to several inner-city services like trams and underground lines. The line opened in 1978 and was soon extended beyond the river Main to Frankfurt Süd.

    The S6 route travels on the Main-Weser-Bahn. Regional, long-distance, and freight services also use these tracks. The route also includes Frankfurt Main Station (Hauptbahnhof or HBF) as well as the branch line to Frankfurt Süd.

    The S6 starts in Friedberg and travels along the Main-Weser-Bahn. The S5 begins in Friedrichsdorf and follows the route down the hills towards Frankfurt.

    The Railworks Austria BR423 in RMV livery is included and has changeable destination displays and operating SIFA and PZB 90 safety systems.

    Note: The Train Simulator: Hamburg – Hanover Route Add-On (available from STEAM) is required for this route to operate.

    Route features

    • S5 line (30 km, 17 stations)
    • S6 line (38 km, 21 stations)
    • Beautifully detailed and immersive scenery
    • Includes six Standard scenarios and one Free Roam scenario
    • Quick Drive enabled
    • Custom-built stations
    • Custom-built prominent buildings and objects
    • Friedrichsdorf
    • Seulberg
    • Bad Homburg
    • Oberursel
    • Stierstadt
    • Weiskirchen/Steinbach
    • Rödelheim
    • Frankfurt West
    • F-Messe
    • F-G Alluswarte
    • Frankfurt Hbf
    • F-Taunusanlage
    • F-Hauptwache
    • F-Konstablerwache
    • F-Ostendstrasse
    • F-Lokalbahnhof
    • Frankfurt Sud


    • Friedberg
    • Bruchenbrucken
    • Nieder-Wollstadt
    • Okarben
    • Gros Karben
    • Dortelweil
    • Bad Vibel
    • Bad Vibel Sud
    • F-Berkersheim
    • F-Frankfurter Berg
    • F-Eschersheim
    • Frankfurt West
    • F-Messe
    • F-G Alluswarte
    • Frankfurt Hbf
    • F-Taunusanlage
    • F-Hauptwache
    • F-Konstablerwache
    • F-Ostendstrasse
    • F-Lokalbahnhof
    • Frankfurt Sud


    Standard scenarios

    S5 Bad Homburg – Frankfurt Sud
    Start: 07:13
    Duration: 45 minutes
    A morning rush hour train to Frankfurt.

    S5 Frankfurt Sud – Friedrichsdorf
    Start: 10:07
    Duration: 50 minutes
    Set up your train on the Frankfurt Sud sidings and drive your service to Friedrichsdorf.

    S5 Friedrichsdorf – Frankfurt Sud
    Start: 16:05
    Duration: 45 minutes
    Due to track works your train is diverted without stop at West, Messe or Gallus. Go directly to Frankfurt HBF.

    S6 Frankfurt Sud – Friedberg
    Start: 20:20
    Duration: 60 minutes
    A stormy autumn day from Frankfurt to Friedberg.

    S6 Friedberg – Frankfurt HBF
    Start: 14:00
    Duration: 40 minutes
    The planned extension between Frankfurt West and Bad Vibel is causing chaos. Keep an eye on signals and make your way to Frankfurt

    S6 Gross Karben – Frankfurt Sud
    Start: 16:05
    Duration: 55 minutes
    Drive your service from Gross Karben to Frankfurt. You will be overtaken at Frankfurter Berg. Make up some time.

    Free Roam scenario

    Click on a train and take it for a drive!


    • Train Simulator 2018
    • Train Simulator: Hamburg – Hanover Route Add-On
    • 3.3GHz Dual Core CPU PC (4GHz Quad Core recommended)
    • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
    • 512MB graphics card with Pixel shader 3.0 (nVidia GTX970 or higher recommended).
    • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
    • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
    • 1.95GB hard drive space


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