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    With their distinctive shape, effortless performance and striking liveries, the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 passenger trains have been criss-crossing the UK for over a decade.

    Now updated (July 2019) by Rob Skipworth, Voyager Advanced 2019 has updated external textures and upscaled cab interior textures. The current style of body air dams and side skirts have been added, along with improved braking performance and a notched power and brake controller. Two new liveries are included: Virgin Trains 'Flowing Silk' (221101 '101 Squadron') and the mid-2000s Virgin Trains Red with CrossCountry logo. As an added bonus, there is a new scenario for the North Wales Coastal: Crewe-Llandudno Route Add-On with Train Simulator: North Wales Costal Route Extension Add-On. (Note: No routes are included with Voyager Advanced 2019 and some may need to be owned or purchased to run all the included scenarios.)

    These two reliable DEMUs (Diesel Electric Multiple Units) are built to Just Trains 'Advanced' specifications. Extensive use of Just Trains' ActivScript technology bring you a high degree of realism and exclusive features to improve the realism of your driving experience.

    Both the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 are included, each in seven liveries, and the Super Voyager 221 features switchable tilting round high-speed curves! Drive both units in 13 challenging scenarios that employ our ActivWorld scenario coding for a superior driving experience - be prepared for the unexpected!

    Voyager Advanced 2019 brings you advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds. These top-quality Advanced renditions of the Voyager 220 and 221 are the ones to drive!

    Class 220 (non-tilting) four-car formation:
    •    DMF (driving vehicle with First Class seating)
    •    MS (Standard Class seating)
    •    MSRMB (Standard Class seating with on-board shop)
    •    DMSL (driving vehicle with Standard Class seating and luggage area)

    Class 221 (tilting) five car formation:
    •    DMF (driving vehicle with First Class seating)
    •    MS (Standard Class seating)
    •    MS (Standard Class seating)
    •    MSRMB (Standard Class seating with on-board shop)
    •    DMSL (driving vehicle with Standard Class seating and luggage area)


    Seven liveries are included:
    •    CrossCountry (current)
    •    CrossCountry (transitional)
    •    Virgin Trains 'Flowing Silk' (221101 '101 Squadron')
    •    Virgin Trains mid-2000s Red with CrossCountry logo
    •    Virgin Cross Country
    •    USA fictional
    •    German fictional

    •    Super Voyager 221 tilt operation - visible externally and from the cab, based on track curvature and speed
    •    Bump mapping - gives greater detail on the models
    •    Cab sway movement - see the movement as you start, stop, corner, accelerate and decelerate
    •    Windscreen wipers clear rain from driver's front windows
    •    ActivClag - dynamic exhaust output. See the diesel smoke density vary under load and light grey oil smoke emitted from the exhaust on engine start.
    •    Animated passenger doors complete with external door interlock light and opening/closing sounds with warning beeper
    •    Passenger windows rain effect - see the rain on the windows in Passenger view
    •    Detailed passenger cabin view - with Train Simulator lighting for that 'being there' feeling
    •    Acceleration and braking physics based on real timings
    •    Quick Drive capability
    •    TASS (Tilt Authorisation and Speed Supervision) operation, with Advanced TASS features and ActivWorld TASS markers. TASS demonstration track included
    •    EPS limit signs
    •    Throttle/brake with centre detent, hill start and Rail Driver compatibility
    •    Limited Rail Driver compatibility
    •    ActivWorld Tilt fail scenario trigger

    •    Working external and internal door interlock lights
    •    Working digital destination displays - in driver's windscreen and on the side of the passenger carriages. You can change the destination selection
    •    Realistic LED marker lights - with Train Simulator lighting effects
    •    Authentic headlight control - including flashing 'hazard' setting
    •    Cab Lighting effects
    •    Cab and gauge lighting - independently controlled main cab lighting and gauge illumination. There is even a separate controlled light to illuminate the driver notes clipboard!
    •    Working headlights which illuminate the track ahead

    •    Highly detailed and authentic driver's cabs (different models for the 220 and 221 versions)
    •    Working driver's Master key - drag the key and place in the lock
    •    Train Management System (TMS) - partially simulated with boot-up sequence and anomaly warnings
    •    Working Driver Vigilance Device
    •    Tilt Isolate switch - operating in the Tilting Super Voyager 221. Activate it and you have no tilt
    •    Auto slow-speed function - train will drive forward automatically at 3MPH for use in train washes
    •    AWS self-test - move the reverser the first time and hear the AWS self-test warning
    •    DSD (Driver's Safety Device) - move the reverser for the first time and hear the DSD self-test sound. The DSD will subsequently sound if you move to forward or reverse after stopping in neutral. Hear the DSD warning as you drive if you have not altered the controls for a set period of time
    •    Working DRA (Driver's Reminder Appliance) - use the DRA to prevent the throttle from being applied at a station stop
    •    Switchable externally audible alarms - never miss an AWS caution or DSD reminder when driving from the external view; these sounds can be heard from outside the cab, and this feature can be disabled from the cab.
    •    NRN Radio - with unique ActivScript coding that gives you a random selection of different voices each time. Press the blue call button on the NRN (National Rail Network) radio to run the test call sequence
    •    Variable speed windscreen wipers controllable by the Driver with intermittent, slow and fast settings
    •    Sun blind - lower and raise the driver's sun blind (it actually restricts the sun)
    •    Engine Start/Stop - start and stop the engine with the individual buttons
    •    Horn - use the two-tone horn via the Spacebar and B keys
    •    Guard to Driver signal - sounds after doors close
    •    Driver to Guard signal - operable


    Voyager Advanced 2019 features high quality sounds recorded from real Voyagers. There are separate sound sets for the driver's cab and the exterior view - you can hear the difference. In the driver's cab you can even hear the air conditioning start up and run!
    •    ActivPax passenger cabin sounds - hear passenger noise and even mobile phones ringing!
    •    Rheostatic brake sounds on brake application
    •    Brake squeal sounds
    •    Track joint sounds


    Both the 220 and 221 support the Just Trains ActivWorld scenarios that allow incidents and system failures such as passenger communication, fire alarm, engine failure on any of the units and brake failure.

    Scenario-based 'cold and dark' start-up mode - turn on the battery isolating switch and watch the systems come to life as they would in the real Voyager!


    Drive the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 on 13 challenging and scenarios that employ our exclusive ActivWorld scenario technology on both default and add-on routes.

    Please note that some of the scenarios included with Voyager Advanced 2019 require additional payware items to allow them to run correctly if they are not supplied by default in Train Simulator 2019.

    Routes followed by ‘Steam’ in the scenario description can be purchased from the Steam website:
    •    London to Brighton route Add-on
    •    Great Western Main Line Route Add-on
    If you purchased Train Simulator after 20 September 2012, you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack (available to purchase via Steam) to obtain the following locomotives:
    •    Class 47
    •    HST
    •    Class 37
    •    Class 166
    •    Black 5 Steam Locomotive
    Routes followed by ‘JT’ in the scenario description can be purchased from the Just Trains website:
    •    Totham
    •    Bristol to Exeter
    •    Newcastle to York Modern

    Train Simulator: North Wales Costal: Crewe – Llandudno Route Add-on with Train Simulator: North Wales Costal Route Extension Add-on (Steam)

    JT AD Voyager 1D91 London Euston - Holyhead
    Good evening driver. Tonight you are to take Virgin Trains 221101 '101 Squadron' to Holyhead. You are due to leave crew 18:57.

    London to Brighton Route (Steam)

    Brighton Voyager Farewell
    Drive the last ever Cross Country service from Brighton to Birmingham using XC's 220 021 on the 14:30 to Birmingham New Street.

    Freezing February
    A Voyager that became stranded at Three Bridges due to heavy snow is to be used to work the final train of the night to London Victoria. The usual unit wasn't available and this is expected to be the final service until the early morning.

    Great Western Main Line (Steam)

    New Kid on the Block
    Today you are in control of a brand new Class 220 Voyager delivered earlier this morning. A depot instructor will lead you through the start-up procedure and the various new controls in this unit. We will then go out onto the main line to do some testing between here and Reading.

    Caught in the Cold
    This morning you are in charge of one of Arriva Cross Country's Class 220s on the first train of the day from Reading to Manchester. This service normally starts at Southampton but due to the snow it is starting here at Reading today. The train is 1M18 06:11 Reading-Manchester Piccadilly. It's just coming up to 6 AM and we are running late so need to get the unit started and set up ASAP ready to head into Reading with the empty train. Once at Reading we will reverse and head for Oxford where a Manchester driver will take over. It's not all going to plan, however; the weather has caused problems for other services and many are running late so you can expect further delays en-route to Oxford!

    Cajon Pass route (Note: This was a default route in previous Train Simulator releases. Not available to purchase separately)

    Across the Pond
    Drive a Voyager on a tourist trip over the Cajon Pass. The unit is only on here on hire to show what keeps Britain moving - but it has gained a special US livery!

    Castle Rock Railroad route (Note: This was a default route in previous Train Simulator releases. Not available to purchase separately. The same-named route available from the Steam Workshop does NOT support this scenario)

    Castle Rock Experience
    Take the Voyager on an express service along the length of the Castle Rock Railroad - it's rather different to the usual train on this service!

    Hagen-Siegen route (Note: This was a default route in previous Train Simulator releases. Not available to purchase separately.)

    German Tourists
    Take a party of German skiers on a hired Class 221 Voyager from Hagen to Siegen on a very wintry evening.

    Seebergbahn route (Note: This was a default route in previous Train Simulator releases. Not available to purchase separately. The same-named route available from the Steam Workshop does NOT support this scenario)

    On Test in Germany
    On a stunning summer's morning you are assigned to your first day of training on board the British Class 220 Voyager unit.

    Totham route (JT)

    Driver Training
    It's September 2002 and you have just finished with Class 47s on XC services around Britain. Today is your first day back after a two-week break and it's all changed! Gone are the oily, unreliable 40-year-old Brush veterans and in their place brand new Bombardier Voyager units. Mark, your driver instructor, will take you through the start-up procedure before you head out onto the line for an introductory drive. We will also be testing a few of the fault systems today so keep on top of your game at all times!

    Bristol to Exeter route (JT)

    Summer Saturday Service
    It's a summer Saturday and, as always, the holidaymakers are out in force for their annual holiday to Devon. These are the busiest days of the year here on the Bristol to Exeter line and today is no exception. You are in control of two five car Super Voyagers on a new service for the type. These units are currently replacing the Class 47s on the main services and will eventually see off the HSTs too! However, all is not well. One of our engines has failed and the guard in the second unit says that the temperatures on two of the other cars are not looking good. A Class 47 is also struggling on a southbound service and, to top it off, a Black Five is out on a rail tour to Plymouth! These days are sent to test us!

    Easy Like a Sunday Morning
    Today your job is easy (just like a Sunday morning, although it's Monday!). You need to get your Class 220 Voyager prepared for service at Barton Hill depot before working a stopping service down to Weston-Super-Mare and returning to Bristol Temple Meads. We are on hire to FGW today. The commuters are getting a change from their usual Class 150!

    Newcastle to York Modern route (JT)

    Rush Hour Express
    Take charge of a XC Voyager on 1S49 11:25 Plymouth-Dundee on a glorious summer evening. You will be in charge from York to Newcastle. Enjoy the trip - you should have no problems today!


    Free Roam scenarios are available for these routes:
    •    Bristol to Exeter
    •    Western Main Line
    •    Newcastle to York Modern
    •    Scottish East Coast Main Line x 2
    •    Totham

    Also available


    •    Train Simulator 2019
    •    Intel Core-i5 4690 3.50GHz Quad Core or AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.80GHz Quad Core or better
    •    4GB RAM (maximum possible under 32-bit Windows) / 16GB or more for 64-bit Windows
    •    Windows 10 / 8 / 7
    •    nVidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480 with 4GB dedicated VRAM or more
    •    DirectX 9.0c
    •    Broadband Connection for Train Simulator 2019
    •    Storage: High Performance SSD recommended
    •    Sound card: DirectX-compatible audio device
    •    590MB hard drive space
    Note: Some of the scenarios included with Voyager Advanced 2019 require additional payware items to allow them to run correctly. See the SCENARIOS section in the Detailed Description for full details.


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