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    Lionheart Creations is proud to announce the release of its first 'pure' 100% FSX aircraft, the Super Viking collection. 

    This package features all DDS textures, bump mapping, refined, high detail VC components, numerous gauge improvements and enhancements,
    and updating of animations and 'clickables' within the VC. 

    This package is featured as an update to 'existing' Viking customers. One would simply reload it from their vendor. Please be sure to delete the
    original Viking aircraft 'before' installing the totally new Viking package. Note that this package also comes with the original FS9 installer as
    well, so this is for 2 different sims put together. 

    Note that this is new build (4.0) is a full, complete, 100% pure FSX model package and works fully with DirectX 10.

    New from the design studio's of Lionheart Creations comes the elaborately modelled Bellanca Super Viking and Turbo Viking, sporting high detail 32 bit textures, a precision model that is created from factory drawings and guided by actual Bellanca Viking owners and inspectors, as well as a precision airfile to insure a pure and authentic handling aircraft comparable only to that of the Bellanca Super Viking.

    If you love realism in your simulation aircraft, if you like the sleek lines of the sexy Bellanca Viking, if you have always wanted to own a 200 MPH private plane, if you like high detail levels in your VC, then this might be a prospective addition to your hanger collection.

    The Bellanca Super Viking by Lionheart Creations Ltd. comes with a full complement of features that include:

    • High detail Virtual Cockpit that features fully animated controls and functioning switches
    • Aircraft totally designed from both factory drawings and from owners of the Viking aircraft
    • Model created in Gmax for fluid like surfaces and elaborate animation tracking
    • Eleven different exterior paint schemes based off factory designs and existing Vikings
    • Many different mixed high realism interiors based both off of real Vikings
    • Opening passenger door and opening cargo door
    • Tie down mode with realistic aircraft cover designed from the real thing
    • Illuminated Instrumentation and exclusive 'Soft Glow' interior
    • Exclusive Dome Light control that isnt associated with Nav Lights command.
    • All buttons and levers in the VC are animated including maps, manual, door handle, vents.
    • Oxygen system with animated control at panel that brings up Oxygen mask for pilot.
    • 205 MPH cruise (175 knots) @ 75% throttle with subtle landings with full flaps at 65 knots.

    New updates

    • New high realism pilot with numerous different textures for each plane
    • Numerous modifications and improvements to existing cabin textures and graphics
    • 3 Dimensional gauge elements for high realism
    • High resolution panel graphics
    • 2 Versions of Avionics now, Bendix 'and' the classic King radios that came original
    • Moderate model inhancements throughout
    • Interior elements added to the cabin features, such as iPhone on the front seat, and music CD's on the back seat.
    • Improvements to parts for better dimensional quality and realism to the actual Viking aircraft, such as the elevator trim control on the cieling panel.
    • Tunes and improvements to the airfiles for better performance
    • Tunes to the soundpack for a quieter interior atmosphere
    • 3 New textures added to make it 11 total in paint scheme selections, each with its own cabin color scheme




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    its not worth it, great details (even a moving pilot) but some more essential details where left out

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