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    This is the famous, high performance 4 seat American aircraft from the 1970s that was capable of cruising at 200 MPH. Featuring smooth wooden skinned wings and a steel frame fuselage, the 300 HP Turbocharged Edition 17-300A Super Viking was capable of 226 MPH top out and a range of 700 NM at 75% power cruising along at 186 MPH.  The Turbocharged version had a ceiling of 25,000 feet as well.
    This aircraft comes with many cool features, including a Century III Autopilot, several versions of interiors and panel colors, belly landing capabilities for practicing emergency landing procedures, icing capabilities, popup placcards and a popup instructional autopilot placcard.

    This is a High Resolution package with many 4K textures and also features a high realism Asobo 6 cylinder soundpack.  The Avionics are also pure Asobo, so you are guaranteed a very nice Avionics Suite.  Other features include opening door, opening cargo door, and opening vent window, hideable yokes, 2 versions of instruments ligthing that inculdes rear lit illumination and front panel pedestal style lighting.

    The package features a Manual in PDF format located in the aircrafts folder system. If you purchase the Super Viking, please read through the manual first to find out where all the cool hidden features are.

    If you like classic American planes, if you like 'fast', if you enjoy some snap in the roll performance, then this is your plane.  A classic American single-engine muscle plane.

    Screenshots by Greg Martin and Bill Ortis

    Build Release Notes ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Build 1.2 Release Notes

    This is a small update with the following modifications;
    - International mouse rect langauge pack installed
    - Update to fix code on turn-and-bank indicator to correct animation
    - Added effects visibilities
    - Streamlining of some animations to improve frame rates
    - Oil change, tires checked, new oil filter, detailed the interior

    Build 1.1 Release Notes

    In this release, the following was carried out;
    * Malfunction of Turn Coordinator (Turn and Bank, Slip) repaired
    * Stall performance improved
    * Climb performance adjusted
    * Landing gear accidental mirror mapping of brakes fixed
    * Realistic Climbout speeds at full throttle
    * Hole in left front of floor sealed for people who have VR
    * UP/DN fonts on lightmap on Autopilot VS switch zone that were reversed is repaired
    * Beacons flashing inside the plane fixed
    * Colored Spinners added to paint schemes
    * New Lite Green and Jade Green paint scheme with brown plaid interior added to fleet, 9 planes total
    * Yokes rebuilt with scratches on surface material texture and...
    * Yokes have new Bellanca emblem that is 3D and under an actual transparent reflective dome disc for extreme realism
    * Yokes have 3D mapped leather now
    * Fabrics and seats have reduced reflections.  Shine adds to 3d effect, but it was tuned down for a better balance for realism
    * Wind noise added to small vent window at pilots side, has slight 'lag' when closing, and increases in volume with speed, added
    * Panel Swivel Vent at pilot station is clickable for small wind sound, added


    Dieses Produkt verfügt über unsere simInstaller Technologie und ist nach dem Kauf nur über unsere APP verfügbar.


    Consider this package an upper range 'high graphics' package, but not 'top range' graphics.  There are many 4K resolution textures in each paint scheme.  If you do have some frame rate issues running this package, you can always lower some settings in MSFS to accomodate the Viking, but I can tell you, she is not a 'extreme graphics' addon.


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