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    This is the advanced concept 'Proton Stingrey' flying wing aircraft featuring advanced technologies in electric propulsion, quantum and solar energy charging management, new User Interface designs in instrumentation screen technology as well as a voice 'talking' feedback system; an artificial AI named 'Stinger'.

    The package is utterly an explosion of gamepack addon, featuring 30 different themes that include interior variations as well as exterior theme designs including 4 themes from the WWII era.  The 3 onboard computer screens feature over a dozen different wallpaper backgrounds.  A huge amount of special sounds and alarms and dings that increase the environment of your flight experience.  The voice callbacks of operations and warnings, the elaborate graphics and system UI interface, is mind boggling.

    Your package comes with 3 versions of the Stingrey, from the standard model 'RG' or 'Retractable Gear' model, to the 'FG' or 'Fixed Gear' Economy model, (liter weight, slightly slower, more rugged), and lastly, the Amphibian featuring floats for water landings that are fitted with retracable landing gear.

    There is a nice manual that comes with the package.  It is a rather large download and will have a big footprint on your simulator.  We are talking 30 planes each of the FG and RG models, and 4 versions (themes) of the Floatplane version.  That is a ton of planes and graphics.  You are warned.  This is another LHC 'Mega Pack' in the true meaning of 'Mega'.


    A Computer that can run FSX or Prepar3D V1 thru V4 very well should be able to run this.  If your computer can barely run FSX or P3D, then this might be too much.  This package contains textures that are 4K in size, massive...  If your computer can barely run the basics, it will not run this well.  It will have problems.  If you can run with high settings (not maxed but at least 50% high settings) then you should be fine.  You will also need to be able to run 4096 sized textures.  You will need to activate that in your sim if its not already active. 


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    This is one strange looking plane. Not a bad kind of strange, but just unfamiliar and eye brow raising. At first glance it looks like something out of a 1950s sic fi movie about aliens. For me just looking at it got me overly curious so I had to buy it. Wow! It’s a lot of fun to fly and not really as difficult as some reviews lef me to believe. Then again I have a lot of tail dragger experience so maybe that’s why? At any rate this is a highly aerobatic and entertaining plane to fly around in. Extremely nimble and responsive with fair speed (around 200 GS) to keep it moving the Stingrey doesn’t disappoint. The interior is just as a I fi as the exterior and come in a variety of color schemes depending on each selected livery. I might add that there are a lot of cool liveries to choose from. The float versions are front heavy and look awkward on water. The fixed gear is almost identical to the RG variants characteristics. Even though it looks like it can’t possibly fly in real life it does excel in sim world and keeps me wondering if this might ever actually make it to the real world someday? Another great “what if” airplane from the future by LHC! Based on use with FSX Steam win 10 3.3 ghz i7 16GB ram Intel 630UHD integrated graphics. Better than %50 high graphics and scenery settings with several around %80to %90 on sliders.


    Very special aircraft and many hours of fun. This one is not an east craft to take off with but slowly you will learn. Recommend with no second thought.


    Bill Ortis, of Lionheart Productions, has staked out a unique niche in that he designs very innovative, fictional and futuristic, but very credible and high quality aircraft. His FSX and P3D addons are, in their way, works of art. Great texturing and very high quality modeling are the standard with each of his works, and they're clearly labors of love. They're also consistently good value for the money. I have several of his past releases and have enjoyed them all. The the Stingrey, however, is his most innovative and radical design. I had never previously been interested in tail draggers until I discovered this bird. I doubt that there's any add on aircraft in the Flight Simulator/P3D world that is more unconventional and innovative. It's incredible looking; among its coolest features is a very innovative STOL mode, where the props can be adjusted to rise to an angle, and it becomes a hybrid helicopter/tiltrotor, that enables it to perform landings and takeoffs in under 500 feet. At the same time, it is exceptionally fast in cruise. Beware though—it's quite a challenge to fly. I suppose experienced tail dragger pilots would have an easier time getting accustomed to it. I've had quite a number of years as a desktop airman, but I crashed it more times than I can count in learning it. It's a blast, but it's also the most unforgiving of all of the planes I've flown. It will drop from the sky in an instant if you let the airspeed drop too far. It's also extremely touchy, and will spin out on you during taxi, or takeoff or landing if proper technique isn't used. It's essential to pay close attention, and stay on those rudders during taxi, and watch your airspeed like a hawk when you're in the pattern. It can turn on a dime, and do maneuvers that very few other planes an do--but it will get away from you if you get carried away, or are not paying close attention to what it's doing. It's one of the most rewarding planes I've ever flown. I felt a great sense of a achievement and satisfaction once I gained proficiency in it. I'm fervently hoping that Mr. Ortis will see fit to upgrade the model and add new features to it going forward. I highly recommend it!


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