Actually a beautiful scenery. As other users have already noticed, without a navigraph subscription, the arrivals and departures are totally missing here. I repeat it again ... SID and stars for a payware are completely missing if you do not have a navigraph subscription I haven't seen any scenery to this day, it works at other Justsim Airports. Except in Stuttgart. There are freeware providers for this airport, they get something to do here ... justsim not. Poverty and money-making. They are also waiting for an update. It was the last scene from this company.
It's a miracle to me how this can actually get a 5 star-rating. So much to complain, so where do I start? First of all, it has working rudders! It doesn't make sense because these things don't have rudders and don't need them anyway. Good news is that you can slip it which is highly unrealistic nonetheless but leads me to my next point. Does this thing have any sort of parasite drag at all? There's no way of bleeding off airspeed properly during approach because it doesn't bleed off any energy whatsoever! Even if you somehow finally made it to approach slowly (around 100kph because you won't get it any slower anyway unless you perform an ILS-like approach from 5NM of distance with power on idle)it floats forever during flare. Don't even think about visiting a short-runwayed ultralight airstrip because it likely won't end up too pretty. Radio works audible but keeps turned off visually. To be fair though that particular point is mentioned in the discription. Sounds aren't too good either overall. It's a pusher prop configuration which has a quite prominent prop noise to it - at least it would in real life. It doesn't regarding this add-on. So far I really cannot recommend it to anyone and it's a bit ridiculous to ask for a price of ~10€ for it.
DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
lThe truth was great, it improved a lot, it is very fast and fast. I am fascinated by the model. It is my favorite plane. Now after landing the plane tilts sideways and I have to compose it again with the Y key, everything is going well, gps, controls, I would also like more libraries such as the USafy thunderbirds, etc. smoke a verdad estuvo estupendo mejoro bastante es muy veloz y rapido estoy fascinado del modelo es mi avion favorito me gustaria que fuera mas real la poscombustion donde sale el fuego que sea mas realista no ficticio el fuego, tambien me gustaria que mejoraras el tren de aterrizaje al ahora de aterrizar se inclina de lado el avion y tengo que volver a componerlo con tecla Y, de todo va bien, gps, controles, tambien me gustaria mas libreries como los thunderbirds USafy etc muchas pinturas para decorarlo y que se vea increible tambien le falta humo
BRAZIL LAND GAMES - 巴西-费尔南多·迪诺罗尼亚岛机场 SBFN MSFS
I was looking forward to "go back" virtually to Fernando de Noronha that I visited ten years ago by ship, and was surprised - and disappointed - to see that the unique landmark of this tiny island (the huge rock pointing to the sky) was not even modeled, making this otherwise attractive destination unrealistically represented for anybody who has been there (think about Paris without the Eiffel tower or New-York without the Chrysler building). Not to mention the rather poor rendition of the airport itself! Very disappointing especially after having owned an excellent product for FSX years ago, but obviously not from the same developer.
This software is awsome very easy to set up and Calibration is easy too, and great support from the developer looking forward to future update the team also very open to suggestions. really recommended.
JUSTSIM - 法国-巴塞尔-米卢斯·弗赖堡欧洲机场 LFSB MSFS
The airport is very good except the ground textures on the ground side (parking and roads) and the main terminal building which does not look good at night
Such a pleasure to fly it, as much as I use to enjoy to fly the real one in real life. Very detailed aircraft for more realism. Fun to fly and land everywhere. The designer improve it very often , which make it a good investment for the long term too. A must have in my collection ;-)
A_A SCENERIES - 泰国-曼谷-素万那普国际机场 VTBS FSX
Im totally disappointed. Its a nice scenery, but useless without Ai Traffic. I tried the UT Live, but there are only two, sometimes three planes at the airport. Not enough on a hub like VTBS. I also tried the AI Installer, but nothing happened. I tried to get support of A_A Sceneries, but nobody answered. Safe the money for another scenery.
AEROSOFT - 西班牙-马德里国际机场 LEMD XP X-PLANE 11
A much needed airport in XP thats been long awaited. Modelling is great, you can see the interior of the terminals which is very nicely detailed & the outside textures of the terminals and other buildings are great. The textures on the ground are ok. The concrete looks fine, but the tarmac texture looks too clean and i feel more grunge needs to be added, especially near the gates and ramps to better reflect wear and use. And whilst its high resolution, it looks like big gravel or stones and maybe needs to be scaled down to reflect the look of tarmac. Orth-
o included with the airport is very nice quality. There are no instructions at this time with the Ortho4XP patch however. After speaking to the devs, you must delete the mesh file once you have created your Ortho4XP tile with the patch included. Whilst a patch being provided is a plus, there is still a couple of mesh errors around the airport. Its a shame that this is not compataible with SpainUHD as the sources for ortho4xp arent very good surrounding madrid at this time. Perfor-
mance was fine and I had no noticable FPS impact on my system, specs which are roughly the same as the previous reviewer who rated it 1/5. At this current moment in time and considering the price, its 3/5. However if the ortho mesh patch problems are resolved and the ground textures are improved, then its a 4/5 at this price point.
Borat approved! Would have liked the western, more arid regions of Kazakhstan to look a little more barren and foreboding but not a bad product considering that Kazakhstan (and most of Central Asia, unfortunately) is not exactly a hotbed of scenery choices. Sky Flyer Hangar does good work. I would *love* to see them add nearby Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan into their product mix. Those mountainous Central Asian nations would make for some very nice flight sim experiences.