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    Discover the unique capabilities of Kaman K-Max for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Known for its intermeshing rotor system and exceptional lift capacity, the K-Max is the only helicopter that can lift more than its own weight. Dive into the innovative features and the rich history of this unique aircraft with three versions; Rainier Heli Lift, equipped with fire suppression tanks and a water siphon snorkel for realistic firefighting missions. Rotak Helicopter Services with a 140 foot/43 meter tethered Bambi bucket to simulate limited access aerial firefighting operations and VMUT-2 Night Owls, representing the K-Max in military service with the US Marines in Afghanistan in 2009, including an optional sling load for logistics missions.

    Unique animations help increase immersion while the specialized water controls have been configured to trigger via the simulator’s default controls, allowing you to map these operations to your preferred controller inputs or hotkeys for intuitive use. Once onboard you'll see that vertical operations are conducted looking out the side window and we hope you'll enjoy the freedom of clicking your joystick or keyboard in this regard. Enjoy true-to-life Wwise audio recorded directly from actual K-Max aircraft.

    The Kaman K-Max was first introduced in 1991 and was produced through 2003, with another production run started in 2016 that ran until 2022. It is renowned for its unique intermeshing rotor design which eliminates the need for a tail rotor. Initially developed for logging operations, its versatility soon saw it adapted for various heavy-lift tasks, including firefighting and military logistics.

    In conventional helicopters, a significant amount of engine power is dedicated to overcoming the drag caused by the tail rotor. Typically, around 15-30% of the total engine power is used to drive the tail rotor. This power expenditure is necessary to counteract the torque produced by the main rotor and to maintain directional stability and control. A standout feature of the K-Max is its servo tab control system, which provides precise handling and maneuverability. This system uses small, adjustable tabs on the rotor blades to control the helicopter, significantly reducing pilot workload and enhancing stability. The K-Max's ability to perform in challenging environments has made it a favorite for missions requiring high precision and reliability. 

    The K-Max has a rich operational history, with diverse applications ranging from aerial firefighting to military use. The US Marines chose the K-Max for its ability to serve as a pilotless cargo drone, showcasing its advanced capabilities in unmanned operations. During its deployment in Afghanistan, the K-Max proved invaluable in transporting supplies in hazardous conditions. Its role in firefighting includes specialized equipment like water siphon systems and Bambi buckets, making it an essential tool in combating wildfires, especially in mountainous regions, or areas of limited access, where K-Max can sip water from mountain streams that other platforms cannot access. The combination of unique design, advanced control systems, and proven operational history makes the K-Max a remarkable aircraft in the world of aviation.

    Make no mistake, this versatility is not casual. K-Max is marketed as an aerial truck and it flies that way. It was purpose built to deliver the goods and flown right it is a stable as a rock. You can literally let go of the controls at anything close to level flight and K-Max will settle into a hover. It does not like to fly fast or at steep banking angles, especially loaded. It's not for the faint of heart! This interpretation of K-Max was designed specifically to provide access and enjoyment to all skill levels. While not being study level, we tried to faithfully reproduce as much originality our skills and situation allowed. Ultimately, this K-Max is a simulation only, it is not capable of reproducing flight dynamics or procedures and may not be used for familiarization or training! K-Max has not been optimized for multiplayer.

    This package includes a practice scenery area by a small lake that has been set up with a few nearby wildfires. 32OR, Pine Hollow Wamic, Oregon. 


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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
    Compatible with Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Minimum 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
    Dedicated graphics card with at least 4GB VRAM
    Internet connection for downloading updates and additional content


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    Good Project But Needs A Lot Of Work Developer Is Very Nice Bambi bucket is really fun but sadly The Water Doesnt fill up, I Have Much Hope In This Project


    The controls are unreal. It simulates a single rotor system with tail rotor. While operating the collective, the K-Max turns extremly around the main axes. Even the forward and reverse steering is causing a rotation arround the main axes. I guess that will be fixed soon.


    Not worth 20 bucks. Cockpit textures are awful, a good amount of buttons don't function, seat view is too far forward and it doesn't fly great. A little bit of rudder makes it spin very fast and the overall flight model isn't great.


    20 Euro für Nichts. Ausser Spesen nichts gewesen. Wie kann sowas entwickelt werden !!!! Muss wohl kaum erwähnen wo sowas perfekt gebaut wird. MfG Irisflieger

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