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    New from the studios of Lionheart Creations Ltd. is the Pasped W-1 Skylark, a very elegant aircraft born in the 1930's.  Featuring a radial engine, giant landing gear designed to land on rough grass airstrips, clad in sleek Duraluminum fairings, this wild looking two place aircraft was so bold that it even made its way into the Hollywood movies.  

    With an almost STOL like landing ability, huge belly mounted air brake flap, doors and a sliding canopy, this makes for one awesome Hot Rod for flying around in.  This package includes an 'Era' theme Owners Manual in PDF format, and a base price what will surely make you look twice.


    • High Detail refined Model Mesh availed by the FSX SDK that allows for very elaborate mesh models.
    • Fully animated components and flight control surfaces all through out the aircraft.
    • Custom engineered team created airfile set that features handling aspects that were shared with us by the gentleman that rebuilt the Skylark recently and has flown in it.
    • FSX Materials including bump mapping on rivets and panels, as well as some lite sheet metal fatiquing that give it that extra look of realism.
    • Electric powered air brake, belly mounted under the fuselage between the landing gear.  This 'massive' air brake panel can slow the Skylark down well for those short field approaches.
    • Scanning pilot animation, high detail pilot mesh structure with easily changeable clothing textures.
    • Custom instrumentation, most taken from actual photographs, professionally done by pro gauge maker Dwight Furleigh.  These feature mouse-over readouts and the elevator trim gauge can even be controlled with your mouse wheel.
    • Opening front nose compartment just behind the engine.
    • Opening map box door.
    • Optional high resolution 'double-size' textures pack version, called the Pasped Skylark HD package, for those with powerful computers able to handle intense graphics.
    • Appearing wheel chocks and canopy cover when engaging 'Tie-Down-mode' switch in the left hand switch cubby box.
    • Kneeboard features checklists, runway visualizer, specs and performance data as well as a hand written appearing set of Range and Fuel Left readouts.

    Special Features:

    • Hand Held flat compass for those that have issues with navigating with only a Whiskey Compass.
    • Multifunctional Kneeboard that walks you through the aircrafts specs, checklists, as well as a unique Runway Visualizer for setting up approaches and patterns to  airport runways.

    Owners Manual:

    This is the Pasped Skylark Owners Manual, a neatly bound book clad in a leather portfolio like cover, rugged and old.  Here, you can read on the specs of the Skylark, flight tips, layouts of the instrumentation, etc.  This is a free download and gives you insight to the package. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.

    Repaint Kit:

    The Paint Kit of the Pasped Skylark is in Adobe Photoshop Layered Format (PSD) and is double sized at 2048 pixels large.  The package includes Fuselage, Wings LH and RH, Canopy/fairings, and Tail.  If you need interior or pilot textures, email us at help@lionheartcreations.com.  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.

    NOTE: There is a 'High Resolution' and a 'Regular' Version Skylark available.  What is the difference? The High Definition (HD) package features double sized textures, while the Regular package features 'standard' sized textures, except 2 or 3 which are double size, such as the Fuselage and Panel texture sheets.




    FSX, FSX: SE, P3D V1, P3D V2, P3D V3


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    I love early models of planes. It’s a great stick and rudder experience, but it’s not always easy to find older aircraft designed or coded in a way that makes the experience believable on a sim. This one pretty much hits the mark and is a solid performer. It looks great and has fantastic sound. The Skylark gives me the impression that it flies like it should. I have a couple issues though. First is that this is my 3rd Lionheart product that requires clicking 200 (no exaggeration, I counted and same exact issue with their Epic Legacy VLJ and Epic Dynasty) times on an error box that pops up right after hitting “Fly Now” before the plane will load. No idea why this is? I have a few other of their planes that load normally just fine though. No other add on of mine does this. Once loaded everything sounds fine. So weird. My other gripe is the pilot and copilot heater knobs are static. Depending on other cockpit camera views some switches can’t be clicked on while they can in other views. More strangeness no? Anyway, it’s still a really nice product and for less than $10 I can live with it.
    I've had this for 2 years now and its a Great Aircraft to have, Vintage all the way and the Texturing is outstanding quality ! Fun for low & slow flying in Vintage era Flying exploring all your Freeware & Payware Airports ! Definitely a 5 Star Aircraft My Video on it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLsmOZUrDew


    Wow, I just love this aircraft. This is my second Lionheart purchase (the first being the Junkers) and I must congratulate them again for creating such a fine aircraft. The attention to detail is amazing. Wonderful textures, realistic and true to life sounds all complement a fine flight model, which, added altogether, creates a truly immersive flight simming experience. Thanks guys!!

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