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    Most airports can provide their weather reports on assigned frequencies, what is known as Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS). This weather information is usually bound to a frequency per airport.

    To a larger extend, similar to ATIS, there are other stations (ranging from none to 1 or 2 per country), that are known as VolMet stations. VolMet stations, contrary to ATIS, do not include just one airport on their frequency but instead they give weather report/information/trend for a number of (major/important) airports in the VolMet station's vicinity. These VolMet stations exist in real life, for many years now, (being the most common source for obtaining weather information for enroute airports, destination etc, before ACARS and for aircrafts without ACARS) but completely missing from the simulator and other add-ons up to now.

    "RealVolMet Europe" package, aims at raising the immersion level during your flights, by including European VHF VolMet stations, with their correct, real life naming, frequency, airports in each station etc, but most importantly, weather reports are NOT fake/random just to give the immersion, they actually provide the real weather reports or historic/manual (historic/manual possible with ActiveSky)! Incorporating a very powerful, custom made, metar decoder, able to decode, airport, time, wind, wind variability, visibility, directional visibility, runway visual range reports, all possible weather conditions, clouds, temperature, dewpoint, pressure along with any supplementary information and any trends included in the metar reports!

    Also every single sound file, is custom made and NO default decoder or default sound files are used, in order to ensure maximum realism and increase decoding capabilities to real life VolMet standards. "RealVolMet Europe" is fully compatible with ActiveSky (in all modes - Live, manual, historic) but can also work just with P3Dv4 using online real weather as the weather source for the decoder.

    Features include:

    - All possible characters within metar string (weather  report/supplimentary information/trend) can be recognized.
    - European VHF VolMet stations coverage with real life data (Name, frequency, included airports etc)
    - All data put together into a user friendly (printable) Volmet Station frequencies map and airport tables  (Found also in screenshots section).
    - Fully custom made decoder and sound files for maximum realism match real life standards.
    - No fake weather! Real/manual/historic weather matching P3Dv4 weather (ActiveSky users) and real weather from online source (non ActiveSky users).
    - Easy installation
    - No user input/configuration required! Just install and weather reports will be available on the frequencies,  just like in real life.
    - Compatible just with default Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 +, however to get the best out of it,  Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 + is recommended.
    - Compatible with any aircraft, being default or add-on.

    Supported Prepar3D version is v4.4 / v4.5 + even though it should work without any issues
    on any v4.0+ version.

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    • Si vous avez déjà acheté M. A. REALTURB - REALVOLMET EUROPE V2 - MSFS au simMarket, vous avez droit à un prix spécial mise à jour de EUR 7.50. REMARQUE: Pour bénéficier automatiquement de la mise à jour à prix réduit vers la version nouveau, vous devez vous être identifié avec le compte utilisé lors de l'achat de la version précédente. En cas de doute contactez le support simMarket premier! Aucune exception, aucun remboursement!


    There are no additional system requirements to run "RealVolMet Europe" other than the ones required to run Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 and/or the ones required to run your add-ons.

    - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 + or Prepar3D v5.0+ with Simconnect required
    - ActiveSky for Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 + (optional however strongly recommended in order to get the best out of "RealVolMet Europe")


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    Small addon for even more diving when flying. Simple to use, easy to install.


    At last a feature that should have been there long time ago . Finally we are treated with a little addon that does exactly what it says : adding VOLMET functionality . Just like in real life while cruising from A to B , getting the weather from remote stations and especially when the destination , alternate and enroute weather is less than ideal is one of those crucial tasks of the enroute phase , determining our strategy as we go along . And I can tell you while replicating real life operations as realistically as possible , nothing destroyed more the immersion of the simulator environment than having to step outside of the sim environment and checking textual weather reports as if getting volmet reports. With REALVOLMET Europe you will be doing it as you would in real life . Installation is a breeze, all you have to do is simply tune the approapriate Volmet frequency once you are in range ( and from those stations that were tested the reception range is based on real life one ) . The audio pacing is ideal ( not to slow , not too fast ) and very clear . It should be noted that you should be using a weather injection addon ( such as Active sky ) because weather reports do not correspond to the stock P3D weather . Small sized addon , big impact in simulator immersion .

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