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    Multi-Aircraft Addon Package

    For FSX and Prepar3D Flight Simulators


    This is a complete package of 4 professional, high resolution, extreme detail addon aircraft packages from the Golden Age of American Aviation History.


    • Pasped Skylark from the 1930's, 2 seat sport aircraft featuring STOL performance
    • Fairchild 24R and 24W Variants with float plane versions, radial and inline Ranger engines
    • Piper Super Pacer 4 Pack featuring; Taildragger original, Bush, Float and Tri-Pacer Variants
    • Wittman Tailwind Mini Homebuilt featuring 3 versions; WT-8, WT-10, and Tri-Cycle WT-10 Variants


    The Pasped W-1 Skylark was a very elegant aircraft born in the 1930's. Featuring a Wasp radial engine, giant landing gear designed to land on rough grass airstrips, clad in sleek Duraluminum fairings, this wild looking two place aircraft was so bold that it even made its way into the Hollywood movies. With an almost STOL like landing ability, huge belly mounted air brake flap, doors and a sliding canopy, this makes for one awesome Hot Rod for flying around in. This package includes an 'Era' theme Owners Manual in PDF format, and a base price what will surely make you look twice.


    • High Detail refined Model Mesh availed by the FSX SDK that allows for very elaborate mesh models.
    • Fully animated components and flight control surfaces all through out the aircraft.
    • Custom engineered team created airfile set that features handling aspects that were shared with us by the gentleman that rebuilt the Skylark recently and has flown in it.
    • FSX Materials including bump mapping on rivets and panels, as well as some lite sheet metal fatiquing that give it that extra look of realism.
    • Electric powered air brake, belly mounted under the fuselage between the landing gear. This 'massive' air brake panel can slow the Skylark down well for those short field approaches.
    • Scanning pilot animation, high detail pilot mesh structure with easily changeable clothing textures.
    • Custom instrumentation, most taken from actual photographs, professionally done by pro gauge maker Dwight Furleigh. These feature mouse-over readouts and the elevator trim gauge can even be controlled with your mouse wheel.
    • Opening front nose compartment just behind the engine.
    • Opening map box door.
    • Optional high resolution 'double-size' textures pack version, called the Pasped Skylark HD package, for those with powerful computers able to handle intense graphics.
    • Appearing wheel chocks and canopy cover when engaging 'Tie-Down-mode' switch in the left hand switch cubby box.
    • Kneeboard features checklists, runway visualizer, specs and performance data as well as a hand written appearing set of Range and Fuel Left readouts.




    • High resolution 2048 textures
    • 37 Total Variants
    • 3 versions of landing gear models; Classic Skirt Fairings and Skirtless for Bush Landings and Floats.
    • Float Variants come for both Ranger and Warner Editions
    • 4 Bush Planes with loads of mud and wear and tear, fading and chipped paint. As rugged as it might get!
    • Several paint scheme versions of Instrument Panels, including rough, military gray, and fine wood venner.
    • Vintage instrumentation including the Mark12 Narco Com/Nav Radio
    • Many versions of interiors, too numerous to note here
    • Glass over gauges
    • Roll down windows with sound effects
    • Clickable airvents with sound effects
    • High detail 1940's style manual booklet 'in' the virtual cockpit (popup feature)
    • Cool 1940's style checklist also in 'popup mode' which includes a traffic angles calculator
    • An extreme number of interior and exterior cam shot viewpoints
    • Rugged main landing gear for rough field landings
    • Animated male pilot with different vintage clothes for some of the paint scheme variants
    • Hinging, animated hand straps that can be hidden
    • Opening map box with GPS inside
    • Overhead hand crank elevator trim
    • Features 'one' black krinkle 2D Panel for those that like to fly in 2D panel mode, (no throttle or special controls in the 2D panel mode. Instrumentation only. Sorry).
    • Garmin GPS system with NAV2 / COM2 systems
    • VOR Homing gauge linked to the Narco Mark12 radio (NAV1)
    • Brilliant custom soundpacks of both a radial Super Scarab and inline aircraft engine.
    • Canoe that can be hidden on the Float Plane only
    • For Prepar3D as well



    • High resolution exterior 2048 textures
    • 33 Total Variants
    • 4 versions of landing gear models;
    • Regular Classic Tail Dragger comes with 3 versions of main gear: Early Wheel Fairings, Modern Wheel Fairings, No Wheel Fairings
    • Tri-Pacer Landing Gear comes with 2 versions of gear: Modern Wheel Skirts, No Wheel Fairings
    • Modern Bush plane features Tundra large diameter tires
    • Float Plane
    • 3 Versions of 'Instrument Panels': Classic early Pacer era with disappearing radios for early versions, Tri-Pacer era panel with dual panel sides, Bush version modern aircraft carbon fiber addon with more modernized avionics
    • Disappearing Magnetic Whiskey compass on older version panels
    • 'Clean Your Plexi!' cleaning system; click to rotate through 3 modes of plexi, dirty to clean
    • Classsic version aircraft features vintage instrumentation
    • Glass over the gauges which includes the 'Clean Your Plexi!' system
    • Appear-able vintage airspeed 'horn' on lower left side (click Mic socket, bottom left on instrument panel)
    • Click and hide control yokes
    • Overhead dome light, and overhead instrument lights are clickable to activate lighting modes
    • Night time soft glow internal illumination on instrumenation
    • Awesome Krinkle black on some instrument panels; some also feature high wear chipping
    • Certain Bush Plane paint schemes are well 'weathered' and feature a nice coat of mud under the wings from muddy / damp tundra landings in the wilderness. (For mud lovers, I recommend the Blue Stripe paint scheme).
    • Bush Plane version has high impact reinforced landing gear for rough, drop fast landings.

    **This aircraft package uses the Maule stock sound package in FSX and Prepar3D

    ***Includes scenery upgrades to several airports in and around Hope Alaska, south of Anchorage as well as small lake ports, remote cabin locations in forests and on lakes, camp sites on Glaciers, and a crashed UFO site up high on a Glacier. Please activate your addon scenery by going into the FS Addon Scenery library and activating the LHC_Alaska folder to view this. See the manual for GPS locations of the various 30 sites added into the scenery.


    The world famous 2 seater speedster of the American Homebuilt sector, the 200 MPH, wooden winged Tailwind designed by famous air racer Steven Wittman. This world famous plane, originally designed in the 1950's, graces the skies internationally with radical high speed performance, extremely inexpensive contruction, and provide regular people with a fun, enjoyable way of flying. This comes with both the W8 and W10 series model variants.


    This package now features 3 aircraft; the Wittman Tailwind W-8 Series and the W-10 series and the Tri-Gear W-10.
    The W-8 series has both versions of landing gear; regular and wheel skirts.

    The two W series aircraft both fly slightly different, with the W-10 having a high performance engine and the W-8 having a more common powerplant. The W-10 will cruise at 180 MPH (not Knots) and will max out at 200 MPH. The W-8 cruises at 140 to 160 MPH and maxes out at 180 MPH.

    Instrument panels are also different between the two models. The panel in the W-10 is much more elaborate and includes an avionics stack, while the W-8 is equipped with minimal instrumentation needed for flight.

    Common features include:

    • Custom high detail instrumentation
    • New Avionics featuring an MX12 NAV-COM, transponder, and autopilot in the W-10
    • Full night lighting with soft glow gauge instrumentation for night flights 'without' the dome light needing to be on
    • Eight different paint schemes with several versions of interiors
    • One aircraft called 'Retro' features an early 1960's paint scheme and wood panel interior from that era the Tailwind came from
    • Fully animated control surfaces and various controls within the Tailwind Collection
    • Front diagonal cross brace bars in front of pilot are hideable with a switch for ease of flying in VC mode
    • Features high detail 2D panels by legendary Bill Leaming
    • Optional Wide Screen Panels can be linked to Registry blocks in the aircraft config file for wide screen users
    • Ice box in rear cargo shelf opens and features animated bottled water and sandwich
    • Custom sounds throughout the aircraft
    • Hide-able top sun cover for the W-8, which features a fully transparent roof
    • Hide-able front instrument panel cover made of an old airchart map
    • Features a functioning virtual replica of the Apple iPhone 3Gs with:
      1. Sleep Mode
      2. Lockout Mode
      3. Apps window
      4. 8 Song Tracks and can use your own music converted to WAV format
      5. Features on photo page
      6. Has one ringtone
      7. Has functioning Compass App with GPS coordinates readout and heading in digital format also
    • Pilot auto-hides when engine stops running
    • Basic cargo displays outside of plane when engine stops running
    • Comes in full, complete FSX format with DDS files, all in high performance DXT5 DDS format
    • Comes also with FS2004 version with most files in high performance DXT3 format, 2 in 888-8 32Bit High rez.
    • Custom sound package
    • Custom flight model (aircraft config files) that feature a unique feel for the aircraft
    • Tailwind Operations Manual in PDF format
    • Checklist in popup view, does not use Kneeboard program
    • Optional Wide Screen 2D panels for those of you with wide screen monitors
    • Custom exterior 3D high realism lighting effects


    FSX SP2 or P3D or P3DV2


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    This is my first purchase of Lionheart aircraft. I've read nothing but good things about Lionheart airplanes but never tried one until now. All four in this package really interested me so I bought it and I'm very happy with this purchase. For about $40 you get the Wittman Tailwind, the Pasped Skylark, Fairchild 24 and the Piper Pacer pack. Each airplane in this pack is very unique and lots of fun to fly. All four aircraft are very nicely done inside and out. I really like the style of the texture work in Lionheart planes. The flight modelling feels good in all four aircraft. 3 of the 4 planes come in multiple variants. The only downside is the Piper Pacer does not come with custom engine sound, it uses the default Maule sound however you can find soundpacks on this site for the Lycombing O-320 (also commonly used in earlier Cessna 172's) which was used in most Pacers for more realistic sound. I can attest that all four aircraft do work just fine in P3Dv5 which is the sim I use them in.

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