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New Dynamic Build 1.3 for FSX / Prepar3D 

These are the new modifications and enhancements on the Aerospool Dynamic by LHC:

  • * Performance tune for better frame rates
  • * New click and flip Metric to SAE 'Auxilary' gauges added
  • * 5 New Interior cockpit Camera views
  • * 7 New Exterior Camera views
  • * Graphics to rear bulkhead enhanced
  • * Rear windows sills smoothly recessed
  • * Leather upholstery totally redone to look like the stock factory leather
  • * Joystick leather boot assembly modified
  • * Front carpet edge stripping modified
  • * Post LHC Paint Scheme addons now included in the Installer Pack
  • * Male Pilot's eye repaired
  • * Exterior model fitted with non functioning instruments for performance boost
  • * Now features Prepar3D Installer option (Installer has both P3D and FSX Install Options)

New from the studios of Lionheart Creations, the WT-9 Dynamic by Aerospool. This sleek composite sport plane is an extremely popular plane in Europe, found at most all flight schools. Its performance makes it a great cruiser for trips as well as a popular plane in flying clubs and flight schools. They are also a first choice for glider tow planes across Europe.

The styling of the WT-9 is very sleek and advanced, its airframe using the latest in composite construction technologies, its slippery design enabling it to attain good airspeed ranges yet sporting a very good fuel range.

Instrument Panels

The Instrument Panel on the Dynamic was created from factory drawings of one of their model ranges, this one featuring the Dynon D-100 and the AvMap GPS system and full battery of analog gauges.

Features of this plane package include;

  • High detail Dynon D-100 PFD screen with sub-menu systems and full in-system adjustments and settable and removeable elements from the main screen and popup HSI with detailed flight data, wind direction, flight plan status, etc.
  • HS34 sister unit to the D-100; Adjuster knobs for heading, Localizer, and AP ALT. settings. (Easier to manage with knobs then menu-button selections).
  • High Functionality Garmin SL-30 Radio with many many features and functions
  • High Functionality Garmin GTX-375 Transponder
  • FlyBox Prop Pitch Management Computer that can set engine RPM and Pitch automatically. User Friendly.
  • Soft night lighting without a dome light for cool, realistic night flights.
  • 'IN' aircraft Owners Flight Manual. This enables you to read up on the plane 'in' the aircraft. 40 pages.
  • Fuel Flow Management Computer with the fixed gear Dynamic.
  • Hideable plexi in the canopy structure of the Dynamics in FSX for those bothered with inner plexi tinting and reflections.

Special Features

The Dynamic comes with a huge amount of special features.

  • Viewable high detail Rotax 112 UL engine complete with Ducati high performance ignition module and 2 stroke oil resevoir
  • Selectable Wing Types (with or without Winglets) from 'in' the actual aircraft (flip a switch, the wings change).
  • Selectable Fuselage Types (with or without rear windows) from 'in' the actual aircraft (flip a switch, the wings change).
  • Selectable Pilot Loadouts (in FS2004 only) with male, female, or couple pilots, or non-laden, from 'within' the aircraft...
  • Detachable wings to see what the plane looks like when its about to be transported or stored for the winter.
  • Cool small vent windows that have loud air noise when you slide them open.
  • Sound effects through out for all switches and levers

Owners Manual

On this project, we have decided to include the manual in the actual aircraft. Selecting Shift-9 or clicking on the brown manual in the left pocket inside the virtual cockpit will bring up the large manual that is fully illustrated with many screenshots to go from in how to fly your new Dynamic. The manual is approximately 40 pages and I should say, will probably grow with future updates.


  • Multiple pilots; Male, Female. The FS2004 model also has 'couple' loadout.
  • Complete high detail Virtual Cockpit with many popup panels and instruments
  • Metric Aux. Instruments (3) for European pilots; actual Winter German gauges
  • High detail Dynon D-100 PFD electronic screen flight system with sub menu's and various selections and settings created exactly like the real Dynon D-100. Also comes with the HS34 companion 'control' unit for D-100 HDG, CRS, and ALT
  • FlyBox Prop Pitch Management Computer (easy to use and explained how it is worked in the manual).
  • Comes with both versions of Retractable and Fixed Landing Gear; RG & FG.
  • AVMap GPS Screen with HSI readout and various GPS Functions. This is not a fully functioning GPS. The stock FS GPS 500 unit comes with the popup list for programming Direct To flights, etc.
  • FS2004 model is the newest in FS9 technology; Unlimited Export. Where older FS9 models were restricted to Vertices being 4MM apart and no less, and a maximum of 65,000 Polygons for the entire model, this now features extremely precise small parts and sports 564,000 Polygons!
  • High detail Rotax 112UL Engine with remove-cowling command
  • Detachable wings
  • Selectable Wings; with or without wingtips
  • Selectable fuselages; with or without rear windows
  • Prop Mittens for keeping the prop safe after shutdown for storage
  • Park Mode with wheel chauks. Luggage is also deployable
  • Opening window vents with sound effects of wind
  • LHC added Auto Pilot for those that love sight seeing
  • Several paint schemes with several featuring metallic paint
  • Wild STOL like flight capabilities that enable short field take-offs and fast, agile landings.
  • Cruise airspeeds for the RG is 136 Knots; for the FG is 120 Knots (5200 RPM)


These are screenshots of the Dynamic being run through its paces in Flight Simulator. Note the extreme attention to every single nut and bolt on the exterior (and interior) of the plane. Things from cowling quick release screws to the brakes assemblies on the RG variant. Everything possible was reproduced on this high detail virtual aircraft. All the animations, the wild wing design, flaps assemblies, the intricate perimeter of the edges of the canopy structure, the rear cubby compartment with an emergency ELT transmitter (Yellow box), and even deployable baggage.

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This aircraft's MFD / GPS screen presently will not work in Prepar3D V2.1 (Updated) simulator. It does work fine in V1.4 and V2.0, but not V2.1
FSX, FSX: SE, P3D V1, P3D V2, P3D V3, P3D V4
Customer Reviews
MSk has great scenery addons for fsx. overall great scenery you get what you pay for. Definitely can improve in some areas like night lighting at the terminal, runway textures and upgrade the jetways from static to moving.
Good modelling, VDGS as well as good performance are strong points of this scenery, unfortunately there are several issues that lower the quality to a point where I just don't think it's a good hub airport scenery: Som-
e issues that are important for a large hub airport: - Complete absence of accurate airline gate assignments and wingspan size for parking spots. AI Airlines and aircraft types park in places where they never do on the real airport. - There is no custom, Heathrow-specif-
ic animated ground vehicle traffic anywhere on the aprons or service roads. - Gross errors in jetway placement: Most jetways lack a realistic looking attachment to the walls. Some of the jetways are not even touching the walls at all, it's especially bad at Terminal 4. And many jetways therefore do not attach to AI aircraft. Strange negligence in quality control for something labelled as "accurate jetway placement" in the features list. It's issues like these that prevent the scenery from delivering a true Heathrow flair. There are further items amiss where the competition has done better: - A few service road tunnel ramps have been modelled while most are represented by flat, non-descending roads only. This is very much noticeable where such tunnels are located next to taxiways. - Some terminal buildings feature interior modelling that is plenty good for such a large hub, great job there. However, on those buildings that do not have such 3D interiors, only low-resolution night lighting textures are present. Unfortunately many daytime building textures are of low resolution as well, and a bit sterile in places, which do get noticed around the parking spots. - In some areas crisp apron ground textures are bordered by very crude low res aerial imagery devoid of any 3D structures, which are again very much noticeable if located right next to taxiways or parking spots. - While it is admirable to see high-res textures on all cars in the parking lots, the LOD for that texture is set so close as to pop up right in front of the aircraft, making the approach to runways 27R/L rather painful. Fewer cars with better LOD texture properties would have been preferable here. - The maintenance area is odd looking with hangars fully open and empty, looking more like huge shelters instead of aircraft hangars. I don't need an endless amount of detail, but here the maintenance area is a true ghost town. So while I see some good effort by ini such as VDGS and good care in placing taxiway signs or lights, the overall quality is not that good I'm afraid, in texture quality, features and accuracy. The lack of accurate airline/wingspa-
n specifications is especially painful in such a place, and there are many competitors that feature custom animated ground service vehicles as standard, both very important items at a hub airport.
It's cool to land Boeings and Airbuses on CATIII autoland, but this plane is much more fun and challenge to fly it! Get yourself a VOR/NDB only flight plan, disable FMC and you won't get bored during the flight. The manual itself is not as big and detailed like on those study level airplanes, but I still needed to study it and get some takeoff/landing training before I could fly this airplane. So it is kind of a study level machine. This is not my first Just Flight plane, I am getting more happy with each new one, so can't wait for them to release Fokker! My conclusion is, that everyone who is passionate about retro aviation, should get this plane, to feel what it was like, to fly a classic jet, as it feels great!
very well done and unlike others I find the interior useless so for me it is complete
One of my favorite bush trips was the Florida trip from the FSAcademy Voyager. This addon makes the trip along the keys even better. It now make the trip so much more immersive. Recommended buy if you spend anytime in the keys area.
very beautiful airport because i grew up here in this air force base shared between Portugal and US, probably one of the most important (strategically __________) US bases because all US military planes normally stop here due being in the middle of US and Europe so the pilots can rest and arm the planes, i grew up in this base (BA-4) because my father was an officer of Portuguese AF (from 80´s to 2000´s. This airport was very well done and it is an amazing place to explore, it has a very big runway for all type of planes, congrats tropicalsim, check my YT for reviews (guitargamery)
It lacks details and it's not like you can see much of it in real life, it could improve in those aspects
Bought this for the XP11 SR22 and it was the best GA sound pack I've ever heard. Whilst the MSFS version is not quite as articulate or wide ranging in sounds as the XP11 version, it's still an absolute must have, if you enjoy the SR22 in MSFS, and so much better than the stock sounds. I wish they had got things like the AC / fan sounds working with the MSFS version, as they did with the XP11 version.
Die Bodenstruckture-
n könnten tatsächlich realistischer sein und einige Beschriftungen fehlen auch an den Airport Gebäuden. Ansonsten sehr gute detallierte Umsetzung mit fast liebevollen Details.Man sollte mal z.B. mit einem Follow me Car die Scenerie abfahren. Framerate sehr gut auf meinem PC System, auch die Seaplane Base ist gut nachgebildet.Kl-
eines Update durch S Design wäre gut
Oslo belongs to one of their best airports! Pricy but worth every euro!
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