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    Take a step into the world of tomorrow, how planes might look, what fuels they might use, how they might handle and feel, what features they might have.  Journey through the world not yet seen.
    Blade is a futuristic aircraft that looks at the possibilities of electric propulsion using modern day automotive technologies, combining Tesla Automobile motors and batteries, newer, less expensive manufacturing for carbon fiber components, and using modern, simplistic, yet beautiful operating software systems to produce amazing instrumentation screenswith colorful and imaginative layouts and designs.
    The part of an aircraft one will always spend the most of ones time at is in the interior, at the instrument panel.  With the Blade, a direction was taken that parallels the latest automotive luxury cars, an interior that would feature the latest automotive climate control system, an autopilot that would have quick lock program features, leather abounding all througout the cabin, and beautiful immitation wood veneer that would be color matched with each interior theme package.
    Some new features in this plane that are rare are 'new generation' automotive like, LCD instrumentation screens (MFD and PFD) that feature Avelina M-IIB Operating System.  A 'push button' power-on switch is featured, and a large 'power dial' is your new throttle control, similar to what are used in the marine and yacht world.
    With the use of Carbonfiber for the airframe construction, we are able to paint the aircraft however we like.  Taking cues from Lamborghini, we can have dark and light colors, bright high shine colors, and even metallic colors.  Some LHC choices for a 'Ultra Modern' plane of tomorrow range from Neon primary colors, to rich, classy metallic colors, such as Champaigne silver or lite green, and a wild metallic orange made famous by Bertone and Lamborghini.  
    This package features 12 'Theme Packs' of exterior color ranges and feature many versions of interiors.  You will also find 4 of the variants to be conceptual, possible United States USAF craft with uses ranging from Recon and lite Transport to Courier services.  (Imagine a super quiet, electric plane with very little radar signature).


    * Super high detail aircraft model in rich, high-count Polygon Mesh construction
    * Ultra high resolution exterior textures in 4096 pixels, and high resolution textures in 2048 pixels throughout the rest of the

    * Custom sound package that features a quiet, interestingly different 'electric' aircraft sound
    * Custom new-generation Avionics Suite called the 'Avelina OS'.  This is personalized for the Blade aircraft with some

    * Opening 'Countach' style doors that allow full access for the passengers and pilot
    * An Automotive 'luxury exotic' style interior layout
    * A detailed landing gear system that retracts ingeniously into the rear of the aircraft around the motor and prop shaft
    * Ultra-reflective glass on the exterior to keep harmful UV rays out of the cabin
    * Zero interior glass reflection for maximum visual for flying in rich FS scenery environments
    * Low sitting stance provides high 'ground effect' for softer landings and easier ingress for passengers
    * Fat tires and a strong suspension enable soft field landings on semi-rough terrain
    * 478 HP Tesla 'Drive' with a highly aerodynamic shape and sharp glider-like wings enable 200 knot cruise capability for 400 NM
    * Rich leather texture mapping within the cabin for a very sharp, semi-realistic appearance
    * Concealed Solar Array hidden in the transparent roof which protects the high performance solar cells from weathering and the elements
    * High detail pilot
    * Intriguing sound effects, dings and bells
    * Demo Version with two paint schemes that give you 3 full minutes of flight time until the instrument panel barrier comes up
    * Hiding Pitot Tube that retracts into the wing when powering down the system
    * Actual Prop Regeneration that activates when at idle when in flight

    A high speed, whisper quiet plane with gorilla glass windows (non fading, semi structural, sound cancelling, light weight glass), a 478 HP propulsion system, a fuel source that replenishes itself from our Star (solar array in the roof), and a wide, long, luxurious, non-cramped interior.

    You can download a Demo version of this package to see how well it runs on your computer, and if you like what you see and if your computer can run it well, then we invite you to purchase this awesome little 4 seat aircraft for only 5.9€.  For such a low price, and with so many cool, new features, who could turn away from such a deal.  :)


    FSX, FSX: SE, P3D V1, P3D V2, P3D V3, P3D V4


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    This is an inexpensive plane that is all eye candy and no frills. I say that because it looks great and has a pleasant flight model but very little bells and whistles. For example the center console has the dial throttle and 4 smaller dials surrounding it that each do nothing at all and cannot be interacted with. Seems odd cause they look relevant and maybe important? At any rate the touch screen “kiosk” does have all controls you’re gonna need so maybe they are just analog redundancies? The plane is a nice flyer that is very forgiving and predictable in its behaviors. Excellent interior design and the exterior is nothing to shake a stick at. The motor is of course super quiet an you’ll hear wind noise a bit more. I also have their Avelina electric “what if” plane which has a lot more going for it than this in terms of clickable interactivity. On sale it’s a no brainer purchase. Don’t doubt Lionheart, as they do make interesting “what if” planes and this Blade (like the Avelina) is a very good looking plane worth collecting. Runs great on my Win10 3.2ghz i7 16GB RAM, UHD 630 integrated graphics with medium high graphics settings on FSX Steam Ed. No noticeable drops in frame rate even in default high density scenery areas. Some drop when in HD add on scenery areas like Los Angeles X or Manhattan X and moderate drops if also using complex weather settings. I hate that you cannot shut off the open pilot door warning dinging (same with the Avelina) unless shutting the entire power off.


    Na das ist doch mal was! So ruhig, fast wie Segelfliegen. Schade das ich schon über 50 bin, denn den Flieger würde ich gerne mal in der Realität mit dieser Performance erleben. Sehr FPS-freundlich, bei mir teilweise 56 FPS. Einfach niedlich dieses Cockpit, richtig was für Spielkinder wie mich, und dann noch, im Moment, der Hammer Preis. Gesehen, gekauft und ab dafür. Er ist zwar gewöhnungsbedürftig aber nach kurzer Zeit ein Traumfliegerchen - jedenfalls bei mir. Falls der Autospeed nicht funktioniert, bitte die cfg-datei mit dem Editor öffnen, und bei "autothrottle_available=0" die 0 durch eine 1 ersetzten, dann funzt er. Der war am Anfang ziemlich trottelig. Angenehm lange zu fliegen. Man kann die Batterien auch über eine,vorher festgelegte, Taste nachladen. Steuerung öffnen und unter Tastatur den Begriff "Treibstoff erhöhen" suchen, anklicken, und dann die gewünschte Taste anklicken, die dann dafür registriert wird. Dann einfach nur diese Taste während des Fluges drücken, und Batterie wird voller. Das nur nebenbei ein Tipp. Viel Spaß!


    Ein sehr gut zu fliegendes Modell mit einer Top-Instrumentierung. Auch der Preis geht voll in Ordnung.


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