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    Tired of scripted, mission based aerial fire fighting?

    This addon application is not mission based, but instead it puts you into a completely dynamic world.

    FireFighter X is a completely stand-alone addon for “Microsoft Flight Simulator X ®” and “Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V2/V3®”, running alongside your sim. It generates fires dynamically and enables you to put them out. Just start your flight at the airport of your choice, using any aircraft in your hangar. Adjust the retardant amount in FFX to suit your aircraft (mind the weight!), choose water or red chemicals as agent and you are good to go!

    Fires will start small. But with a bit of wind, they will grow and spread, so don't take too long finishing your coffee. Fly over the fires, calculate your speed and the ideal drop approach, position and altitude - hit the trigger - watch the fires turn to ash and steam (provided you hit them). Or drop large amounts of the red retardant as barriers, box the fire in and just let it burn itself out. Running out of water? Scoop water from nearby water bodies. This is possible with every aircraft too - but only advisable with flying boats.

    Fighting fires as a team
    FireFighter X offers full multiplayer functionality, even across different simulator versions. No additional software is needed - but it is possible too to use FireFighter X alongside an existing multiplayer setup.

    Fighting fires with AI support
    Even if you are not into networked operations, you can nevertheless fight fires as a team - by using the built-in AI function. AI fire fighter aircraft can be used in different modes and setups to add even more variety.

    FIRMS - VIIRS/MODIS support
    FireFighter X now implements a function to download the FIRMS - VIIRS/MODIS current wildfire data provided by nasa.gov. This data will be processed directly in FireFighter X to provide an approximation of the real world wildfires for you to extinguish.


        Completely dynamic wildfires, reacting to wind and weather, growing and spreading.
        Option to download and use current FIRMS - VIIRS/MODIS wildfire data from nasa.gov
        Fully simulated water or retardant drop, including the effects of weight and balance on your aircraft.
        Complete Multiuser functionality.
        Supporting AI firefighters.
        Use any aircraft in your hangar - no configuration of the plane or its files is necessary!
        Updrafts and turbulence when flying over the fire.
        Aircraft damage when flying too low.
        Scoop water from water bodies.
        Every aspect of the fire and drop simulations can be adjusted to your preferences.
        Save and load fire situations and settings to disk.
        Fully stand alone - using SimConnect - no configuration of the sim is necessary, no config files are altered.
        Separate versions for all FSX based simulators included: FSX boxed, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D v2.5, V3.x and V4.0

    For further information please download the full documentation from the FireFighter X website.

    -> Program and manual in English (language can be switched) <-


    FSX Gold/Deluxe with Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d V2.5, P3DV3.2, P3Dv4


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    Un logiciel hyper intéressant et vraiment bien fait même extrêmement bien fait ! Le développeur répond très rapidement et est très à l'écoute de ses acheteurs. il propose de nombreuses mises à jours très intéressante. Ce logiciel a donc encore de beau jour devant lui.


    Most amazing addon! I have way more addons than I should. I bought this unfamiliar with company just to give it a try. It was my favorite purchase.You can use any aircraft in your sim. Helicopters and float planes require you hover or land on water to refuel. Airplanes and helicopters hold the amount of retardant or water based on size. The 747 drops a lot more than the Ag Truck, etc. This makes it a lot more realistic. There are so many features and you can pretty much make up your own missions. As a helicopter and airplane pilot planning on flying for heliattack, I recommend this. Out of the whole market, this is the best. I have yet to get bored of it.


    Hands down the most fun add on I have ever purchased. Dropping water on a fire with a helicopter and then flying to the nearest water body to refill is amazing and challenging. Watching the fire spread is almost as much fun as watching it go out with your bucketing effort : ) Shawn Lund Air Attack Officer BC wildfire Service

    Michael Henrik

    This brilliant add-on changed my FS life and is highly recommended.


    Firefighter ist sehr gut geworden! Sehr gute Tiefe wird nicht langweilig.Nach den letzten updates hervorragend geworden. Kann es nur jedem empfehlen.


    I am another satisfied FFX customer : - Little FPS impact (-5fps when flying over HUGE wildfires) - Spices up my flights (Will I be able to contain the fires?) - Simple and clean installation and uninstallation - Last but not least, excellent support from the programmer. Very well done, Sir! Je suis un client heureux de FFX : - Impact très raisonnable sur les FPS (-5fps avec des incendies gigantesques) - Donne du suspens à mes vols (vais-je arriver à contenir l'incendie?) - Installation ou désinstallation du logiciek simples et propres - Et surtout excellent service après vente du créateur! Vielen Dank Oliver!


    Excellent logiciel qui n'a rien à envier aux logiciels professionnels de simulation utilisés dans le cadre de la formation feux de forets des sapeurs pompiers....


    I'm thrilled with this app. It really does offer a new and immersive experience to my "old" flight simulator. Everything works, it's easy to install and get operational. Very happy with the environment that it creates.


    Everything works really nicely as stated. You can let the app decide what to do or you can take control of a lot of fire parameters. I used it to put out a few spot fires around the Grenadines in Prepar3d v2.5 using the Aerosoft Twin Otter, but a bushfire in the Australian scrub got out of control. Definitely worth the asking price.


    Successful idea to revitalize the mission in FSX. The additive is very playable and the compromise between the amount of fuel and water is exciting.


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