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    Welcome to another Aircraft Adventure by Lionheart Creations. In this package, you will find two highly acclaimed ‘Experimental Homebuilt Sport Aircraft’ designed by the famous aircraft designer and air racer; 'Steve Wittman'.  These are the Wittman Tailwind series W-8 and W-10 Models.  The W-8 is a simpler build version with smaller engine and more basic instrument panel, while the W-10 Edition is a radical build with a 6 cylinder engine and a high technology glass screen avionics suite.  One is more realistic and slower, while the other, the W-10, is more of a exotic version of what one can do with these unique little Speedster aircraft.

    The looks of the Tailwind are radical.  They are small, tight fitting, sporty looking aircraft with a cowling shaped like a wedge, its perspex windscreen curving up from the cowling like a wing foil shape, making the entire top of the fuselage a 'lift' inducing wing surface.  The wings are like a Bellanca.  Fully wood construction, from spar and ribbing, to the skins, they have no rivets, no seams, are sanded and finished with a glass finish, making them ultra slippery with windflow.

    The package has many features.  A high detail interior, really unique seats, Asobo state of the art soundpacks with all their various high resolution sound effects that even include squeaks and rattles, flap airflow sounds, and the list goes on.  The seats in the Tailwind are a jump up. In my design of this package, I thought... How would I make my Tailwind?  And I thought about seats.  On the W-8, I have Lamborghini Countach remakes for seats.  They fit you comfortably in a very tight cabin, just like the Tailwind.  And for the W-10 Ultra, I wanted something futuristic, like these new modern sport planes have, so I went with modern Off Road Sport Utility Vehicle style seats.  For the panels, I wanted the W-8 to be able to look 'vintage' as well as modern.  So I have older versions with krinkle paint, aged, as well as wood and also carbon fiber.  Note that the W-8 Series Tailwind first appeared in about 1954.  Very advanced for its time.  So I wished to also include the earlier versions, as well as very modern, up to date variants.

    Also...  I wanted to make these 'Adventure' planes.  Part of the 'Theme' of this package was to make a set of 'Adventure' aircraft where you could go on a dream journey, like to Oshkosh, for instance.  And so I thought... They will need 'Tents' and little folding chairs. So I have included a 'Camping Mode' where you click a button and a small ensemble deploys, consisting of two little camping tents, two fold up, ultra-lite chairs, a cooler for food, and your flight bag.  There is even a little campfire that glows red at night and lanterns hanging on the wings on the tie-down loops.  Flip those on at night for camping lighting.

    Oh, and about 29 paint schemes total…  I know.  I go overboard on Liveries.

    These are meant to be radically fun, yet also with some realistic handling and speeds.  Not too fast, but not slow either.  Steve would want them to be doing their proper speeds, and then some, if you know what I mean.  So if you want a steady level plane, this might not be it. This is what I call a 'Dream Build', a vision of 'What if...' where you have the funds to make a really nice home built plane, and this is what it might turn out to be like.

    There is a neat manual with lots of screenshots, information, and diagrams for you to glance over.  It is in the W-8 airplane folder, in the Manual folder.  

    I hope you enjoy them.  They were made with much love and enthusiasm.

    God bless and Amazing Adventures!

    Lionheart Creations

    Please pray for the Ukraine and also the Hostages of Israel


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    If you are able to run MSFS flight simulator fine, you should be able to run the Tailwind Collection also.  There are some 4K textures in this package.  This is not a power packed monster addon with massive amounts of graphics.  I do suggest a graphics card with 4 Gigs of VRAM and 16 Gigs of regular RAM.


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    I have lots of fun just bush flying in Alaska with this plane! Its a joy to do a few barrel rolls down low. Overall great fun!


    It allows choice of modern glass panel (well laid out to read them easier than most planes), older panel, and vintage panel (art deco). The small wings allow snappy maneuvers and tricks, and yet is real gentle to land. There is a retractable gear model. Tons of inside and outside graphic schemes. I did not like the default pilot view and so I moved the seat back and up and tilted down (MSFS calls tilt or pan "look" in the controls options). I then saved the new view as my default flying view. It allows more visibility. This is impossible to get right in planes with opaque roofs, but this roof is glass.


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