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     LatinVFR Fort Lauderdale  features:

    • KFLL airport all buildings objects and ground polygons made from native PBR materials.
    • Runway 28L/10R sloped with AI traffic support (thanks to FSSI)
    • Airport and immediate surroundings, detailed.
    • Surroundings, Fort Lauderdale city buildings with over 30 square miles of photo scenery coverage
    • SODE animated PBR jetways for the best jetway animation possible.
    • SODE controlled lighting, automatically illuminating when low visibility and rain conditions.
    • SODE controlled rain effects, enabling wet PBR surfaces whenever rain is present.
    • Custom animated airport vehicles.
    • Special slippery condition for runways/taxiways that would affect braking action whenever it is raining.
    • Static aircraft, customized vehicle animations, animated elevators.
    • Scenery configurator for selecting and unselecting features.
    • And much more.....


    SODE, Prepar3D V4.4 or higher.

    Prepar3d V5.


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    Its a beautiful scenery, but it has performance issues. At dense settings, it is very heavy on frame rates, and when coupled with Aerosoft or PMDG products, it can become unbearable, and I have a 12GB 3060T. The elevated RWY 10R is an impressive design attempt, but the transition from flat to slope is abrupt and rough. Lastly, the dynamic lights don't work upon arrival. They do work fine if you start your flight at KFLL. Overall, very beautiful scenery with a "heavy" hit on performance (unlike LFVR KMCO which performs beautifully!).


    Running this scenery in Prepar3d v5.1 the scenery looks fantastic, but performance really ruins the experience. It is nearly unflyable with complex aircraft even with a solid computer. I tried the non-pbr version and there is no large difference performance.


    This scenery will remain one of my favourites in the whole P3d world! I love the airport itself and also the atmospheric rendition by LatinVFR. OK, I don't have TE Florida, but I do have LatinVFR Miami, and I never had any performance problems mentioned before. Might be possible that it needs quite some VRAM altogether (BTW, I have 8GB =_ RTX 2060 Super), but at least in P3d v4.5, I can't see any negative effect. I love the way LatinVFR gets atmosphere to their airports, and in this special case, I also love the sloped runway (which works flawless with AI traffic BTW). Again, in my eyes a very good rendition of KFLL and nothing to complain.


    Update: All The new Latin VFR sceneries look great! However, the PBR could use some optimization. Even this little airport uses 1.5 to 2 GB more VRAM than even FlyTampa KLAS. So anytime I use the LatinVFR KMIA, KFLL or KBDL I have to turn my down textures from 2048 to 1024 or I risk running out of VRAM. This seems to be a problem as I can run most all my other FlyTampa, Flightbeam and Imaginesim sceneries at 4096 with a fps penalty or 2048 for good VRAM headroom and 30fps solid. P3D V5.2 did help significantly as I could only run 1024 textures prior to the update without running out of VRAM.


    If you want to run this or KMIA with FSLabs don't even think about it without at least 11GB VRAM and even at 11GB you will need to make big compromises. My machine is I7 9700k@5.0ghz, RTX 2080 8GB VRAM and 64GB Ram@4000hz. To get this to run on my rig with the same settings as all my other sceneries like FB KIAD with Drew Washington, I have to run the non-PBR version, no clutter and bump the textures down to 1024 from 2048. There is no way the PBR version will run except with no AI, no road traffic, True Earth Florida disabled, bone stock Maule and absolute minimum settings at which point you may as well be using the old FSDreamteam. At least with that you can have a good texture size and all your immersion. I resorted to reinstalling the old KMIA V4 instead of V5 so for the same reason. So, that purchase was a big waste of $$. Also as a reference, I can run FlyTampa KLAS in all its PBR glory solid 30fps and 1GB of VRAM to spare. Even the non-PBR version of KFLL and also KMIA V5 brings my computer to its knees. For the 2 seconds I saw this airport in all it's glory it is amazing looking as is the new KMIA so credit where credit is due. However, most of us aren't running the absolute top end rig. And with the great graphics card apocalypse most are unable to upgrade assuming they even have the means. Perhaps a little more optimization and definitely more customization options in the configurator may help. Conclusion: If you have 11GB VRAM or more, do it, you won't be disappointed! However, the rest of us plebes are better off with older sceneries and higher settings. At least until we sell a kidney for that price gouged, black market, RTX3090.


    Well, no idea what went wrong there, but I never had those performance problems. Not even nearly. And if you don't have those, it's an amazing scenery! Not only because of the special runway, but because of the general look of the airport and its environment. This is really one of my favoutites and it's hard to decide wheather to fly from their Miami scenery or from this one.


    Performance is all over the place. While I have steady 35 fps in the Latin VFR Miami I have maximum 20 frames at KFLL although everything is turned down or switched off in the configuration file. The scenery actually looks nice also with the sloped runway but with those frame rates it is uninstalled now.


    It was about time we have an updated version for Fort Lauderdale. LatinVFR did a great job here. The Pros: The terminals are beautifully modeled, for some reason I get better FPS than with default or the other payware scenery, dynamic lighting is great and the new ground physics on wet conditions is a welcome addition. The slope on runway 10R/28L looks impressive. If you have a traffic add-on, you will enjoy spotting when this airport comes to life, one of the best I've seen. The cons: runway and taxi lighting could be better, I have seen better on cheaper sceneries. There are few issues when taxing towards or from runway 28L that makes the nose of the aircraft jump a little, also the addition of FSSI for slope runways have cause problems to many when starting the simulator. LatinVFR is working right now on the update to fix the issue, until then the FSSI file should be erase if this problem happens and the scenery will work fine. I would have give it 3 stars instead of 4, but since LatinVFR is working to fix the major issues and they usually do what they promise, I gave it the 4 stars it deserve.

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