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    New, more realistic sound pack featuring the almost turbine like whine of an electric propulsion aircraft, beautifully depicting the sounds, inside and out, of a 'nearly' quiet like drive. We have also created a new set of 'neon' colors in blue, green, and red, a new metallic gold, a German version paint scheme, and a very sporty looking red and white paint scheme that gives the Avelina a very racey look.

    The Avelina Elektra is a futuristic 4 passenger aircraft of the future. Her exterior, gracefully designed to cut the air like a Reno air racer, fashioned with wings to give her glider abilities and high altitude lift, even yet, that is but the surface of the powerfully packed, gizmo filled sleek aircraft. Within is where it all begins, as the exterior is only the wrapping around the really good stuff.

    Within you will find an interior like that of a finely made Bavarian high speed automobile, fitted with fine leather upholstery and trimmed off with fine veneer burled wood in colorfully designed themed color packages, each for its own, matched exterior paint scheme. From artistically designed seats to a beautiful, flowing dash board, to nicely shaped inner door panels, the cockpit of the Avelina is a work of art, almost like a car, but a flying car were it so, this is what makes the Avelina truly different from all the rest of the planes on the market.

    But switch on the power. This is where the Avelina starts to get fun. When the power is activated, two LCD screens come to life, with a chimed ‘boot up’ tune, the screens show that the aircrafts 4 onboard computers are booting up. The boot screens show you the VIN number and software edition of your top of the line, futuristic craft. When the bootup is complete, you see some brilliant, artistically created graphic interfaces, not like your typical PFD and MFD, but radically designed new forms of instrumentation the world has not yet seen before.

    In front of the pilot is the LCDP, resembling 3 neon blue spheres that feature all the functions of a regular aircraft, from your vertical speed indicator on the left, to airspeed and altitude on the right, to gyro and compass readouts in the center. On the outskirts of the elaborate screen are tachometers at the bottom center, elevator trim beside the VSI, ‘Droid Mode / Manual Flight Mode’ avatars at top left, time and time and transponder code at top right, battery levels and flaps at lower right.

    In the center console, you find what most cars have, a touch interface ‘Informations’ center or Kiosk. This is your ‘everything’ center for systems like your Avionics (radios), GPS route tracking and terrain, HSI directional navigation interface, your onboard ‘Droid Mode’ autopilot system or Cruise control, and other systems like air conditioning management, automated pressure hull pressurization for high altitude flights, to media player systems for the passengers that include internet, inflight movies, etc.

    Oh, and did I mention that your new plane is electric? ACK, you say? No, this is not your normal electric plane, this is a plane that has a 500 nautical mile range ‘like other planes’ electric plane! Yes, 500 NM.... If you can keep your speed to 175 Knots ‘standard cruise’, you can endure a 500 NM trip. Some sportier planes will only yield half of that at that speed, and the price of petrol for them is outrageous. Yours can be ‘refueled’ by the sun, while theirs will take a very large sum of money to get them back in the sky again.

    The Avelina ‘Elektra’ is an electric plane that features 2 aircooled Negev motors at 200 HP each. One will be assigned by the aircraft ‘airframe’ computer to manage speeds continuously, while the secondary is only called upon when the throttle is over 50%, thus she turns into a twin engine at 51+% power settings, enabling her to climb at 1,000 to 2,000 FPM up to high altitude.

    And if that is not enough, the Avelina is equipped with a Bio fuel powered mini jet turbine APU recharger for emergency charges, with a fuel loadout to allow it to run for 1 hour, as well as a ‘wind powered turbine’ generator that deploys from the tail of the aircraft for when you are in descent mode from high altitude and also slow speed flight modes.

    It is alot to take in, the vast amount of features and technologies. Its not your typical ‘jump in and fly’ type of Flight Simulator addon. This is something that you can get to know over a period of time, something fresh and totally original, something that is user friendly, yet diverse and totally different from anything you have ever seen.

    This... is the Avelina Elektra, model ‘Alpha’ series RG from Lionheart Creations Ltd.

    Note; Avelina is an Italian name meaning ‘small bird’. The LHC Avelina is an experimental excercise into the future of general aviation and the new forms of propulsion systems of tomorrow.

    Features built into the Avelina model packs are;

    • High graphics LCD touch interface PFD and MFD computer system
    • Wing animations; G-load flexing as well as flight vibration
    • Extreme amount of interior animations, from opening storage nooks and drink cup covers to deploying rear seat joystick, to fold down rear seat computer interface screen for rear passengers entertainment, fold down rear tables, etc, etc
    • Deploying foot steps when doors open
    • Unique sound pack that features the whine or whir of the Negev aircooled motors to the muffled mini APU jet recharger
    • Electric roll down windows featuring Apple ‘Alumino-Silica flexible super lightweight non-scratch glass for extreme sound cancellation
    • ‘Whisper’ prop with carbonfiber construction, this is a 6 bladed fan with very little mass that is built to be quiet, like its predessor from the DeHavilland ‘Whisper Jet’ series
    • Optional pilot loadout adjuster in the Settings section of the Kiosk; You have Male only, Female only, and Couple loadout modes.
    • 7 Various LCD background themes (wallpapers) for the primary flight display screen
    • Total Time readout for logging your flight time on the Settings page in the Kiosk
    • Argon landing lights and LED taxi and NAV lights
    • Quick views for VC mode that include steering wheel, Kiosk, power center, and rear seat view points
    • Pitot auto-hide safety park system; the pitot tube retracts into the wing when powering down your ship
    • Deployable wing adhered solar arrays for the Solar-Hybrid version
    • Built in checklist system in Kiosk center
    • 86 Page Pilots Manual jam packed with screenshots for quick learning and skimming
    • 7 Paint Schemes or rather ‘themed color packages’ including wood veneer variations
    • GPS custom interface with fitted popup screens
    • Optional loadout custom Avelina flight luggage
    • Tie down mode when you shut down your flight
    • Flight speed warning ‘sounds’, color changing fonts, popup warning avatars
    • Precision speed dial throttle for 135, 175, and 200 knots cruise settings
    • Belly mounted metal landing skid for emergency belly landings
    • Featherable composite 6 bladed ‘Whisper’ prop
    • Hideable steering wheel and colum, adjustable/pivoting colum
    • Pull down adjustable sun visors
    • Nose gear features an aero foil fairing cover and rock guard shield
    • Rear mounted APU exhaust duct for low sound management
    • AC System features automatic drop down wing mounted intercoolers
    • Popup HUD mini LCD screen, has Chronometer, speed, bearing, altitude, OAT
    • Popup Emergency Aux Gauges; for power out emergencies, a 3 gauge popup pod slowly unlatches and raises up from the dash, non electric gauges
    • Hidden fuse/circuit breakers under forward dashboard wood trim strip
    • Automatic computer operated safeties include auto gear deploy when descending under 200 feet, auto gear raise when over 150 knots, windows auto-raise when over 120 knots, aux emergency gauge pod deploys when 100% power failure occurs
    • Digital instrumentation screens have 4 ‘tint/brightness’ settings
    • Low speed stall with flaps at 45 knots, 55 without flaps, feature speed alarm and custom stall alarm
    • APU Recharger will recharge batteries a percentage every 15 mins for added flight time on long journeys
    • Android Mode ‘Cruise Control’ system has dual selection systems; Quick Select/Lock, and ‘Set/Tune and Engage when ready’.
    • Steering wheel fitted with ‘all’ AP controls for controlling flight
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    7/23/2016 Purchased this a while back from lionheart directly, and its a really Nice fun good quality Aircraft loaded with lots of goodies & trinkets to play with. I'd recommend it if you want something totally different to fly with and you'll spend hours flying it once you get used to it and all its features too ! Recommended 5 Stars !!! My Video on it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95W0333njW8
    One of my favorites - it handles superbly, sounds wonderful, looks great. It is clear how much work and thought went into this plane - and the result is wonderfully high quality. I'd recommend this one without reservations. However, I would like to state that it takes a better CPU to run it well than I have on my PC - so I can enjoy it, but not fully love it.
    Sorry but this is a bad idea, that should have stayed at just the idea stage. It is a gimmick, about as far from any real aircraft simulation you will find in FSX. It feels twitchy and too light too fly, has possibly the ugliest VC I've ever seen and not even good frame rates to go with it. Lionheart offerings are certainly improving a little with things like the Tripacer, but in my opinion, this Avelina Concept plane belongs in the days when Lionheart aircraft were at freeware standards. There are so many better aircraft add-ons out there, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to fly someone's crazy idea about a flying car. Why di I buy it? I was bored had the itch to buy an add-on some time ago, and I made the wrong choice!
    To start of I'm a commercial fixed wing and helicopter pilot and I have flown many flight sim planes light aircraft and I have to say Lionheart planes are the closest to real life aircraft flight I have ever experienced in ANY sim- Xplane, FSX and Prepar3d.. This AVELINA is a steal to buy with all the gadgets he has put into this plane plus flex wing effects.IFR approaches are possible with this plane through GPS or manually and much much more. You can see a demo of this plane in action on you tube ...You have to see it to believe it! I cant say enough about this modern flight sim plane.. Im in love with the AVELINA! Iv also bought his (LHC FLEET ONE ULTRA PACK) and boy what deal! Buy it you wont regret it!
    Erfrischende Abwechslung im Flugsimulator! Kein Cockpit, sondern Armaturenbrett, Mittelkonsole, elektrische Fensterheber etc. BMW goes Star Wars! Dabei steckt in den Features viel Wissen aus der Automobil- wie auch aus der Motorflugtechnik. Das ganze kreativ verpackt und spielerisch-gestalterisch originell umgesetzt. Nebenbei ein nicht ganz anspruchsloses Flugmodell und vollständige Autopilotfunktionen bis zum ILS-Anflug (ohne Autoland). Das Ding kann tief und langsam, aber auch hoch, schnell und - mithilfe von eingebauten cheats - weit fliegen. Einen 5. Punkt verweigere ich, weil natürlich immer noch mehr möglich wäre: mehrere Transponder-Betriebsmodi, TCAS (Dienstgipfelhöhe FL300 und Vmax 200 kts!), GPWS, (noch) mehr Editiermöglichkeiten in den Flugplänen (das FMS ist cool, GARMIN-ähnlich, aber eher light). Doch um als Pilot mal von den klassischen flows und checklists weg auf eine ganz andere Weise zu arbeiten, dafür ist der Flieger schon sehr gelungen und motivierend!


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