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Amazing rendition of the airport, especially for the price compared to competitors. However, the ground textures do leave a lot to be desired in terms of resolution. The ground markings (paints) are very blurry, especially on ground level when taxiing. The-
re is also currently a fault where the grass appears to grow over the taxiway where A and C intersect.
Perfect! It's just like in the movie, Animation design all perfect, even the height! The only mistake is the brightness too high! For the perfect rest!
Excellent work guys, thank you for this scenery! No FPS impact, perfect rendition of this famous airport! I would like to see others italian airports!
Excellent scenery, excellent work, thank you a lot guys! LJLJ is my hometown airport and the place, where I work every day. This scenery is so real and I love it!
Super nice product. Finally after so many teasers we saw the final release and it really sets a high benchmark in the world of simming. This is a really complete with details which you will not find across the big scenery vendors. Unrivalled quality. There is no doubt that this was a thoroughly developed scenery. Can’t wait for more airports from Scenic Routes, the bar is set high; this will certainly put LJLJ on the map….I would highly recommend anyone considering buying this product.
One of the best scenery soo far. As this is my local airport i can say its very very accurate and detailed. Also new terminal is included.
Simply breathtaking! The attention to detail in this airport is impeccable and only matched by the top dogs of the flight sim scenery developers. -
10/10 will recommend to my one Slovenian friend.
Solid rendition of Taiwan's leading airport. Good modelling of the terminals and pretty high quality ground textures. To make this a 5/5 would have liked to see better textures on the buildings (seem a bit last generation) and more night lighting on the two terminal structures. Will be interesting to see how pacsim's rendition compares when it comes out. For now this is a fantastic improvement over the default rendition. For now highly recommended for frequent flyer's to this beautiful island!
I bought this the SECOND was available, as Ljubljana is my favorite place on Earth. I went there inter-railing in 2019 and just have been obsessed ever since. I waited to write this review for a few days however as due to my love for Ljubljana and the price (which at first I thought was steep but wow I was wrong!!) I wanted to go through LJLJ thoroughly for my review and I have to say I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY and amazed by what this gifted team have made. It definitely shows from the first time you load in, how much love and effort was put into making this add on and how valuable the help from Ljubljana Airport was to give the Scenic Routes team the ability to make this airport to such a high quality and with realism at it's core, especially so close to the new terminal opening! There are so many handcrafted models (150+) around the airport from the terminals & warehouses, Aircraft maintenance area, plane graveyards and animated Go Kart track (Which is impossible not to love!!) and then the 3cm data scan of the entire field the Devs managed to arrange to do with a drone meaning the runway and aprons have oil slicks, paint, marks and rubber stains exactly where they should be in real life and the wider field is how was when took the scan. Both of these really bring the immersion of MSFS to new levels. You could load in and go into drone mode to get the whole experience even, arrive at the airport, go through check in and baggage, do a quick shop, have some rest at the canteen while look out at planes from the modeled terminal then go fly, all in a balanced way that doesn't cause huge FPS loss for your sim but still being accurate and nice to look at. The only improvement with the terminals from my view would be people going about their day. Not only is the main airport terminal modeled in great detail, there are civilian and military hangers as well as the numerous cargo delivery warehouses, airport facilities, animated go karts and other services all represented in impeccable detail. The small, however meaningful details such as the fencing, plane graveyard, radar towers, static PC-9 and storage tanks are all given just as much love as the always noticeable terminal or UPS building which really brings this airport to life and proves that every detail and part of this airport mattered to the development team, as it should. There are a few small things I had noticed and reported but will mention given the detail I find myself going into to for this review and give the full picture. The ATC tower desks textures are quite low quality, which is a shame as I enjoy sitting in ATC watching other traffic at times. I also found rain and snow comes through the ATC windows, but doesn't in the terminal so suspect the roof has a "leak". However these are very small things, based around the ATC tower which gives the devs an area to work on and overall that have no negative impact on my enjoyment or experience and having talked to Yorgos (a Dev) I was told that all reports are being looked into already, with fixes for most coming soon, so it would be really unfair to let that in any way impact my overall review as I wouldn't of noticed nessicerily if hadn't been doing such a deep dive. With all that said, I can very easily see Scenic Routes being said in the same breath as devs like PilotPlus in the near future when talking about the best Airport, or even in general, developers around as this really is a WORK OF ART not just an airport add on. The level of detail in such a small area is incredible and gets me as excited every time load so thank you so much Scenic Route for your work on bringing this incredible rendition of LJLJ to the simulator.
I am asking the good folks at SimMarket to replace my original two-star review with this three-star one. After spending some more time with the old girl I've decided it's another Just Flight product that I can't give more than three stars to, but deserves more than two, and also a kind word. The good: it's a -500, so more range; there are RAF military models if you like that; it has a functioning INS and the usual JF FMC option; doesn't look bad at all; it is fairly ambitious with the systems (relatively speaking) for instance implementing DLC. It's in the same position to Captain Sim's better L1011-100 as JF's DC-8s are to Aerosoft's better DC-8-50. Even so, it works and it's fun to fly. The bad: it is really dated. You can use the VC for nearly everything, but there are panels galore and you can't even set the barometer without calling up a altimeter window, which, because screens are wider, is annoyingly squashed. It wants to fly like a Boeing (e.g. using the autothrottle for cruise) but a lot of people do that with the Captain Sim L1011, too, and it's your choice. There are mind-boggling design decisions like having to "grab" and turn the twitchy knob from "align" to "nav" without messing up your INS work. Why not just have clicks? And the tutorial (which features the RAF tanker for some reason) sends you looking for the APU panel to start off, but IN THAT MODEL there isn't one in the VC. Yup. It's a special panel. Now that's a recipe for frustration, isn't it? There are the usual JF stairs, and you're supposed to be able to open a cargo door and use a loader, but as is so often the case, some things just don't seem to work or ever get fixed. JF quickly responded by instructing me how to open doors using shift-E followed by a number. Thanks guys, but really? So why is it worth even three stars you're wondering. Because although it is dated and has some annoying quirks, it is an interesting and different implementation of the L1011. The details aren't going to stop you getting from A to B and having some fun. If you have never seen the Captain Sim L1011, you probably won't be as critical. I recently gave it a long flight to determine whether it stays or gets deleted. I decided to keep it. With fewer airplanes being developed for P3D, I'm reluctant to write off any that will work fine in P3Dv5.2 . I enjoyed hand-flying it, automation is different than what I'm used to, but works, and there is the option for the Navigraph supported FMC that Captain Sim doesn't offer. Something doesn't have to be up-to-date, or perfect, or even have a working cargo door and loader to be worth having. Howe-
ver, I don't think it's a $40 airplane now, especially since it's clear that longstanding bugs are not going to get fixed. That's almost as much as the Captain Sim L1011, which is a true classic. Just Flight's own DC-8 is $24 and is (in my opinion) a better airplane. I could probably recommend it at that price. As it is, if you really, really like L1011s, crave that extra range, can't stand INS or want to relive Desert Storm, you might find yourself picking it up in a moment of weakness and finding it as hard to get rid of as an ugly stray dog that is just grateful to have a home. Sigh.
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