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    This is the LearFan designed by the famous Bill Lear of Learjet fandom and father of the Private Jet sector.  Bill invisioned a lighter, sleeker turboprop that would be more economical to own and maintain as compared with private jets.  His hopes were to bring in a new Turboprop that could compete with small jets at a fraction of the price.  The sleek prop-jet was completely made of Carbonfiber, which was ahead of its time in the 1980's.  The powerplant was originally dual jet turoprop engines side by side in the tail, running shafts to a transmission and out to the propeller.  The system was very similar to a helicopter twin jet setup.  This enabled the plane to have a backup engine if one of the jets had a in-flight issue.

    This creation for MSFS flight simulator is a new advanced version of the LearFan and is rebadged as the LF2200.  The original was the LF2100 with twin jets.  This unique continuance of the design modernizes the aircraft into a single jet powerplant of the new Pratt and Whitney PW127EX high efficiency power TP jet, bringing the aircraft to 2600 SHP, nearly twice its original and is lighter in weight and higher efficiency.  The interior is quite refined to modern standards and is fitted with a modern, state of the art glass screen Avionics Suite, the AS3X touch screen system.

    From high end quality leather to beautiful wood veneer, this sleek 8 seater 'Turboprop' Biz Jet is quite loaded with the luxuries of a small personal jet.

    The cruise speed of the LF2100 and this new one, the LF2200, is 280 Knots, and an incredible max speed of 390 knots TAS at 30K to 40K feet.  I wanted to keep the speeds the same as the original.  The ceiling of the LF2200 and the original 2100 is/was 40,000 feet and featured a massive range of 1780 Nautical Miles.

    If you are yearning for something radically new to fly, something advanced, a plane that is easy to fly and not overly complicated, something that comes with a plethera of various paint schemes and interiors, this might be for you.  This is a Vision, a dream of Bill Lear and I have sought to bring it to this present age, complete with todays standards of modern avionics and an incredible Pratt and Whitney high output jet, and a sporty, high end, luxury cabin.  

    This package comes with ten different paint schemes that also include multiple colored interior cabin themes; from cherry wood veneer to dark gray stained wood to Swedish Teak, and the list goes on.

    Please read through the manual to see what all this wild aircraft comes with.  You will want to learn how she works and where all the gizmos and switches and neat features are.  Lots of screenshots, so do not worry, not too much reading.

    Happy flights and pray for the people of the Ukraine!  

    UPDATE: 1.2.1
    * Luggage Mode Fixed and Luggage Material made more realistic
    * Luggage wheels enhanced
    * Park Mode fixed and red plastic Engine intakes enhanced, made glossy
    * Missing fonts on newly recoded buttons now showing up

    UPDATE: 1.2.0
    * VNAV on Autopilot fixed
    * Rotary knobs for atmosphere controls now active and function
    * Decals added throughout aircraft
    * Mouse clicks sounds added to coding and coding revamping carried out
    * Galley lights now functioning properly and brighter
    * Disappearing wing root fasteners now stay visible


    Dieses Produkt verfügt über unsere simInstaller Technologie und ist nach dem Kauf nur über unsere APP verfügbar.


    This package has many 4K resolution textures in it, but I consider it to be a mainline modern MSFS addon, not a super high graphics package.  If your computer runs midrange addons in MSFS nicely, this should do quite well.


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