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    An experimental excercise into the future of general aviation and the new forms of propulsion systems of tomorrow. 

    It is the year 2019, years into the future. The world coming into a new time of manufacturing and new technologies. The electric propulsion and battery industries have taken off immensely, revolutionizing the world of transportation as we know it.

    Your destiny in the world of tomorrows aviation begins now in the year 2019!

    Looking more like a Reno air racer, rather then a family plane, this sleek design is totally new. Note the radical new cowling shape, the organic lines of a highly aerodynamic vehicle, the wide wingspan of flexible, high glide ratio wings designed for low drag and high atmosphere flight, and the large front and rear windscreens that help to make VFR flying more manageable.

    The Avelina package features 7 paint scheme packages that are more like 'themes', from Arctic White, to Azure deep Metallic blue, to Stockholm Yellow to the sleek Stuttgart Red. Some other features include flexing composite wings that move with G-loads and wind gusts, deployable 'parking mode' with optional luggage loadout, and 3 sets of pilots; male only, female only, and couple.

    Avelina: Italian name meaning 'small bird'.

    With each variant color theme package includes an interior to match it. Wood trim, (elaboarate burled wood veneer), ranges from dark walnut to bright cherrywood, to a stained yellow wood for the Stockholm Yellow pack. Leather colors include black on black, cream on dark khaki, to white on navy blue, as well as connolly tan on black.

    The 'Elektra RG 'Alpha' is the first series of the Avelina aircraft line to be fully electric and equipped with RG, model version One or 'Alpha'.

    The panel system of the Avelina is the most exciting part of the aircraft, filled with features and functions, options and opening nooks and animated components such as the steering colum (which can also be hidden) and the forward sun visors. An emergency popup 'auxilary' instruments pod is located in the top center of the dash, and a small, rectangular HUD display arises from the far forward center of the dash, featuring readouts from time to altitude, speed and temp.

    Another cool feature for this futuristic plane of tomorrow is 'changeable' primary screen 'background themes'. Digital art and graphics fill the main pilots flight screen, and in the settings center, you can switch through 7 different backgrounds. This was my thought, that a plane of tomorrow, even cars, would be able to download new panel themes with such elaborate screen systems.

    The interior design theme brings modern day automotive technology into the aircraft with creature comforts of an automobile all throughout the sleek craft. Its almost like a 'flying car' from the inside, but a plane on the outside.

    An extremely expansive manual (jam packed full of screenshots) is available free for people that want to see and read more on this wild aircraft of tomorrow. This manual is in PDF format.

    The Avelina for Flight Simulator is packed solid with tons of gadgets and gizmos, things you never thought would be in a plane. This is a list of some of the features of this 'voyage into tomorrow', the Elektra RG by Avelina.

    • Electric propulsion system, custom soundpack that features the sounds of a set of dual, high performance Negev aero motors. One runs continuously while the second kicks in at 50% + power settings as a secondary power supply. These are rated at 200 HP each, continuous power curve.
    • A small, lite-weight jet turbine recharger. This runs on the new USA Bio Fuels, new engineered fuels that burn extremely clean. The recharger is only needed for super long trips and emergency charge requirements. The small jet is mounted in a sound proof module inside the front nose compartment, and the exhaust is routed through a system that exits out the bottom rear of the tail of the fuselage, making the turbine almost unheard during normal flights, (if ever used).
    • Drop down 'Draft Wind Turbine' charger. Used for descents from high altitude, slow flights, etc, the cool little ducted fan wind generator deploys out of a cavity in the tail of the Avalina, enabling charging from rear residual wind flow.
    • A new solar cell technology has allowed the Avelina to be ordered with a Solar Array system on the tops of the wings. This new, super thin solar cell system allows for cleaner air flow over the wings, high angles of sunlight are now able to be absorbed via a new micro nano refraction technology, and the solar cells allow you to charge your plane off the sun after a long electric flight.
    • A new, high technology instrumentation system, using a new 'shaped' LCD main PFD screen, called the LCDP or LCD Primary, featuring great looking modern neon blue graphics. The system shows all of your flight parameters and settings, features a new 'Cruise Control' system of tomorrow, which we like to call 'Android Mode'. Also featured in the '4 computer' based flight system is the 'Info-Center' touch screen central 'Kiosk'. This center has your GPS, Avionics, HSI center, Music via CD, onboard hard drive storage, or internet, your Climate control system, Propulsion center, and everything else, built into its data access pages. You can thumb through them like pages in an iPad, or go directly to centers via the Kiosk main page.
    • A battery of safety devices and technologies are featured. One is the aux popup instrumentation pod that hides flush on top of the dash board, hidden. A spring loaded system allows it to popup in emergencies and has your 3 main Aux. gauges, non electric powered, for when an electric failure occurs. Another Emergency feature is the hand crank system for your emergency landing gear deployment, if the gear will not extend. Also an automatic gear deployment system when dropping below 200 feet with your gear up.
    • A steering wheel, animated with all flight controls on it, with adjustable angle, and the steering system can be hidden for better viewing of the LCDP screen.
    • Electric roll down windows that auto-roll-up and seal when over 120 knots. Also an auto-pressurization system that automatically kicks in when you ascend over 7,000 feet, helping to prevent oxygen deprivation catastrophes.
    • In Flight Simulator, your new Avelina whill sport a new wing flexing technology for models that flexes with flight. The higher your airspeed, the more they flex upwards. With G loads, they will flex up or down per the input. On the ground, hitting a bump will flex them downwards. They also feature 'turbulance and vibration' shaking, a barely visible shuttering that occurs from being in flight.
    • A new throttle system that uses a more precise form of control, a 'dial'. This throttle dial points left at zero throttle and right at full throttle. At 'idle' a normal combustion engine must idle, 'running'. Your Avelina is a completely different from of craft. Your propeller will actually stop as the motors do not idle, they 'sleep'. Systems that arent being used on the Avelina are considered 'sleeping' and their fonts on the screens in sleep mode will reflect this in neon blue. Active systems will be in neon green.
    • The Avelina sports a new generation, composite 'Whisper' propeller. This new fan is six bladed, with dynamically designed prop blades that produce very low noise. They can be feathered for gliding (zero motor use conditions for saving energy) and also make 'flight sounds' of the electric craft almost zero at altitude, as well as in the cabin.
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    This is for the FS9 version (of course - as is this product page). A concept aircraft. What if the industry will develop better, lighter batteries, what could a plane look like. Bill takes us into the year 2019 - all of it has become reality and the plane has got a lot of features you would think of when you buy a brand new car. The dashboard looks almost like a car. You have to get used to it. Nothing reminds of the "good ol'" glass cockpit ;) (I recommend to watch Bill's introduction on youtube). And this bird flies! I still have to learn all of it's features, but I can already tell it is meant to be flown. The Avelina is full of eye-candy and gadgets. It's easy on the frames on my old dinosaur system, even with high res textures. I asked Bill for the low res texture package to squeeze some more frames out if it (not needed really) unfortunately Bill has lost the low res texture package - but you can download a resize program if you want (I used "Gonzo"'s, it's free and simple and works). The only thing I would complain about is the chime sound when you press the "on" button - it's deafening and also the abrupt engine sound when moving the throttle up (it's an electric plane, so idle = no engine = no sound). But this is not enough to take of a star of my rating.


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